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Lancashire Reiki Testimonials: Sue Sharples

lancashire reiki courseAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Sue Sharples’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Rossendale, Lancashire.



”I was introduced to Sue by another of her students and was immediately put at ease by her friendly and understanding manner. I signed up for a first degree course and was very impressed by the quality of the study materials provided and the fact that Sue was at the end of the telephone to answer all my queries.

The practical coursework was quite honestly the most wonderful experience for me and was undoubtedly conducted with the dedication that I had come to expect from Sue.

Her key strength was her ability to explain in simple terms the practical aspects of Reiki and I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue to fellow would be practitioners.”

Mrs CLF, Rochdale, February 2012

”Sue is, in my view, a deeply intuitive naturally gifted and grounded healer. I found the attunements with Sue life changing and deeply profound experiences; I felt safe, supported and encouraged both in connecting with and deepening that connection with Reiki.

I shall remain touched by her compassion and not to mention her sense of fun and her practical approach to the art of healing. I am truly grateful for having this rare and special opportunity.”

C., Lancashire, February 2012

“The course content has exceeded my expectations. It was easy to read and understand. Having different media to tap into was useful. If I was feeling a bit tired or driving I would listen to the CD’s or MP3 downloads and at other times it was nice to just read the comprehensive course manuals. My first degree course was in 2004 with a different lineage but I have not really had the opportunity to use it as I would have liked so didn’t keep it up.

I have been poorly and in a lot of pain for the past 18 months and unable to work, despite trying desperately to get myself back to good health. Around the same I enrolled on the second degree reiki course I came across some information that enabled me to change direction to improve my health. I have always looked after my health the best way I can but after about 3-4 weeks of meditation, self healing, following the precepts and mindfulness my whole life changed.

During the 3-4 weeks I went through whole host of negative feelings, emotions and more pain. By the end of the last week for about 30 minutes I began to feel quite poorly. I became all hot and feverish, so I took a cold shower to cool down. I then started vomiting etc and felt all the negativity being removed from my body. I hadn’t eaten anything over the past few days that could have caused this but felt great afterwards. A few days later I started to declutter, I’ve painted 4 rooms in the house and set up a lovely, relaxing therapy room. That was done within a couple of weeks. Prior to this I would only be able to do an hour or two of anything physical and spend a couple of days in bed. Having worked in the health service and seen so people deteriorate through pain, I have continued to try and maintain my own health and work through my pain by doing light exercises but with short term relief. I feel that Reiki has guided me in the right direction and to good health. I feel I have got my life back.

Thank you.

The day course with Sue was great and I enjoyed it very much. I found it amazing and can feel the difference in energy when I am self healing and treating others. I still need to practice on others but I’m really happy with what I have gained from my experience. It would be nice to meet up with other people who have done the Reiki second degree to carry out treatment on each other.

I would recommend it to anyone. A great course.”

Brenda Richards, Lancashire, October 2013

“The course content was all very clearly written and informative. It was just what I wanted to know and more. Loved it. The content, the way it was presented on both the CD and written booklet, and also the instructions of how to prepare for the practical course session.

I hadn’t expected a class of two! This was fantastic and an honour. I felt comfortable from the start, able to take in information, ask questions and receive the empowerments. it was a perfect beginning to a new chapter in my life.

The live training was very valuable. Sue Sharples instilled lots of confidence and magic into the experience. I value that she responds to questions by email and is so genuine and committed to Reiki and her gifts. I feel very lucky to have come upon Reiki Evolution.

5 stars all around! So much to keep going with as well and it is also the right time for me.

I can’t think of how the course be improved at the moment. It seems very well thought out and I am till taking in all the information and resources, and doing a lot of practicing on friends and family and trying to get the flow better and energy stronger.

Marilynne Kirshbaum, South Yorkshire, November 2013

“The Course content exceeded my expectations in every way.  Having the opportunity to perform Hatsu Rei Ho and a Self Treatment session prior to receiving the Empowerments, made us feel relaxed, as we visited familiar territory.

I found the Course Manual and CD’s were very comprehensive and they were extremely helpful in preparing for the Course. The information was well presented and easy to follow. I did like the way it was accessible to individuals who may have different learning styles and it felt good to be able to acquire some basic skills and background knowledge beforehand.

Sue Sharples – Apart from being supremely multi- talented and knowledgeable in her field, she was absolutely comitted to our learning on the day.  She has a most pleasant, relaxed, generous and engaging approach whilst still managing to be thorough.  With her gentle and encouragement, I was able to have a delightful experience of receiving the Empowerments and also manage my first treatment.  I could really feel the energy flowing and I was ” blissed out” by the time I was going home.

I was both a pleasure and a privilege to meet Sue and I am already looking forward to seeing her again to do my Second Degree Course.

This first part of my Reiki Journey has been very enjoyable and I have noticed some changes already.  I feel more positive, more tolerant and much calmer.”

Pat Galley, Greater Manchester, March 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course. I found the workbook had just enough information to help me understand enough about reiki before I attended the training day. It was nice to have lots of background information and learn about the history of reiki which I wasn’t expecting. It was helpful to have the audio too.
The live course was wonderful. I was a little apprehensive but Sue put me instantly at ease. She was very approachable and answered any questions we had. I felt fully supported whilst carrying out the reiki session. She made the course so interesting and the day went so quickly!
I was pleased to be contacted with information regarding online communities etc just after the course. I can’t wait to book on my second degree training.”
Louise Riley, Lancashire, March 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Shoden course and would highly recommend every aspect of it. The book and CD`s were very informative and interesting. What I particularly liked about them was the fact that you mentioned that not everyone can feel the energy, but if you can`t it will still be there. Prior to this course I had started a crystal healing course and had a few sessions of crystal healing, so although I could always feel energy in my hands I couldn`t feel it in my tanden. Your book and CD reassured me that this was ok and it would be there anyway. It was great to have the CD to listen to in the car and I still listen to it when driving just because I find your voice so relaxing!!

