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W. Midlands Reiki Testimonials: Helen Newell

reiki course west midlandsAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Helen Newell’s Reiki Evolution West Midlands Reiki training courses in Coventry, Warwickshire.



“Just an e mail to thank you and Helen Newell for my course and coursework material. The study pack is easy to use and understand, I thoroughly enjoyed my course Reiki 1 with Helen and my fellow students on Friday September 16th, and I have just booked Reiki 2 with Helen in November.

I will and have recommended you to my friends and family. My Reiki journey has just begun and I can’t wait to recieve more knowledge and guidence for the next stage of my development, via the study pack and Helen’s valuable guidance.”

Sonia Berridge, West Midlands, September 2011

”What did I think of the course content? The course content was very comprehensive without dwelling on a lot of unnecessary detail. Receiving the course materials a few weeks beforehand obviously helped a great deal in this as we could get down to the “nitty gritty” more or less straight away. Everything that needed to be covered on the day was covered and all questions were answered without problem. The course format was very good and each part flowed easily into the next and was in an easy to follow and sensible order. By that I mean each step followed naturally and logically on from the previous one and there were no sudden confusing jumps as if trying to rush through or remember bits left out.

Did the course meet my expectations? Yes it did. From the atmosphere to the content to the experiences enjoyed, it was everything I’d hoped for and more.

What did I think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? The course materials are very comprehensive and provided me with most of the information I needed. The CDs are very good, well produced, clear and clean. Again they do the job nicely.

What are my comments about the live training, my teacher, or the home study approach? I thoroughly enjoyed the live training. The venue was very good and the location was just about ideal with very little external distractions. Helen Newell is an excellent teacher and is naturally warm and friendly, which obviously helps. She maintained “discipline!” throughout despite our efforts to digress! I’m certainly looking forward to my Reiki 2 with her. I think the mix between home study and live training works very well and would recommend all to go that route rather than just home study alone. Having completed several home study courses without live interaction, I would say it would be difficult with this course to get the full benefit without at least a couple of hours live training.

All in all my Reiki 1 course was very enjoyable and, as already mentioned, I’m looking forward to Reiki 2 and beyond.”

Jeremy Sadler, Warwickshire, October 2011

”I thought the course content was very comprehensive and not over facing for complete beginners, but covered all the relevant points to make you feel that you were really getting to know what Reiki is all about and that you could benefit from it straight away. The course was everything I’d hoped for and so much more.

I really like the way the CD backs up the manual and how each topic is introduced in bite sized portions. It doesn’t overwhelm a beginner, but it left me looking forward to going on to the next part.

My teacher “Helen Newell” was very welcoming and made us feel at ease straight away. I found the whole day such a wonderful experience and I am really looking forward to doing the next stage (Reiki 2) with Helen sometime later this year. As there was just myself and my friend, Julie, on the course, Helen seemed to adapt the course to meet our needs and answered any queries we had very clearly.

For myself, I can’t think of any way the course could be improved and that goes for the course manual and CD’s as well. I am just so happy that I found Reiki Evolution, by just browsing the internet, as it really has made a difference to my life already and I’ve only just begun. Thank you for everything.”

Elaine Flaherty, France, March 2012

”Some feedback on the Reiki course I have just completed. What can I say, it was brilliant! The venue was calm and relaxing with Helen there to greet you with a warm, inviting smile, a cup of tea and biscuits. I instantly felt comfortable in such a lovely and relaxing environment.

The course was all that I hoped it would be, having had a good insight from the course manual which was very concise but also a lovely easy read. The CDs are a great idea, using different learning media to aid different learning styles. I listened to the CDs in the car on the way to work and back each day.

Looking forward to going back for more for Reiki II. “

Annie Brining, Warwickshire, June 2012

”I very much enjoyed the Reiki 1st Degree course I have recently undertaken. I thought the course material was clear and easy to follow, quite a lot of pre course reading so I was glad I had a few weeks to cover this. The suggestion to listen to sections of the CD then read the material worked very well for me.

