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reiki the true story by don beckettEvery once in a while on the Reiki Evolution blog, we are going to feature a post written by someone who has something interesting or distinctive to say about Reiki, and today I am publishing a piece written by Don Beckett, author of Reiki, the True Story. Here is what Don has to say…

How many Reiki people know what Shinki is, or have even heard of it? How many Reiki people have a clear understanding even of what reiki (the energy) is?

Searching online, right now, for “what is reiki?” – I find the following:

    “universal life energy”
    “spiritual energy”
    “feeling of mystery”
    “mysterious atmosphere”
    “the essence of life”
    “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” (Rei) + “life force energy” (Ki) = “spiritually guided life force energy”
    “God-power” (attributed to Hawayo Takata)

All of these are nice – but rather vague and mysterious. There is a Japanese understanding, however, that describes Reiki in a much more precise way, as a distinct energy in a hierarchy of energies. This understanding sees reiki as the highest of seven physical energies. Having the highest vibrational frequency and being the most subtle, Reiki is also the most powerful of the seven energies – the one nearest to the Source. In other words, it is the very first and most subtle manifestation of Source (pure Being) in the physical dimension.

When I received my first Reiki initiation (20 years ago) it felt to me that Reiki was an “extension cord” connecting me to my real Self. It felt that way every time I “did” Reiki … and it was many years later when I learned that Reiki (the energy) does indeed act as a cord or a bridge, connecting us to Shinki (“God-energy” or the ultimate Source energy – which is also the true Self, of course).

I was taught that, when we “give” Reiki, we are receiving some mysterious, cosmic energy through the crown, which then goes to the heart, through the arms, and is emitted from the palms; and that we give this energy to the other person. But eventually I came to feel that something else was really happening; that, instead of giving energy, I was actually opening the Source-dimension within the other person – which allowed Source energy (Shinki) to come into the physical dimension, to fill the person and radiate outward! And that the healing – which was actually the restoration of the true Self – was done not by Reiki, but by this Shinki. Reiki was merely the key that opened the door to let in the Shinki.

It occurred to me that Reiki could indeed work the way I had been taught: We could bring it in through the crown and send it out through the hands (we could direct it from anywhere to anywhere, in fact, by intent) – but that using it this way was a bit like giving spare change to a panhandler. Instead of empowering people, it tended to make them dependent on us for continuing handouts of Reiki. It seemed infinitely better to use Reiki to open the Source-dimension of others, to bring out their own supply of Shinki from within them!

I thought many times about the fact that Shinki, not Reiki, was what really healed and awakened us – but I never thought of trying to access Shinki directly. I was content using Reiki as the key to unlock the door to Shinki.

And then, totally by surprise – when a friend and I were experimenting one day with Reiki and Jourei together – the friend was “bounced” into an energetic state-of-being that he immediately identified as Shinki! It was clearly not Reiki, not Jourei. It was a finer, higher, more subtle vibration than either of those – a direct access to Shinki.

We have found that this direct access can be easily shared with others; and that, after experiencing it a few times, they can likewise pass it on. There is no technique involved with Shinki, other than being in it – and it permeates everything instantly and completely. It seems to be the most direct way of restoring the real Self – and, sometimes at least, it brings immediate healing of even longstanding, severe conditions.

copyright © 2011 Don Beckett

reiki the true story by don beckettDon Beckett, author of Reiki, The True Story, has been practicing Reiki since 1991 and teaching it since 1999. His website attracts Reiki students and teachers from around the world, and he has taught in the U.S., Bali, Romania, Turkey, Italy, and Serbia.

don beckettdragan pavlovicDon Beckett and Dragan Pavlovic are glad to share the direct experience of Shinki with all who request it. You can read How the Shinki Method was Born, on the website.

