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A Reiki Chakra meditation for you

reiki chakra meditation

All a bit New Age?

Working with the chakras has ended up being taught quite commonly on Reiki courses, mainly because Reiki spent a long time travelling with the New Age movement and picked up various New Age ideas like working with chakras, and Angels, and Spirit guides and the like.

There’s nothing wrong with working with these ideas or principles, of course.

But they’re not anything to do with Reiki, so these things wouldn’t have been part of the original system that Mikao Usui taught, or even the system that Dr Hayashi passed on to Mrs Takata, or even what Mrs Takata taught.

They’re not really anything to do with Reiki but they end up being bundled with it.

And for that reason, we don’t really focus on chakras at Reiki Evolution: we focus on the Tanden (Dantien in Chinese), an energy centre in the abdomen, the centre of your personal Universe, the place where your creativity and intuition reside.

But let’s do something with chakras anyway!

In any case, lots of Reiki people do chakra meditations and like chakra meditations so I thought I would be fun to put together a guided meditation for you, but with a bit of a “Reiki Evolution twist” to it.

You can find it below and I hope you like it.

Listen to my Chakra meditation

Get yourself comfortable, click ‘play’ and close your eyes. I’ll do the rest!

Over to you

Once you’ve listened to my Reiki chakra meditation, please post your feedback below to let me know how you got on, and what you experienced.

It will be great to hear what you thought of it.

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Picture credit: Adamo Corazza

63 Responses to A Reiki Chakra meditation for you

  • Katie Meakin says:

    Love this meditation. Very relaxing. Thanks Taggart once again!

    • says:

      My pleasure, Katie. πŸ™‚

      • Elizabeth says:

        While the meditation is gorgeous Taggart I feel I must correct your assumption that there is anything New Age about the Chakra system. This is a system of energy healing from the ancient Tantric yoga texts, and as such is a lifelong journey of depth and substance. if you wish to delve further, I recommend “Eastern Body, Western Mind” Psychology of the Chakra System as a Path to the Self, by Anodea Judith.

        • says:

          Oh, yes, I realise that, Elizabeth. I realise that the chakra system is an ancient, ancient concept. What I am saying is that an interest in working with chakras exploded in the New Age movement, and because Reiki travelled in the New Age movement for many years, chakras are taught on many Reiki courses, although they were not part of Mikao Usui’s original system.

  • Well that energy hit the spot – amazing result.

  • Lesley Beaumont says:

    This is just so . . . words fail me, and that is the point I suppose – feel the benefit, and I did/do. I shall enjoy this again.
    Thank you very much

  • thanks

  • maja says:

    wonderfull supporting,silencing,connecting and nourishing, thank you

  • Helene says:

    Perfect! It’s a long time since I felt this relaxed. Thank you so much.

    • says:

      That’s great. Why not take a little time each day to do this meditation, and see how you feel in a month!

  • mlcreikimom says:

    So relaxing! Felt the tension I’ve been carrying on my back dissolve & slip away. Really nice, thank you!

  • Pam says:

    That was extremely relaxing. Thank you. I felt myself merging into your voice and each chakra spinning feely. I also noticed that my body hearted up and a “thickness” in the tissue around my mouth and nose…it’s still kind of tingling as I write this. Very nice!

  • Jacky Williams says:

    Great to listen to your soothing voice once again. I had just completed a long walk and this was just what I needed to relax me. Shoulders balanced first, then my sacral and root chakras responded, and also my ‘foot chakra’ (my feet felt a little tender after my walk). Great – I am ready for my next walk now!! (smile)

    Thanks Taggart X X X

  • shani says:

    Thank you Taggart, so lovely and relaxing, felt the beautiful energy flowing from my crown through my chakra and needing energy in my solar plexus, wonderful ? xxxx

  • Andrea Campbell says:

    Thank you Taggart,this was very special to me.
    Total beautiful relaxation stillness and balance.