I particularly liked the “at a glance” treatment guide which I found was a quick way to locating the appropriate hand positions.

I was really pleased I had chosen the live training option as teacher Helen had a very relaxed approach, very clear instructions, and she ensured we all understood each stage before moving on. Thanks a lot Helen.”

Jan Greener, West Midlands, July 2012

”Again, I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki course which I did with Helen Newell in Coventry on July 13th. The course content matched the manual and certainly lived up to my expectations. Unlike Reiki 1, when there were only 2 of us, there were 4 of us and I found this better, with input from 2 “new” people and different experiences of treating each other. Helen always answered our questions and dealt with any problems we had in a very quiet, efficient way and I found her advice for my own personal difficulties, very sound.

I was very happy to be able to take part in Helen’s first Reiki share the following Tuesday after the course and I hope that some of her other Reiki shares will coincide with one of my trips back to England. In the meantime, I have a few friends over here who enjoy the Reiki treatments and Julie and I practice on each other whenever we can. Of course, we still have the excellent manuals and CD’s to refer to whenever we want.

Thank you for an excellent couple of courses and Julie & I are seriously considering booking up for the Northern Gathering in York next June, so may see you there.”

Elaine Flaherty, France, July 2012

“I found the first degree course a very unassuming yet powerful and intimate experience. I was sceptical about the empowerments at first. But they do work! I found myself looking forward to the next empowerment! It does work, and I found myself allowing myself to be more sensitive to this subtle energy.

I found the course material very comprehensive. I was impressed with the instruction CD, there was enough clear information, but not overload. I liked how the instruction CD removed the pressure to perform from the student, replacing it with the power of letting go and just being.

My teacher was welcoming, and explained the agenda for the day. She put me at ease and set the mood for relaxation and meditation. I was working alongside one other student, it may have been a different dynamic if there had been two more of us. It still worked though. Can’t think of any way to improve the course, it was down to me to listen and read the course material. It was down to me to be open to experience. It was down to me to challenge my ego and let go!

You said that what you put into Reiki is what you get out, and I found this to be true. I am on my own spiritual journey, and this course allowed me to put my learning into practice. I will be attending the second degree course, probably in the New Year. Many thanks Taggart, Reiki will make a positive difference in my life!”

Pete Grantham, Warwickshire, October 2012

“The day reignited my passion for Reiki. For me the highlight of the day was working with intuition, it was an amazing feeling to experience my hands moving intuitively!

The symbol meditations and empowerments were a powerful experience also.
It was very encouraging for me to have time with my Reiki Master Helen Newell. I had plenty of time to ask questions and share experiences. I have found that I can feel a little isolated in my love of Reiki, so it was encouraging speaking again with Helen.

I found the course manual together with the cd offered me the correct amount of information that I could handle around my other commitments. I work night a 12 hr day and night shift pattern, so I can feel a little ragged around the edges at times! As with the first degree course, I found second degree uncluttered, unassuming, non dogmatic, yet very powerful.

For me, having read a range of spiritual writings, i have found that Reiki brings my theoretical understanding into a physical reality.
I experience the energy, so it is real for me, I can feel it!

The second degree training and practice seems to have enhanced my practice, the energy flows more strongly now with the use of symbols as a trigger, and also by working intuitively. Again the training has encouraged me to disempower my ego, get out of the way and let the energy flow cleanly!

I found the course manual useful in reading others experiences of distant healing. I have found a simple uncluttered manner in which i send distant healing . I like how the manual encourages the use of imaginative ways to channel Reiki which are direct and simple. The word ‘intent’ comes up again and again, which I feel serves to further unclutter or simplify working with Reiki.

Many thanks again Taggart to you and your team , I believe you have provided the tools which will enable me and I am sure many others, to live a life of physical and spiritual balance, which can only enhance well-being.”

Pete Grantham, Warwickshire, May 2013

“I recently received my empowerment from Helen Newell. I enjoyed the day and it was good to meet others in the same position as me. I had found the manual and CD’s very informative and practised every day. I am looking forward to building on my treatments with renewed vigour and hope that my efforts will have good effect.