21 Responses to Shinki

  • Val says:

    Shinki ??? God energy ??? what about the many non-religious folks who do Reiki … don’t wish to offend anyone – but never heard of Shinki

    • Dragan Pavlovic says:

      Hello Val,
      I understand you. Don and me are like you: we are not religious in a standard way, we rather use the word ‘spiritual’. You couldn’t hear about Shinki, because WE INVENTED THIS METHOD! : ) We have a lot of ‘happy customers’, who have the same sensations as we have: light, peace, a strong feeling of energy, they feel chakras, the central channel, we have some results with the foreign ‘entities’ which attacks people! Every day new pleasant experience. So, we use ‘God energy’ and ‘the Source energy’ as synonyms. Go to Don’s page and read about this things.
      Dragan Pavlovic (a guy with the beard)

      • Kara L says:

        God energy is a wonderful way of describing Divine healing, I am not religious, although I believe
        that everyone should find a way to God in his or her own way, through correct mindset, actions and
        Being quite ill for several years now, I started my Usui Reiki about ten years ago and the energy
        within is miraculous. Thank you Reiki.

  • Taggart says:

    Hi Val, I included this blog post, written by Don Beckett, because he has something interesting to say. Many people see Reiki as having divine origins, and many non-religious people practise Reiki too. You choose your belief system and filter things accordingly. Is this the absolute truth? There are very few absolute truths in Reiki, but we can learn from other people’s slants on things.

  • Lesley Beaumont says:

    A really lovely way of describing the energy that I feel sometimes. It seems, on my first reading of this, that it explains why sometimes my experience of reiki is so profoundly different.

    One experience had me going outside immediately to be amongst my plants and flowers in the garden and they all swayed towards me and I felt their energy too. You could say it was wind but there was none that day. It was a magical day and I think maybe it was Shinki that I was experiencing.

    I shall ponder all of this further but thank you Taggart for bringing it to my attention.
    Love and light

  • Jeremy R Sadler says:

    Sorry guys but you seem to have contradicted yourselves with the Shinki description. Reike you say on one hand is the highest, most powerful energy and closest to the Source and now, on the other hand, you say Shinki is the Ultimate Source-Enegry. This is a bit like those soap powder adverts where one week it’s the Ultimate Powder and the next it’s the all-new improved Ultimate Powder!

    I don’t doubt for one second that what you both experienced was an enlightenment, but could it not be simply a case of your own personal alignment/sensitivity to Reike going up a notch, rather than a whole new energy source?

    Just my opinion as it comes across to me.

    • Don Beckett says:

      Jeremy —
      apologies for just now getting back here to see your message. i understand your feeling — it’s the feeling i’ve had for years about all the different flavors of reiki (“XYZ Reiki is more powerful than QRS Reiki,” etc.). but, if our understanding of this energy hierarchy is correct, then there really is a difference between reiki and shinki. the crucial word in my description of reiki was “physical” — that reiki is the highest, most subtle energy in the PHYSICAL dimension. it’s the first physical manifestation of shinki….

      what we are doing with this “shinki method” is accessing the shinki (which is in the spiritual dimension) directly, without going through reiki as an intermediary. and somehow — judging from our and many other people’s experiences of this — this direct access does produce a different effect. apparently the shinki, when accessed in this way, is not turning into reiki, it’s affecting us more directly (because it feels quite different than reiki, and it occurs everywhere at once, instantly … and 10-15 minutes of shinki can do more than an hour or 2 of reiki).

  • ruthann says:

    Hi , i would like to join with you and have a shinki attunement. Thank you.

    • Don Beckett says:

      Ruthann —
      sorry i’m just now getting back here to see your message…… we’ll be glad to do shinki sessions with you — please write me via the email link at the very bottom of any page of my website ( ) to schedule them.

  • Jeremy R Sadler says:

    I realize my last comment may come across as being challenging, however I was hoping I could draw you both into a more in-depth clarification of Shinki. I haven’t been able to find any references to Shinki as “God-energy” or similar on the Internet or elsewhere.

