About Ann Halstead: West Yorkshire Reiki Training Courses

yorkshire reiki courseHello, my name is Ann Halstead and I run Yorkshire Reiki training courses from my base in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, very close to the beautiful Summer Wine country. I live in a small village with my husband, two young sons and a couple of rather amusing cats.

About Me

My working life over the years has been really quite varied from running my own dog grooming salon to various office based positions. From 2003 I worked as a self-employed therapist from home and begin teaching Reiki in 2008 after studying energy healing for over 20 years prior. In 2015 I took the plunge, found my ideal premises and Holistic Wellbeing in Huddersfield was born Unlike my dog grooming days I am pleased to say, I have not been bitten by one of my clients or students…yet!

The start of my own personal spiritual journey was through rather tragic circumstances after my mother, a truly wonderful lady, passed away quite without warning whilst I was in my early 20’s. Shortly after her passing what should have been a routine operation for appendicitis didn’t quite go as planned. It was discovered I was suffering from Crohn’s disease and I found myself on a months long stay in hospital with many complications, where at times it seemed likely that I’d be reunited with my mother much sooner than I thought! As contrived as it may sound, I made a deal there and then to whoever was upstairs listening that if I came through and survived I would do whatever I could to help others. Thankfully my pleas were answered. I developed an overwhelming compassion and desire to help others which led me to discover a gift I believe we all have; the gift of tapping in to and working with the healing energies. So, back in 1994, upon my recovery I trained in spiritual healing through a Spiritualist church and continued to do ‘my bit’ as and when I could.

How I Found Reiki

reiki courses west yorkshireYears later I kept seeing this word ‘Reiki’ cropping up and curiosity got the better of me so I decided to do some research. I experienced my first Reiki treatment which was wonderful and decided it was something that I’d like to learn for myself. It was whilst searching for a teacher that I came to realise just how important it is to find the right person for you; especially when it comes to a method of teaching that you feel comfortable with. By chance I happened to come across the Reiki Evolution website and what I read resonated with me. Being unaccustomed to this internet shopping lark it was with much trepidation that I clicked the ‘buy now’ button for Reiki 1 then immediately panicked! I’d just willy nilly thrown money at a complete stranger! Within a day or two I soon found out it was the best thing I’d ever done. The training format suited me down to the ground. Here was more than enough information to satisfy my thirst for knowledge; it was as if a light bulb had been switched on! For me, being able to learn all about Mikao Usui the man and his life, the true history of Reiki, the practical side and the experiences of other students in my own time, as and when I could fit it in was fantastic! I tend to be an avid note taker on courses which means I miss out on so much because I’m too busy scribbling yet only managing a fraction of the information, much of which I can’t read back! Yet other courses I’d looked into meant learning everything from scratch on the actual day or over a series of days, mostly verbally or with rather inadequate information on a couple of sheets of paper. I couldn’t contemplate how I would retain the information. To have such a comprehensive manual through Reiki Evolution meant I was under no pressure to memorise everything, it would always be there to refer to, great when you’ve a busy family or working life!

Under the inspirational guidance of Martine Moorby, I finally took my Reiki Masters Degree in 2008 and have relished teaching others ever since. Reiki isn’t just another complementary therapy; Reiki is a way of life. Studied and practised as it was originally meant to be, as a path to spiritual enlightenment, Reiki is life changing. It is these positive changes that are such joy to share with others. For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is to see someone take those first tentative steps on their own journey of self discovery and watch them blossom with confidence.

My philosophy:

reiki classes in huddersfieldThere is something so beautiful yet so simplistic about Mikao Usui’s original Japanese Reiki. Reiki does not need to be complicated. I believe that students should be nurtured and allowed to grow. On our journey we should be able to spread our wings and be guided on the pathway not have our wings clipped with needless and more often than not nonsensical, ego inflicted rules. My passion in life is about helping others to discover the endless possibilities taking those first steps on a personal, spiritual journey can bring.

I believe it doesn’t matter who you are, what age you are, what capabilities you have or think you don’t have, anyone who makes the conscious decision to explore their own spirituality has taken the first step in a wonderful and life enriching journey.

On a personal note, there have been so many positive changes to my life from a health point of view as well as developing contentment and understanding about how much more there is to life than the physical world around us. Being attuned to Reiki has brought a completely new level to the Tai Chi and Qi Gong I practise, the energies are absolutely phenomenal; I can only describe it as blissful. The mental clarity and serenity brought about by practising the daily Reiki meditations is immeasurable. To quote Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge in the right direction to make a positive start to the rest of your future.

My Reiki Training Courses

learn reiki in classes yorksCurrently I run my Reiki classes from my wellbeing centre where you can be assured of a warm welcome. I offer all my students continued support for as long as they wish and have made some wonderful friends in the process. I hold monthly Reiki shares but if for whatever reason a student is unable to attend it’s still nice to keep in touch and share stories or experiences.

I was delighted to join Taggart’s team of teachers in 2011 and I hope to be able to welcome you on one of my courses. I teach with patience and humour, having a little fun is compulsory! I think that it is important to be relaxed to get the most out of your day and you can be guaranteed a warm welcome, friendly atmosphere and a few laughs on the way. I’m sure by the end of the day you will agree that making Reiki a part of your life is one decision you won’t regret.

Wishing you much health and happiness.



Ann Halstead