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The Ten Rules of Reiki: in one paragraph…

Some of you may have been following my “Ten rules of Reiki” posts in recent weeks, but for those who haven’t, if I was going to try and sum up the ten rules of Reiki in just a few sentences, I would say this: to get the most out of your Reiki, I recommend that you make a commitment to yourself to work on yourself daily in some way as your top priority, but not beating yourself up if you miss the occasional day. Use energy exercises, self-treat, focus on the precepts regularly and drip-feed mindfulness into your daily activities and routines. Don’t try too hard, though: be light-hearted and forgiving towards yourself because you don’t have to be perfect. Try not to clutter your mind with lots of thoughts and doubts and questions: just be neutral, have no expectations, be empty and content. And make sure you keep things simple. Reiki works best when it’s simple.

Here are the rules again:

  1. Reiki is all about you
  2. Base your practice on the precepts
  3. Practise mindfulness
  4. Work on yourself daily
  5. Commitment is the key
  6. Don’t try too hard
  7. You don’t need to be perfect
  8. Don’t try to puzzle out why
  9. Trust your intuition
  10. Ignore silly rules and restrictions



Taggart KingThe Ten Rules of Reiki were put together by Taggart King as a helpful guide to getting the most out of your Reiki. You can read all Taggart’s Reiki writings and listen to his Reiki meditations by going here and selecting the links for Manuals, eBooks, CDs or MP3s.



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