‘Reiki symbol’ kanji for you

reiki kanji - examplesHi,

I thought I’d share the above, which is an image of the symbol for “Reiki” in eight different styles of Japanese writing.

This image was obtained from this website – The Japanese Connection – which has made this image available for free.

I hope you find these images of the Reiki symbol interesting or useful. Just right-click on the Reiki symbol image and choose ‘copy’ (and then paste into a graphics program) or choose ‘save as’ to save the image to your desktop.

reiki prints calligraphy japanese

If you’d like some help with redesigining your Reiki certificates then we have Japanese style Reiki certificate templates for you, on DVD-ROM. The certificates were brushed for us by Master Calligrapher Eri Takase, and they are gorgeous. To find out more, click here:


Japanese Certificate Templates

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