The meditation CD was perfect as I feel I do need guided meditations at the moment. I am continuing to do Hatsu Rei Ho every day and I have the laminated card with the five precepts hung on the wall above my computer. It was a very good idea to include this.

I found the one day live training with Susan Sharples excellent. She made me feel relaxed and welcome as soon as I arrived and the training was a very relaxing and fun experience. A bonus to me was that she was also interested in crystals and had a variety on her table. Just love crystals 🙂

I find that when learning anything I am better being actually shown by someone rather than reading about it, so this was an important part of the training for me. However the book and CD`s helped me to understand everything beforehand and so this is a great combination. My crystal healing course is all done on-line, but now I have completed the Reiki training I feel much more confident giving healing with crystals. I havn`t done a Reiki treatment on anyone yet, but have downloaded your MP3 version of a full Reiki treatment to help me when I do so. I have my husband, daughter and granddaughters all ready and waiting 🙂

Thank you again for putting together such a great course.”

Sandra Wilson, Lancashire, May 2016

“I really enjoyed my Reiki 1st degree course with Sue Sharples, I found her to be very intuitive, relaxed and honest in her approach to teaching and she has a wide and varied knowledge about Reiki and a lot of other subjects.  I found the materials very useful and it was helpful to have studied them before the class then I could just practice Reiki on the day.”

Marilyn Phillips, Dumfires & Galloway, July 2016

“The course content was as expected, reviewing the symbols and being empowered on the day was an enjoyable and enlightening experience. The course consolidated what we had learnt from the manual and the audio cd’s.  All the information seemed to come together seamlessly as much of the background work had been done already. The content certainly met and exceeded my expectations.

The course materials were very comprehensive and easy to follow alongside listening to the  the audio tracks.  I like the way I could study at my own pace, dipping in and out of the information as required.  Other student’s comments were very interesting to read as  I could identify with some of what they were saying.

The live training was very enjoyable and informative.  Sue Sharples was brilliant, delivering the course with great understanding, and empathy.  I felt comfortable asking questions and Sue was extremely patient and generous with her time and explanations.  The training was delivered with commitment to our learning and made enjoyable with Sue’s interesting anecdotes.  I felt at ease all day and comfortable delivering the treatment following the empowerments. We were encouraged to contact Sue after the course if we had any further queries or if we wanted clarification, it was good to feel supported in that way.

I can’t really see much room for improvement, the system works well for me, home study and then consolidation at the live training, this suits my particular learning style as I can study and practice at my own pace.

Having completed second degree, I feel that my Reiki is stronger and more potent and I look forward to studying towards the next stage at some time in the future when I am ready to continue my Reiki journey.”

Pat Galley, Greater Manchester, August 2016

“This is my second course with you and as always the course material was excellent and easy to follow. My course tutor was Susan Sharples. A lovely lady who makes you feel completely at home and is an excellent teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed both courses (Reiki 1 and 2) but won`t be doing my Masters for a while yet. I am now going to put in lots of practice before advancing further.
Thank you for such excellent courses.”
Sandra Wilson, Lancashire, September 2016
“I have just attended my Level 1 Reiki with Susan Sharples.  The course far exceeded my expectations. It was very engaging, I learnt a lot and the way that Susan teaches put me at ease straight away.  The time went very quickly and because of doing the pre-reading beforehand I felt much more confident about actually doing the practical elements of the course.  I loved every second.
The course content was as I had expected it to be.  Everything was very clear, Susan is a great teacher.
The course materials and CDs etc were very helpful, and the guided pages to read were good.  I would definitely recommend this method of teaching to anyone.  It allows you to go at your own pace and not be overwhelmed when  you actually do the Reiki itself.
For me personally I feel that this is the best approach for learning a skill such as this, the manual is very simple and easy to learn and its engaging to read.  The pictures also help.  The cds are very useful and easy to listen to in the car. I am definitely going to be booking my level 2.”

Rachel Stevens, Lancashire, November 2017

“I absolutely loved the level 2.  It was far better than I could have imagined it would be.  Receiving the empowerments was amazing and I could instantly tell the difference.  I think the way that these courses are conducted is the best approach for someone who wants to learn this type of skill, it gives you time to practice and be familiar with what you are going to do on the day.  The course content is great, its just the right amount for level 1 and 2 I think as there is a lot to take in.  

As I have said the course exceeded what I expected.  I got far much more than I thought I would and as soon as I got home I was practising.  

I love the course manual and the guidance page to help with learning certain sections in order, that helped me.  I also listened to the cds regularly in the car which was also great, it helps you remember the information.  

I was with Sue Sharples again.  Sue is absolutely amazing, her knowledge and understanding is incredible.  She is so helpful, so welcoming and I just feel so at ease with her, I aspire to be like her in the reiki world.  

I am also finding the Facebook Reiki page helpful and have already had a response for a reiki share.  I am also planning on going onto level 3 with Reiki Evolution when I am ready, its one of the best things I have ever done.  Reiki has literally changed my life, my only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago!”

Rachel Stevens, February 2018