My Reiki Story: Carol Leslie

Carol LeslieThis is another in our series of “My Reiki Story” posts that we will be adding to the Reiki Evolution blog, where a Reiki person talks about their journey with Reiki. In today’s “My Reiki Story” we hear from Carol Leslie from Aberdeen…

My Reiki ‘journey’ began in the year 2000 when my brother Ronnie was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. He was barely 45 years old and I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do initially, but I simply could not stand by and watch my brother deteriorate before my eyes without helping him in some way. I began my search for help and meaning and had actually heard something about Reiki healing from a good friend at the time. Back then hardly anyone taught Reiki in our area but there was a teacher in Aberdeen who I could go to. My friend agreed to accompany me to the one day class for the First Degree. At this point I hadn’t even experienced a session of the hands on healing, which would change my life. The day of the lesson eventually came and when I did receive the first laying on of hands, after our attunements were received, I was so moved to tears and my body shook quite considerably. I had no idea that I would be this affected. I had come to receive Reiki in order to help my brother, but had been told by my most compassionate teacher that I would heal first! This was amazing to me to learn at the time.

It was not long before I was ‘champing at the bit’ after using the energies for myself and some friends (and Ronnie) and wanted to move on with my tuition. Surely the Second Degree would help me, my family and ultimately my brother, even more? Ronnie had in fact been through major surgery by the time I had moved from one degree into the next, and was in a form of ‘remission’. We were all but holding our breaths at this stage. It seemed so hopeful that Ronnie might even beat the horrible illness he had manifested in his life. I was so keen with my studies and soon I had case histories to complete and I was becoming quite well known in my community for being a Reiki practitioner. I had many who wanted to experience the therapy and so many bookings. I qualified before long as a professional therapist and what some had considered a radical and new lifestyle for me to adopt (and some even considered quite whimsical at the time!), I began to prove myself ‘worthy’ when many of my new clients returned to me often for more treatment. By now I had notched up a few ‘success stories’ and many talked about my relaxing and alternative approach to healing. There was no doubt that my brother enjoyed his therapies as well, because I visited him on a regular basis offering him solace and he began to ask for more when he was going through his chemotherapy treatments. I kept a case history of all of Ronnie’s treatments as I progressed with my tuition. I moved on to ‘mastership’ and I had to travel to Manchester to receive my attunement from another, wonderful and compassionate, international Reiki master. I must of course mention that my first two master/teachers were teaching (and continue to teach) the Western way of Reiki. By this time my brother Ronnie was beginning to show signs of becoming ‘worse’ with regards to the cancer he had developed and he was told that it had grown in his liver and was not getting any better. I continued to offer him Reiki and Ronnie became quite spiritual towards the end of his life. He definitely got a lot out of the treatments in a mental/emotional and spiritual sense, even though he didn’t seem to get better physically at this point. I supported all of my family with Reiki throughout Ronnie’s illness and when he finally passed from this world we were prepared for what lay ahead. I will always believe that Ronnie received what he was meant to through Reiki and that his life was cut short for a reason. (Something which is yet to be revealed) Ronnie was given only weeks to live from his consultant at the hospital, but he lived for a further two years. He was a very theatrical and talented man, who took to the stage in Aberdeen. He was still able to perform, even close to the end of his life, and went on some amazing holidays with friends and family. Something that I do not think may have happened without the help of Reiki!

I wrote a book in tribute to him soon after his passing, called ‘Divine Timing’. I promoted it for a time, but now simply allow the book to ‘sell’ itself. Many have healed from reading it and I have managed to send it to a few choice celebrities around the world.

My story would not be complete without mentioning my most recent master/teacher and mentor for a time of course. When my brother Ronnie passed away I felt lost and it was like a gap was left in my world. I had begun to feel this way about Reiki for some time before his tragic death in fact, but could not put my finger on why this was. I realised what it was when I ‘discovered’ Taggart King during one of my searches online. Reiki Evolution shouted out from the pages of my computer one fateful day. I instantly knew that I needed to refresh all of my degrees in Reiki. Since Taggart took me on board as one of his students I have never looked back. I filled in the gaps of what I felt was missing from my Reiki education. My meditation is more fulfilling on a daily basis for one thing. I have created many students since being able to pass on ‘Usui Do’…..and continue to do so. In my opinion, Reiki is like a stepping stone towards our ultimate ‘waking up’ to What Is. I recommend it to everyone, no matter what the condition they present. Reiki brings everything back to balance and harmony by reminding us of who and what we really are….our essential selves are restored.

Carol Leslie

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  1. Hi Carol
    Thank you for posting your most interesting and moving story. What a wonderful journey and lovely to think that Ronnie experienced the magic of Reiki – may his beautiful soul rest in peace.

    Reiki blessings in all you do always

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