About Annie Robertson: Edinburgh Reiki Training Courses

edinburgh scotland reiki courses with annie robertson

Hi, my name is Annie Robertson, Reiki Master/Teacher and I run Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in South Queensferry, Edinburgh. I also run Reiki Drum Courses, and Animal Reiki training courses which I teach in association with Sarah Berrisford, another Reiki Evolution Master/Teacher.

A Little Bit About Me…..

I’m the proud mother of five amazing children, three boys and two girls, and grandmother to one adorable little girl. My eldest three children have flown the nest and I now live in South Queensferry with my two youngest sons and our wonderful rescue dog (a Galgo Español).

I am passionate about animals, and take a particularly keen interest in the rescue of greyhounds and Spanish hunting dogs, and the conservation, protection and reintroduction of wolves and other animals.

My Journey with Reiki So Far

My journey with Reiki began a few years ago and I feel honoured and privileged to now be in a position to bring Reiki into the lives of others.

My first experiences of being given Reiki treatments came after I had problems with my back. A lovely lady that I had met in the chiropractic office had just begun her Reiki training and was looking for people to practice on. Naturally, I offered myself up for some of that – who wouldn’t?! I quickly found myself becoming almost addicted to the amazing experience, and the wonderful feeling that I’d had my head “spring cleaned”! I wanted to experience self-healing and felt inspired to enrol in a local training course. It was around this time that Robbie, one of my dogs, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Sadly the prognosis was bleak. We only had a few more weeks together, but I shall be eternally grateful to Reiki for giving us the most incredible bond and comfort in Robbie’s final weeks. It was incredible to witness how much relief he got from his illness when I channelled Reiki to him. This also inspired me to work with more animals and before I knew it I had a queue of friends’ pets lining up for treatments!

I had initially been given “Westernised” Reiki training, and whilst I loved the Reiki energy, there were many things that didn’t sit right with me. I chose to redo all my Reiki training with Reiki Evolution teachers after having the most incredible experiences on Sarah Berrisford’s Equine Courses. Sarah (and her incredible horses) taught me so much and introduced me to the original system; and how beautiful, free and simple Reiki actually is.  As well as training extensively with Sarah Berrisford, I was lucky enough to complete my Reiki Master/Teacher course with Taggart King.

My Reiki qualifications are as follows:-

Shoden (Reiki First Degree)
Okuden (Reiki Second Degree)
Shinpiden (Reiki Master/Teacher)

Basic Equine Reiki
Advanced Equine Reiki
Equine Reiki Master Practitioner
Foundation Animal Reiki
Animal Reiki Advanced Practitioner
Equine Reiki Drum Master Practitioner

Reiki Drum Master Practitioner

For me, Reiki is about love and healing for the greater good. Wanting to share my incredible experiences with Reiki was a massive part in my decision to teach. As a teacher I can take Reiki to so many more people – and of course that multiplies, and multiplies again – it’s awesome!! I’m forever humbled by the fact I get to watch as my students and clients become well, physically and emotionally, finding their wings, learning to fly in the big wide world – viewing it with new eyes, letting go of old ideals, and learning to love themselves too. What could be better?

Who Learns Reiki and Why?

People from all walks of life learn Reiki for a variety of reasons. Many people have received Reiki treatments and have enjoyed them so much they would like to experience being able to channel Reiki to help themselves in between treatments. Others feel they would like to be able to help family/friends/pets by offering them Reiki, as well as helping themselves. Some people work with people or animals in need and would like to use Reiki to help the vulnerable/weak.

Whatever the reason, many people find themselves “guided” to a specific teacher or course when the time is right.

One of the quickest decisions to learn Reiki that I’ve ever seen came after I’d given a lady her first Reiki treatment. Just minutes after I had just finished treating her she announced she’d like to book onto my next course – this was before she’d even sat up on the bed!

What Courses Are Available?

Shoden (Reiki First Degree): Beginner
Okuden (Reiki Second Degree): Practitioner Level
Shinpiden (Reiki Master/Teacher)

Foundation Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki Advanced Practitioner

Animal Reiki Master Practitioner


Reiki Drum Master Practitioner

Reiki Drum Master/Teacher


Where Are Courses Held?

Courses are held in South Queensferry, Edinburgh.


Course Material

I’m delighted to be using the same, high quality, professional course material from Reiki Evolution that I used when I was learning. I find this way of learning works incredibly well as it is a much more efficient way of retaining information. It also means you can turn up on the day of the live course already knowing a lot about Reiki – and there’s no having to worry about taking notes – you can just relax and enjoy the course!

I feel it is very important to teach the Original System (or as much of it as we know about it at present). It is a beautiful system, in which the energy flows incredibly easily. I have taught people who, like myself, have trained using Western style Reiki teachings, including a lovely Reiki Master who decided she’d like to be taught from scratch again. The feedback I have obtained from these people is that the Original System really clicks, the energy feels amazing and everything just feels right.

How Many Students Per Course?

I will teach a maximum of four students per course. This ensures a lovely, personal atmosphere with plenty time for everybody.

Ongoing Support and Advice

After attending one of my courses, you have access to free ongoing support and advice from myself by phone or email. This applies to all levels.

Most of my students have also become Facebook friends with me – this is a lovely way to connect and keep in touch with each other – and of course many of the participants connect with each other this way too and form amazing bonds and friendships with each other.

I also hold Reiki Shares, where students past and present, Reiki friends, etc can come along to share energy and stories with each other. If you’ve ever been given Reiki by two, three or even four people at one time you’ll know how incredible this feels!!

I truly hope that by reading this that you feel inspired to have Reiki as a part of your life.

With love and light

Annie xx