    I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and possibly I’ve been a little hasty in my judgement, for which I apologize. Is it possible that Shinki is a higher, more intense form of Reiki? The reason I ask is, if I may refer to the story of creation recorded in the Bible and other holy books, the energy God used is referred to as His Holy Spirit or Active Force. This is, however, apparently different to the Holy Spirit used by prophets, Jesus and his disciples to instantly heal people of sicknesses and raise the dead. Therefore, could the Reiki we currently use be a less intense form of Spiritual Energy, if you like, than that used by Jesus (Shinki) and others? The Active Force which God used to create would be higher still and more pure, in that sense, and could only be used by Him alone. What we are allowed to use still comes directly from Him, but is “governed” as it is way too powerful for us mere mortals, or even angels, to use.

    Point to note though, when Jesus used energy to heal it eventually took it’s toll and he had to meditate/pray at times to be re-energized. It’s recorded that he often went off by himself, up a mountain or into the wilderness, to do so. So maybe my theory’s a product of an over-active mind!

    • Don Beckett says:

      Jeremy —-
      apologies again for my delay in answering…. i think i’ve explained my understanding of the difference between shinki and reiki, in my reply to your previous comment. about finding reference to these 2 energies elsewhere: the hierarchy of energies is listed in “The Spirit of Reiki” (Petter, Lubeck, and Rand) and in “Macrobiotic Home Remedies” (Michio Kushi). i can’t give exact page numbers, but it’s in Walter Lubeck’s part of the reiki book, and in the introduction of the Macrobiotics book (i think it’s page 20-something … in the large-format book with the green cover : ^ )….

    • Dragan Pavlovic says:

      Don and I didn’t want to ‘invent’ something ‘new’, just to be interesting, or different. To have something ‘better’ than Reiki. It just happened that we have come across to something which is not Reiki, which is not Jourei. Which is something totally different. And our recipients say the SAME. They either say that they sensed something extraordinary, or they compare their experience with Shinki to the best experiences which they’ve had in their lives. Or, we have some reports that their Reiki is much deeper now… etc. etc.

      If we follow the logic, if some energy is the highest expression of the Source, if we observe Christianity, what is Shinki? Holy Ghost, of course! Something which directly emanates from the ultimate reality. If somebody sees this reality as a person (God), not as a principle (the Source), we talk about the Holy Ghost. Yes, God’s Active Force, as you say.

      I’ll anticipate your questions. Why we are not as good as Jesus? Because we are not him. 🙂 A person must have enough purity and capacity to work with Shinki at some higher level, that is, to have a great and instant results. Both of us, Don and me, we had a very standard symptom: the very same second when we were start doing Shinki, we had some kind of a ‘heavy’ breathing. Our hearts were not accustomed to this pure energy.

      I was even worse: I literally couldn’t handle this energy, it was too strong for me. Then I was praying to the Source and the help was instant: my ability to work increased, so I have no problem to do Shinki today. I feel the central channel with all chakras, something we should clearly feel during Reiki, but it is often not the case.

      Next thing? Why didn’t we call this practice Holy Ghost meditation or something like that? Because even the name of Jesus is so misused, Christianity is so exploited, and we didn’t want to go around and shout: ‘Repent!’ And, it is not our path, we didn’t come across Shinki by following the Bible, but Reiki and Jourei. And that’s why Shinki is the right name, which is not related to any religion, but to the spirituality in general.

      But, it doesn’t exclude some Christian versions of Shinki if you want to do it. Just use Holy Ghost (I’ve tried it, with a great success), invoke it and that works fine. Because we refer to the same thing. And our purity and ability to work with that ultimate energy are crucial, because, the mercy is around us, but our capacity to use it varies from person to person.

      And, Shinki is not just about healing (Reiki also, but it seems that it is too late for it, 99.99% people see it as a healing method only). The spiritual component is more important. And our recipients say that (I must repeat myself) it is something which they have never experienced, or, it is equal or better than their spiritual experiences they have already had.

