About Antony Attfield: Derbyshire Reiki Training Courses

derbyshire ilkeston reiki courseMy name is Ant and I am a Reiki Evolution Master/Teacher. I run regular Reiki training courses in Derbyshire.

My Reiki Journey

I am a natural helper, and love that I am able to spend time healing or training others to heal.   Connection to Reiki has had an amazing effect on myself, and I am thankful that I am able to pass on the experience to others.

My Reiki journey began in 2005, when I was stressed out and struggling with the demands of balancing a hectic, high pressured corporate sales job with a young family.  Over a very short period of time, Reiki was miraculously thrown in my face time and time again, in the most random of ways, where I kept meeting people who practised Reiki or had recently had a treatment of Reiki.  Even more strange that long ago was that they talked to me about it.  I have always been a big believer that the universe throws what you need (and are asking for) into your path, so I knew I had to act. 

After searching on the internet, I found Reiki Evolution, with a very comprehensive explanation of Reiki, and a list of practitioners.  It wasn’t as extensive as it is now, and there was no-one practising in my area, so I continued being stressed and fast approaching some kind of burn out.   Weeks went by, and I once again met another Reiki person and another, steering / shoving me again in the Reiki direction.  I found myself searching the internet again, and to my surprise Reiki Evolution had taken on a new practitioner.  Uncannily in the village I had been married in, which was about forty minutes from home. 

I soon found myself on a treatment bed, listening to some relaxing music, with the calming hands of Louise Heseltine resting upon my head.  I still remember the visuals that I saw in my first experience of Reiki, like my soul was flying, free as a bird.   My stress shackles were removed and for the following week or two I was in bliss.  Sitting in a traffic jam, late for a meeting, I remember accepting where I was, not blaming, and not stressed, just enjoying watching the sun glinting from the nearby trees. 

It wasn’t a complete fix though, unfortunately, and those burn out feelings came back.  I went back to Louise, just before Christmas for another treatment – a quick fix so I could enjoy the festivities with the family.   Another amazing treatment, but the effect was different this time.  I remember crying my eyes out on Christmas eve.  This may not sound like a positive feeling to talk about, but I knew something was happening.  There had been a shift inside of me, and something was releasing.  I didn’t know what this energy healing was doing, but it was definitely doing something.  I had been asking for a change as  I no longer wanted to feel like I had been feeling.  The treatments were making changes, and Louise had warned me that I would need to keep going to enable more changes.  Or I could learn Reiki and do it to myself.

So I did.  In January of 2006 I found myself on a Reiki 1 course (Shoden) with three other people, and Louise taught me how to connect to Reiki.  Blew my mind, opened my soul and brought me home to what I never knew was missing.   Reiki is not just energy that flows from someone’s hands into you, it is much more.  Usui Reiki is based upon the original, simple system that Reiki was intended to be.   A spiritual practice as well as a way of connecting to the Universal energy. 

For sixteen months I grew in confidence, practising on myself, family and friends.  I didn’t truly understand what it was that I was connecting to, only that it made me and others feel good.  Lighter, more relaxed and able to just be.  We are after all human beings and not human doings.  My logical brain wanted to know more, so I learnt Reiki level 2 (Okuden), also with Louise Heseltine through Reiki Evolution.   This increased my knowledge of how to work with Reiki, more tools to use and the ability to sell my services if required when treating others.  Learning to change the energy to be more physical or spiritual gave me much to think about, and learning how intent was the key to treating others.   From a fairly prescriptive technique in level 1 to learning to go with the flow in level 2 was as much about learning to get out of the way as it was to focus the type of energy used.   The ability to send Reiki across the country or world was proven time and time again, and my logical brain accepted distance healing worked, after numerous positive feedbacks from others.

A year later in 2008, I became a Reiki Master/Teacher, also through Louis and Reiki Evolution.  One of the most profound experiences of my life.  I remember meditating on one of the new symbols I learnt and almost throwing up with the intensity of the energy.   Learning this final level, and more importantly the experiences I have had since I learnt in 2006, taught me to simply go with the flow.  The energy is directed not by me, and not by some higher power, but instead by the recipient.  To fully accept this and to let the energy ‘tell’ or ‘show’ me where to focus has been the most valuable lesson; leave the ego and be a pure vessel to simply channel Reiki.  

I later went on a course with Sarah Berrisford to learn Equine Reiki, which was another magical experience.  To feel the horse accept me and allow me to send it Reiki was one thing, but when that energy returned to me as a thank you, it was a special moment.   I have always loved and owned animals and had many interesting times with them and Reiki.  Cats tend to love it, my dog not so much.  She has to be really ill or out of alignment for her to sit still when I connect with her and Reiki.  I still talk about the giant octopus incident in the zoo with my daughter, when it unravelled from its dormant state at the exact moment I beamed Reiki to it and was spreading its tentacles all over the glass in front of me.

Since learning Reiki, I have experienced so many amazing things, which I would be happy to share with you further.  From a personal perspective, my trust in my intuition has grown dramatically.  When I stop meditating or practising Reiki regularly, I do notice a difference within me.  Always a good, although sometimes a not so gentle reminder to continue.   The precepts have been invaluable in guiding me, but it has never been a challenge, just a reminder to be who I truly am.   Remembering to be compassionate to not just others but more importantly to yourself has been particularly important for me.

I love healing people, and seeing their reaction to this mystical energy.  Connecting them to Reiki either on a one off or repeat sessions, or ideally through teaching them to connect themselves is magical.  A true blessing and I am so thankful that I have been pointed in this direction.

At the end of the pandemic, I came to a realisation that we only live in this physical body once.  Now, more than ever, I feel it is important to help others and practice what feels right for me at this time.  I have for now, moved away from leading, coaching mindfulness and helping those in the corporate world, to focus on my own Reiki Practice, and to write children’s adventure books.  If I can spread the joy and importance of mindfulness through either Reiki or through my books, then I am content that I am helping in the best way I can.  For today.  Who knows what the future holds, but just for today, this journey feels right.  And I am enjoying the path I am travelling and the people that I meet on the way.  

As a side note, people often ask me, as a Reiki Master, how exactly does Reiki work.   I am still and always will be learning.  I can happily talk to you about Chakra’s, vibration levels and quantum mechanics, but I must admit that no, I don’t understand exactly what Reiki is.  I do know it has changed my life, and given me access to something that was previously missing and I was unknowingly yearning for.  There have been countless positive effects that I have seen first-hand, on myself and others, and the feelings that I experience from the energy are powerful and varied, even within the same treatment.  

If you are feeling disconnected, and are striving to learn more about yourself, your spiritual adventure, and would like to help yourself and others, then Reiki is a great place to start.   Enjoy the journey, wherever it takes you, and let go of control.  It’s an illusion.