  • Keziah says:

    Lovely, thanks Taggart πŸ™‚

  • michelle Stewart says:

    This was a beautiful relaxing meditation.. your meditations are always a very calming yet very healing meditation. Thank you for this experience. Much peace and resection. Angel Blessings

  • Carol Vigneault Leslie says:

    Good morning Taggart…how ‘timely’ this meditation was for me. I have been suffering the past couple of days from a virus which has totally floored me! Giving your meditation a try out was the very best thing for me. Too much to write here about my experience but suffice to say that it definitely ‘hit the spot’ with me! The energy completely enveloped my Throat Chakra and along with your soothing voice, it has taken away the ‘fire’ that I have had in my throat from all the coughing. I feel that the energy is wrapped around that area now …it’s wonderful! Are you going to be offering this meditation to us now on the website for download? πŸ˜€

  • anudha says:

    Hi Everyone,

    The Reiki just started to flow just by looking at the chart, amazing. Thanks for this.

    I do the Reiki with turning on the Gaytri Mantra on You tube and the channeling is extra strong.
    Perhaps people can try with differnt “special” music to boost their Reiki.

    All the best.

  • Yvonne Webb says:

    Your voice is always beneficial to me but this was amazing. Feel refreshed and calm now. Many thanks.

  • Jacqueline Taylor says:

    Another wonderful meditation from you Taggart! The relaxation and force of energy through each chakra was amazing! I will certainly be using this meditation regularly……thank you ! πŸ™‚

  • Michelle Jackman says:

    That was absolutely wonderful, I felt totally calm, relaxed and at total peace, what a powerful experience, thank you so much ?

  • Frances Moss says:

    Thanks for that meditation session. It was very strengthening and relaxing. The energy concentrated itself quickly where it was most needed. Frances

    • says:

      That’s great. I’m glad it was a good experience for you. Why not re-visit the exercise regularly and see where that takes you?

  • Vince Horsman says:

    As ever this meditation was simple and effect. I’ve tried the Doreen Virtue chakra balancing meditations and yours is far more straightforward. I don’t often carry out the practice myself but occasionally if I feel “out of balance” I will attempt to address it. I certainly felt more at ease after your meditation, Vince.

    • says:

      Hi Vince, I’m glad you found the meditation straightforward. I like to keeps things simple, and stuff doesn’t have to be complex to be effective, does it? πŸ™‚

  • Val says:

    Ohhhh that was soooo relaxing ….you have such the perfect voice for these meditations Taggart ….I only have an iPad and there seems to be no way to download or save this unless anyone knows a different way …but thank you anyway I will just have to keep the page link for every day …

  • sandie gray says:

    I absolutely loved this. I almost fell asleep. Ifelt like I was on a vey gentle see saw. πŸ™‚

  • Dulcie Lawrence says:

    This was a really relaxing meditation πŸ™‚ . I noticed a concentration of energy in the top part of my forehead (at my hair line), which spread further down into my forehead. I also saw a balls of violet light with a purple centre. These got bigger.
    Towards the end of the meditation, when I was sending energy to all my chakras, I felt a ‘whirring’ sensation in my back.

    I am looking forward to doing this again tomorrow and seeing what happens. Thank you Taggart πŸ™‚

    • says:

      I’m glad you had a relaxing time, Dulcie, and it’ll be interesting to see how your experience changes (or stays the same) tomorrow x

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  • Sandra Johnson says:

    Loved this thank you

  • Another lovely meditation. Your voice is so very gentle and calming Taggart. this time instantly became aware of my throat chakra. (have a long term catarrh challenge.)
    Can’t believe its 15 years since I bought my 1st CD and your manuals. I listen to you most days on Spotify and refer you often to others even if they are not Reiki trained. Thank you.

    • says:

      I’m glad you’re finding this helpful, Kay, and that my meditations are part of your routine πŸ™‚

  • Christine says:

    Thank you Taggart. Another lovely and very relaxing meditation. I felt the energy in my navel, and on this very hot day managed to relax and forget the heat.

  • Kerry R Powell says:

    A truly wonderful meditation. Deeply relaxing. Thank you for this Taggart. Just what I need at the moment. Something that makes me feel nurtured and held. Lost a dearly loved friend two months ago. So this meditation is helpful to me.

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