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About Bhavna Mistry: London Reiki Training Courses

london reiki training course mordenHello,

My name is Bhavna Mistry and I run London Reiki training courses for Reiki Evolution from my base in Morden, South London/Surrey. I was raised in a traditional Indian Hindu family, living in both the Indian and English culture. Growing up in a multicultural society has enriched my understanding about spirituality and culture as I have drawn from all of these. My own energy healing path has been varied over the years, though primarily influenced by my exposure to mantra since birth, and I loved singing spiritual songs and hymns at school. It was in 1988, after visiting a Buddhist Vihara that I began my conscious meditation journey. I trained in various forms of meditation from breathing techniques, to raja yoga. Since then at the age of sixteen, I decided on my philosophy for living; something along the lines of; ‘as long as I was not actively hurting anyone, I am free to live as I choose’. I also intuitively believed the body is the best healer and as a result I have maintained good health.

Before Reiki, my interests were developed in crystals, tarot reading for personal development, positive thinking and affirmations, aromatherapy, hatha yoga and qi gong/tai chi. In 1994, I went to Japan to teach English as a foreign language, though I didn’t come across Reiki then, I did get the chance to learn about flower arrangement, calligraphy, Japanese Tea Ceremony and the great joys of relaxing in hot springs. These all required entering a meditative state of mind to make your creations or step into the scolding water. I also loved spending time around the local temples, as they were peaceful places to sit and meditate especially up in the mountains. When I returned to UK in 1997, I never really settled into finding the ‘right’ career – something always was blocking my path, probably because in my spare time I became lost in learning about alternative therapies.

During the hard times in life, it has always been meditation in different forms that has given me peace and harmony deep inside. These days I combine this with Reiki and the other techniques I have learnt. In 2010 after having a benign lipoma removed, I was automatically doing self healing with reiki whilst coming out of the general anaesthetic. Due to my daily healing practice, I didn’t require pain killers for the 8 inch cut.

My Conscious Reiki Journey

In 2003, I decided to see if London was any better than Birmingham for starting ‘a normal career’. I came across just as many obstacles here. In March 2004, I started qi gong/taichi in south west London. It felt right. In summer 2005, I started getting a soft and gentle tingling energy sensation on the outside of my body. I tried to find out more about it through taichi but was blocked. I was drawn to reiki but in taichi practices there was negativity around it – so this made me vary of reiki. However, the sensation wouldn’t go and I kept being drawn to reiki. So in 2006, I decided I would give it a go at the local adult education centre.

When I walked into my class and saw my teacher, Jane Vellacott all anxieties completely disappeared. I knew I had made the right decision. My first empowerment was incredibly filling and relaxing. Then I felt a disappointment as I didn’t get the sensations, images, colours, tingling others had experienced. I learnt not to compare experiences as each one is individual. Later I had another amazing experience. One day, I found myself defend Reiki in the office work place. As I was being proactive about this, I had geared up to complete the task, then afterwards I felt completely exhausted; so I sat at my desk and deeply wished, I could have a Reiki empowerment. Somehow it happened. I don’t know how, but my heartfelt wish was heard. The exhaustion was washed away, I was rejuvenated and felt peaceful five minutes later. It was simply amazing. The reiki flu, well, I only got that after I completed Reiki Master Teacher training in 2007. It happened in 2008, when I decided to go through all the symbols again. Each month I started a new symbol, each month I got the flu.

Lucky for me Jane had trained with Taggart King, so I was able to be part of the Reiki Evolution support network. This network and the support my own teacher gave continues to be invaluable.

After completing the Master Teacher level, I went on other journey’s. Reiki is a very gentle energy and works very lightly, even though it is powerful. Through Reiki Evolution I met Kay Gillard, who introduced me to shamanic techniques through Reiki, such as Reiki Drum, Cord Cutting, Blockage removal. So now I continued to develop using techniques of different traditions; chakras, mantra, various types of yoga and shamanism. The last part of the yoga training was in understanding the balancing energies using a special breath technique, which uses the life force energy to work with. So, now I have been brought back to working with reiki for creating balance in my whole being. This is why I feel and see Reiki as an important part of any healing path. Reiki is the universal life force energy, without which we would not exist.

Reiki Teaching

After I qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2007, I have taught various people of different cultures and ages. For many they have just wanted to learn to cope with daily living. The format taught at Reiki Evolution is incredibly simple and easy to practice. I primarily teach in small groups. The most wonderful aspect of Reiki teaching is that it allows me to help others on their own healing paths at whatever stage. It is a real honour to be able to do this. Each person is an individual and everyone has an unique experience.

My teaching experience has been developed in varied situations from the classroom for teaching English, doing training at work, to running other energy healing workshops which I have developed and taught. The groups sizes have varied from 40 to 1. I like working in small groups, as it allows for more detailed exchange of experiences, provides group support, creating friendships in new ways. As a teacher I learn just as much from my students; all experiences are individual and special. I believe everyone we meet has something to teach us – as that has been my experience in any training situation and through life experience.

I teach all the reiki levels including using reiki with other tools for personal development.

Reiki Training Courses in London

The Reiki Evolution Courses are very informative and comprehensive. The structure provided to work with allows for working intuitively for needs of the group within a set framework. The solid foundation taught at level 1 is instrumental for creating good practice and supports you later when you decide to do the other levels. I have found the Reiki Evolution courses to be given very simply to help us easily assimilate various techniques. People who have attended my course at level 2 and trained elsewhere before have informed they learnt much more from the Reiki Evolution courses. At the same time Reiki has been kept pure in it’s essence, without limiting it’s use.

Getting the course books prior to the practical work, allows everyone to have the background information and understanding of what the course entails prior to the live training. The preparation you do for the live training really helps during the practical exercises, empowerments, meditations and treatments. This also allows making good use of training time, as the background information has already been read in detail.

The Reiki Evolution courses I run have a maximum of 4 people. I also offer regular Reiki Shares.

After the training you have access to the Reiki Evolution online network and support group. This is an invaluable resource for reiki support and how it fits in with any other interests you have. I am also available by email me directly and I offer reiki shares and other related workshops for further development.