  • John de Santis says:

    Don; Iwould like you all to do Shinki to me. Is wed. 16, 2011 at 12:00 noon to soon? John

  • John de Santis says:

    How do I get you to do Shinki to me, for my growth. John

  • Don Beckett says:

    THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO REQUEST SHINKI — because i may not see your request for a long time! please go to my website and use the email link at the very bottom of any page. please tell me your name, location, and the day and time you would like to receive shinki (in fact, we recommend that you request 3 or 4 sessions — most people seem to need to experience the energy 3 or 4 times before they can reliably access it themselves)….

    thanks very much!

    • Katie Namet says:

      Hi Don,
      As always, I am excited to learn, have more insight and I’m so pleased to hear you have been busy with more books for us to read.

      I do have a question about Shinki, as I’ve heard of it when I was attuned to Celtic Reiki, which I teach. Martyn Pentecost explains it as Source experiencing itself in another form. Which then brings us to the thought that we are all connected in all forms. Celtic Reiki mimics the energies of plants, trees, bushes, flowers, etc. So my questions are: ) So on the theory that Shinki is Source, as I was taught, experiencing other forms, can this be used like ethereal crystals or as in Celtic Reiki, trees and plants, to experience itself in different things we call upon? 2)If we have a strong God/Source connection thru our belief system, are we not tapping into this in tandem with Reiki during healings? Thanks for any insight, as the mind loves to expand.
      Blessings to you Don-Best wishes sent to you.
      Katie Namet

      • Don Beckett says:

        Katie —–
        are you the Katie Namet who used to be known as Katie Namet? : ^ ) wow — nice to hear from you again!

        this is the first i’ve heard of Celtic Reiki — thanks for introducing me to it. about shinki being Source experiencing itself in another form: i would say that everything in manifestation is Source (the Unmanifest) experiencing itself in another form ……. and that shinki is just the first and most subtle form of manifestation that we have been able to identify.

        from your description and what i’ve now seen on a couple websites, it seems to me that Celtic Reiki takes certain energies from trees or other plants and applies those energies to the human energy field…. if that’s correct, then it seems that Celtic Reiki is not actually using reiki, it’s using some plant energies that are “downstream” from reiki. these are named on one Celtic Reiki website as “Tsuki, Jiki, Denki, Kuki, MItzuke, Shioke, Kekki” ….. along with an energy called “Ishiki,” which is shown as being “upstream” from reiki (between reiki and shinki)…..! this is a little confusing to me because Jiki, Denki, Kuki, MItzuke (Mizuke), Shioke, and Kekki are also the names of energies in the human energy system — so i wonder if the human versions of these are the same as the plant versions, or different. either way, it seems that Celtic Reiki is using these energies instead of reiki……?

        about the idea of using shinki “like ethereal crystals” — i don’t know what that means. i don’t understand the concept of using shinki as anything but what it is — the first and most subtle manifestation of pure Source that we know of….. to me, the best thing about shinki is that it IS the closest thing to pure Source that we can use! i’m happy to access it in that form, and to trust that shinki knows best how to apply itself in every situation.

        i do agree that some people are naturally accessing shinki, without using that name for it. as Dragan said above, shinki is what Christianity calls the Holy Ghost … or Holy Spirit. this was confirmed to me in a shinki workshop, in which some of the participants said they were already familiar with the feeling of shinki — but they knew it as the Holy Spirit, and their connection with it before had come through Christian prayers or meditations…..

  • Don Beckett says:

    please visit the new Shinki page at facebook!

  • Marius E. Maxim says:

    Hello Dragan and Taggart!

    I am Marius fron Iasi city/Romania and I am 49 years old.
    I want to receive Sinki sesions/Atutunemets from you.

    Don was my Jourei Master too.
    It is sad that he left this plane so soon!

    Thank you!


  • Dearest Don,
    A late reply but Love to you, R.I.P. dear angel, my dear friend.

  • Kara L says:

    Blessed peace to the Reiki ascended masters always, may Don be forever within the healing white light,
    with much appreciation.

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