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About Sue Sharples: Lancashire Reiki Training Courses

lancashire reiki courseHi, my name is Sue Sharples and I run Lancashire Reiki training courses from my base in Rossendale. My journey of discovery began over thirty years ago when I was a young child growing up on a remote Pennine hill farm.

As the youngest daughter, it was my job to sit up all night long with the animals that were giving birth, the sheep cows and pigs. My personal favourites were always the pigs and as they began to give birth I would lay my hands upon the sow as she became distressed with the pain and discomfort. The response of the mother pig was instant; she settled and quickly became calm as my hands seemed to bring a feeling of peace to the animal, her breathing slowed and in no time at all, the tiny pigs were popping out like peas from a pod.

It was the same with the other farm animals, they all seemed to benefit from my attention and I thought no more of it, surely everyone did the same?

Over the years, I continued to make use of my ability to help other living beings, ignorant of what I was actually doing.

Following my marriage to Robin in 1989, my ability began to have a more central and important place in my life. My husband had undergone his second kidney transplant only three years before our marriage and it became necessary to ensure that he remained as well as was possible as he had little immune system as a result of his medication and was very susceptible to infections. For the next eighteen years I kept my husband well using my healing energy and for many years using the power of crystals that I had become drawn to.

In 2005 I became qualified as a crystal practitioner, and it was at this time that the realisation came to me that the energy that I had used for so many years was a form of Reiki.

I began to research this wonderful life changing event and discovered Taggart King and Reiki Evolution.

My life had found a sense of inner peace as I became engulfed in the wonder of Reiki and with Taggart’s help everything that I had practised for the past thirty odd years fell into place.

In 2007 my Reiki faced the ultimate test, my husband collapsed with septic shock his body went into total organ failure and he was placed on life support; he was given just half an hour to live.

My Reiki was the only thing that I could offer to help save my husbands life, with permission from the medical staff and along with the help of my cousin who is also a Reiki person we gave my husband healing.

After a week on life support, my husband regained consciousness , a lucky man indeed, he was transferred to another hospital to continue his recovery and where I continued to give him Reiki. It was during this time that I was studying with Taggart.

In 2010 I qualified as a Reiki master and in 2011 I was asked by Taggart King to join his team of teachers.

You will be welcomed to join the Reiki classes held within our friendly arts centre centrally located within the Rossendale Valley here in Lancashire.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you the joy that Reiki can bring.


Sue Sharples