I thought the manual was very comprehensive and the teacher cleared up a few points about which I was unsure. Looking forward to the time when I feel ready to do the Second Degree!”

Diane Norbury, West Midlands, August 2013

“I thought the teaching materials you sent though were very thorough and that Helen was an excellent teacher. She kept things simple and straightforward and I was very surprised that with her help I was actually able to feel the flow of energy.”

Stella Welton, Leicestershire, February 2014

“I really enjoyed the course and thought the content was perfect. Having initially met Helen Newell when I attended her meditation course, I knew she would be great and she was.

The course met my expectations, surpassed them even. Having read the pre-course book, it still amazed me how quickly we felt the energy.  The course materials are very good. I like the way you write with confidence about the originality of Reiki and explain your reasons why (Mrs Takata etc.) Just makes so much sense.

Helen Newell is an amazing soul. So calm, good with people and whilst letting people have their say, stays on track effortlessly.   It was a really good course, excellent I’d say.”

Pitt Burk, West Midlands, February 2014

“The course material and content with the book and CD were excellent and very informative , presented in a very understandable format.

The course with Helen was very professional yet approachable , the time went so quickly but Helen was very happy to take questions and was always reassuring .

I felt the combination of the material in advance and the life course as a format worked exceedingly well and left me feeling I had gained a real understanding and connection.”

Mark Midgea-Faulknall, Leicestershire, April 2014

“I would like to thank Helen in Coventry for being such a lovely host at my 1-2-1 session of First Level Reiki. The course was laid out very well, she put me at ease and talked through any questions I had. I’m lucky to have had the chance of having such a personal student/teacher opportunity as it gave me a chance to talk to Helen about my spiritual experiences and she was able to give me her full attention without having to think about others in the group.
Each section of the itinerary was talked through in depth, Helen was great at listening and understanding any queries I had that arose from them.
I enjoyed the meditations, empowerments and the Reiki session Helen performed on me and would definitely recommend it to friends and family. Upon leaving the session, I found I had excess amounts of energy and was able to start a ‘Spring clean’ ! I also slept extremely well and found I had a huge appetite.”
Fiona Sutherland, West Midlands, January 2015

“Here is my feedback for the Reiki First Degree I was lucky enough to attend on 23rd January 2016 with Helen Newell:

Excellent course content! Thorough, informative and practical.

The materials – the manual and CDs – that I had studied before were really well structured and informative and the live course really helped me to develop and consolidate my understanding. This has helped to build my confidence and to inspire me.
The reiju empowerments were especially poignant and memorable for me.
The whole day just “flew by”! Such a special day and fantastic experience – Helen’s teaching method was excellent throughout. Her relaxed, intuitive approach coupled with her excellent teaching manner meant I left the day feeling absolutely certain I want to continue my Reiki journey.

Thank you so much!”

Claire Hannis, West Midlands, February 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 1 course with Helen Newell. Receiving the manual and cds ahead of time was an excellent way to prepare and make the most of the day.

I found the manual well presented and systematic so easy to follow and absorb. Helen was lovely and the day went well and I felt I had learnt a huge amount in such a short space of time. I am pleased that I chose this course as it appears to follow the “essence” of Usui’s original intention rather than the modified Western approach and I feel confidant with what I have learnt so far and appreciate the ongoing support from both yourself and the Reiki Evolution community. I will look forward to continuing with the practice and weekly empowerments with a view to studying Level 2 and working professionally.

