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My Reiki Story: Geraldine Aust

This is another in our series of “My Reiki Story” posts that we will be adding to the Reiki Evolution blog, where a Reiki person talks about their journey with Reiki. In today’s “My Reiki Story” we hear from Geraldine Aust from the Highlands…

Hi, I’m Geraldine Aust, living in Dornoch, Highlands of Scotland (

I knew a lot about chakras, energy and healing before I did Reiki – I sort of thought I knew most things, and had ignored Reiki for a long time. Then someone I worked with had a different attitude to what I “expected” from a Reiki practitioner, and I thought I would find out more.

My Reiki 1 was not with Reiki evolution, and I must admit didn’t really gain much from it, as it seemed a bit methodical. I did, however, have fascinating dreams before I did the course, of being with my father (who had died many years previously) and together meeting a man in a Japanese type room, and when at the Reiki 1 I recognised that man in my dream was Usui!

A year or so passed before I did Reiki 11, and I met Jay at Bath Reiki who introduced me to Reiki Evolution. I was immediately impressed by the high standard of materials and the “flowing” approach. I found a new ease of practising Reiki and really enjoyed the experience. I further worked with Jay and eventually did the Reiki Master course.

My life was changing, and my “most days” practice of self Reiki helped me through a really stressful period at work which ended in redundancy, followed by contract work and a complete change in my life to buying a house 600 miles away in the Highlands! The house has 5 bedrooms, and a shop. My “most days daily” Reiki practice, has, I think, helped me to “find” the right wall paper, carpets, with ease, create the right “space” and survive the emotional roller-coaster involved in leaving “paid” work to nothing! Especially when I had a burst pipe and the ceiling fell down and put opening back two months!

I’ve got a therapy room now, and a lovely “curiosity” gift shop selling locally made art and crafts, a website doing the same (, and a beautiful B&B. Yes, I sound more like a shop keeper to a Reiki therapist – but, it is all “flowing”, and well, to me living the life that you really want, is about having Reiki flow through you and will touch everything you do. I am so please when people visit the shop and whether they buy a bag of sweets or a gemstone pendant – what really matters, is giving them a bit more “happiness” whether they buy or not.

I live in a remote area of outstanding natural beauty, a place that is really delightful. I’m right opposite Dornoch Cathedral, and well, there are many Angels here – some people notice them, others just really love visiting Dornoch, it has a certain magic to it. I am planning Reiki and Angel painting retreats, Reiki practice and training, and more will flow.

Something else really special happened over this time – I gave up looking for my “special man” and well, he found me (again). Yes my first love, contacted me after a 27 year absence, and well now we are engaged, and very happy again!

Is this all to do with Reiki? I’m not completely sure, but life seems to be working better for me. Life for me has transformed, and despite the recession, life for me has changed and is evolving; is this real Reiki Evolution?


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2 Responses to My Reiki Story: Geraldine Aust

  • Hannah Shine says:

    How lovely to read of your experiences, Geraldine!
    Would love to visit your special place and I wish you and many congratulations on your engagement.

    Reiki blessings always

  • Dorothy Farrell says:

    Really lovely story! Especially the amazing dream vision of Usui Sensei, the Angels around the Cathedral, and the”romance” bit! I do agree with your view that all your experiences are part of your connection to the “flow” of reiki. I would hope to be able to visit you and stay in your guest house some day.

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