I have just joined the online group and will look forward to participating. ”

Liz Paolone, Warwickshire, June 2016

“I had a wonderful time with Helen Newell on Saturday. Doing the learning at home before taking the course allowed me to get to grips with some of the basics. I took level 2 Reiki with someone else a couple of years ago and felt l needed to know more. This level 2 course made the things l had been taught at my previous course make sense. Helen helped with the learning process, answering questions and explaining things in a easy to understand manner.  Thank you for a great course.”
Sally Gisborne, West Midlands, September 2016
“I thought the course was fabulous I enjoyed every second of it. The time went so fast I wanted to stay longer it was great. Helen is a wonderful teacher and made us feel very welcomed she so very interesting what a wonderful person she is. I will be booking to do my second level of training hope to do the April course.”
Julie Cassidy, Warwickshire, March 2017

“I very much enjoyed my Reiki training with Helen Newall and have no complaints whatsoever. Having the course materials and CDs in advance was extremely helpful…. as you said yourself, it was good to spend time at home learning about the origins of Reiki, rather than spending time on the “practical” day. It meant that we could spend our training day actually having our empowerments, performing Hatsurei, feeling our own and other’s energy fields, self-treating and finally performing a full Reiki treatment on another participant.Ironically, I have just received your e-zine which talks about structuring a Reiki course, and how you have had complaints from students from other lineages in the the past that their courses lacked structure and they learnt nothing…… my experience couldn’t have been further from that!!! Helen was very organised and we covered everything she said, and the timings were perfect.

The environment was pleasant, and the maximum 4 delegates was perfect. At one point I thought I would be one of only two delegates – as it turned out, with late bookings, we were 4. That was an ideal number as we had more opportunity for discussion. I suppose our empowerments took longer, but I welcomed that, especially after the first as I was quite emotional! I was grateful for the extra time to calm down!!!!

I suppose the only thing I haven’t really learnt is how the heck Reiki actually works – what is this “thing” I can feel?!?!? That was my original question, prior to booking the training. But having now read the materials, listened to the CD and attending the course, I see that it is probably impossible to explain. I will be satisfied that I can “feel” something!

So I would like to thank you and Helen for making my experience memorable – the booking process was smooth and my materials arrived quickly with plenty of time for me to read and understand them. I was also able to listen to the CDs – having the explanation was great, but also the meditation CD gave me the opportunity for some practical experience. Obviously I am continuing to listen to them now.

I will continue to practise Reiki as much as I can over the coming months and will definitely progress to level two when I am ready.

Thank you once again.”

Laura MacDonald, West Midlands, June 2017

“The Reiki course was one of the best experiences in my life. Helen is a great teacher, she’s calm, nice and she gave clear answers to all our questions.

The first empowerment I received was amazing, I saw a beautiful and strong purple light moving around…there are no words to describe that feeling. I felt happy, amazed, excited and thankful for being there in that moment.

I have received Reiki treatments before and they worked well, but now I have the ability to treat myself which is great and it works. I had a stomach ache one day and that gave me the opportunity not only to practice what I learned during the course but to see the results too. In less than 20 minutes the pain was gone, I couldn’t be more greatful than that.

I am interested in attending a second course as well whenever the opportunity comes.”

Ramona Cazan, West Midlands, June 2017

“I have completed my Reiki training course (first degree) – Shoden. 

The course surpassed my expectations.

The course content covered all the important aspects (historical, practical, people’s feedback, etc) in an easy way to understand even for ‘beginners’.

The course materials (manual and CDs) were excellent. The manual was easy to read and understand, it covered all the important contents and it’s very helpful even after completing the course. The CDs are extremely helpful too.

The teacher, Helen Newell, was outstanding! She was very approachable, kind and her passion about Reiki was contagious. The live training was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

When Helen was giving me the Reiki attunements, I saw bright lights and white mist but I could feel Helen around me because I saw a beautiful purple light every time she was near me. On my second and third attunements I also saw different people (man and woman – I saw their eyes and part of their faces) looking back at me. I didn’t feel afraid it was just so relaxing beautiful.

When I did my first Reiki session during the training course, I was so relaxed and felt like if I was in and out of a sleeping state. When I had my hands on my partner’s crown I had the vision of a beautiful pink water lily opening, I saw lots of lights during the session and I saw a dark blue light when I had my hands near her throat area. During all the session my hands were very warm (palms) and I had a tingling sensation on my fingers. 

I wasn’t expecting to have so many amazing experiences on my training course.

At home when I received my empowerment by Taggart I felt a tingling sensation on the top of my head and on my fingers. I also saw a beautiful lights (bright white and yellow) and felt energy around me.

At home when I received my empowerment by Helen I felt a little tingling sensation on my feet and head (never felt it on my feet before). Then, my feet felt very warm and heavy like if I was stuck to the ground and a strange feeling of electricity around me. I thought maybe I am imagining it! But then I knew I was not when I started seeing the white mist and the purple light. Just like I saw when she did the attunement on our training course. I also felt light headed. I knew it had finished when I stopped seeing the purple light. The strange part was that I kept seeing some white lights even when I opened my eyes for a while. Just like when you look at a light.”

Marisa Piedade, West Midlands, October 2017

“About my course I really enjoyed. I had an amazing experience with Helen and about the way that she guided our day. All the material helped me a lot and I am feeling confident about this process. I felt different kind of sensations during the day and after during my daily practices. I am really focused and I am looking for a life with Reiki as something to help myself and others. Thanks for the possibility to learn from all of you”

Camila Prado, West Midlands, December 2017

“What did you think of the course content? Informational, straightforward and easy to digest. I believe the details about Reiki were explained in the perfect manner, without creating confusion to early starters such as myself. 
Did the course meet your expectations? Yes
What did you think of the course materials (manual and CDs)? The content was highly information on both course materials.
What are your comments about the live training? Helen was lovely, couldn’t be more grateful. The home study approach is super beneficial to meet personal schedules.”
Antonia Hruscovschi, West Midlands, December 2017

“I have completed the Reiki Masters’ course and found it incredibly helpful to receive the manual, books, dvd and cds to study in advance. The alternative methods of learning: written, auditory and visual were extremely helpful, particularly with the more complex attunement rituals. Having the opportunity to study beforehand was invaluable when it came to the one-to-one teaching, which was with Helen Newell. Helen was excellent and able to guide me and answer any questions that arose.Studying through Reiki Evolution offers the opportunity to experience the more subtle aspects of Reiki, which stem back to the original teachings of Usui. Having looked at other course options, this is not always emphasised and I feel that students can fail to appreciate the true “essence” of Reiki as a result. On that basis, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the courses offered.”

Elizabeth Paolone, Warwickshire, June 2018

“I really enjoyed the course. It certainly met, if not exceeded my expectations. I had been waiting to do it for a while. There was just myself and another student.

Helen welcomed us each with a piece of origami , which I thought was a lovely touch, especially as my yellow daffodil held a huge significance for me.

The day went really quickly and covered all the ground I hoped it would. The room was lovely and Helen was friendly, but professional and answered all our questions succinctly.

I have no doubt that Reiki will now play a huge part in my life and I am looking forward to attending my Reiki 11 in a couple of months.”

Judi Busby, Warwickshire, October 2018


“My experience of the Reiki course has been really good. I was very nervous and self conscious to start with. Having only 2 students meant we both felt comfortable quite quickly.

I really like the style of having home study before the practical day and that’s the main reason I chose this course. It gives the student plenty of time take in all the details and work through things. Any questions we have for the teacher have been well considered by the time we get to the practical day.

The location and atmosphere was quiet and peaceful. Overall the teacher, setting and content were just right. I’m very much looking forward to level ll. ”

Sharon Ball, West Midlands, November 2018


“First and foremost, I would like to say that Helen is an incredible woman. She brought peace and warmth to the course and was very calm, patient and understanding. She provided us with everything needed for the Level 1 Shoden course and even suggested some books to us in which I took special interest. She explained every bit of the course contents in detail by using relatable examples. During the practice, I really managed to relax and to let the energy guide me through the exercises.

The course content was really well presented and easy to understand and absorb. Same as the books and CD’s that I purchased from your website. The information was presented in a simple and clear way which made the whole preparation for the course extremely pleasant and exciting. I feel that the prework that I did with the book and the CD’s really made things so much easier for the actual day of the course. I felt more confident rather than self-critical as I usually do…

I hope you find this feedback helpful. And I hope I will be able to attend the next course (Level 2) as this is something I got really interested in. 🙂 ”

Ivalina Manolova, West Midlands, November 2018