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About Bhavna Mistry: Somerset Reiki Training Courses

somerset reiki training course glastonburyHello,

Hello, My name is Bhavna Mistry, I have lived in Somerset since November 2021, prior to this I joined Reiki Evolution Team of teachers in April 2012, in London. I run Somerset Reiki training courses for Reiki Evolution from my base in Glastonbury. I was born in the UK and have lived in many different areas, including having lived in Japan and did not learn about Reiki until after I returned to the UK.

We all begin our journey’s from when we are conceived and often what is seen as childhood nonsense is awareness of our soul speaking unfiltered by life conditioning. In my early teenage years, I became an atheist, even though I loved to sing bhajans and hymns.  At the age of 16 I experience my first meditation, which was the beginning of my explorative journey.  This included researching and learning about different types of meditations, daring to try different things including crystals, tarot and a shamanic drum I have also dabbled with aromatherapy and created healing scents intuitively.  Somewhere from deep within, I have always believed our body knows what we need and is a powerful healer.

It is in London where I consciously went deeper into my healing path and learnt many new techniques from physical to etheric.  Healing I found is for everyone, as work through what is not working, our ‘wounds’. Over the 18 years, I have developed through use of crystals, chakras, light body, runes, deepening shamanic techniques including becoming a Reiki drum master. Qigong, tai chi & yoga helped me to consciously work with the physical internal energy, whereas meditation and reiki helped with work with the light and go deeper, all the time. The more I connected into my intuition the deeper the process became. To understand on a conscious level, I have read extensively and worked with vibrational energy through mantra and sound. In 2012 I also became a practitioner of NLP, Timeline therapy, hypnosis and coaching.

Today I offer mantra, meditation & mindfulness, reiki, crystal, chakra, and various shamanic tools on an individual and group basis. Since 2018 I have been running summer retreats.  From 2022, I am embracing a new life which will unfold from new abode as I continue to grow and development to deeper levels as I offer my skills from the special energy of this land. Reiki is one the important tools I use to support me to through all life changes. Life is the journey and how we embrace it is affected by our resilience and response to every situation. We never stop growing and the reiki grows with us.

My Reiki Journey

In 2005, I began to feel a lot of energy flowing around my body, I couldn’t understand what it was at first but I kept being drawn to Reiki so after much research, I decided to give it a go at the local adult education centre.  In 2006 I met my Reiki Master, she was trained with the western attunement process and with the empower process through Reiki Evolution.  As soon as I saw her, I knew I was in the right place.  My first empowerment was really boring.  I just felt settled.  That was it.  No magnificent experience like others were describing.  In my second empowerment, I was so deep within, I felt I was no longer breathing.  There was a sense of “all is well”, that I was able to let go and go deeper within.  Every empowerment is different, and you always receive what you need most for your path. It also helps you move forwards in the way that is right for you.

Reiki is amazing! The first time I experienced the support of Reiki energy was at work, where I found myself needing to defend it as someone had asked if I help a colleague who had severe back pain.  I agreed to help, but experienced disapproval from someone with very strong beliefs. This was reported and I felt extremely stressed by her attitude.  Therefore decided to speak about it first, with the service manager, I was feeling stressed prior to seeing her, and really deeply I wished I could have an empowerment right now.  Suddenly, I experienced a powerful light engulf me and clear the stress, my mind and how I was feeling.  It was so powerful, that I felt reassured and very calm when I spoke about it.  The issue with my line manager was then dissolved. I received the empowerment I needed at the right time.  

Other instances have included being able to tap into Reiki after having an operation for a benign lipoma which resulted in 8 inches cut.  I was able to activate reiki before I went into surgery. As I came out of surgery groggy under anaesthesia, as the medical staff spoke to me, I was able to be coherent. I was asked if I knew what had happened, not only was I able to answer but I raised my hands to give me reiki in the right spot at the same time reassuring the staff I was not going to touch it, just give it reiki.  Amazingly to everyone, I did not require any pain killers at all.  Even as they discharged me, the nurse was amazing by my pain threshold.

Reiki as the life force energy has an intelligence beyond our human understanding. During my Reiki Master training, she said to me, she knew I was ready to go all the way to Reiki Master. Now I cannot image life without this knowledge, it is a part of me and my approach to life. The more I work with Reiki the deeper it grows.

Reiki Courses with Reiki Evolution

I have found the reiki evolution approach to teaching courses one of the least intrusive to personal beliefs. It allows you to adapt it to your own beliefs and work with it in the way that suits you.  The course textbooks are informative and filled with practical exercises that supports your development. There are three levels you can take, should you wish to.

Level 1 is the core foundation for all the other levels.  It gives a firm structure of working with the intangible energy. Even if at first you don’t feel anything over time it begins to feel more tangible.  The exercises are a good basis to continue your development to the other levels. Even if you don’t want to go any further that level 1 the more you work with the energy, the greater it supports your life. 

Level 2 takes to deeper by learning to work with the different vibrations of energy.  It  allows you to focus on and experience it in the form of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies.  They all have a different vibration and feel very different, and the more you work with these vibrations it takes you deeper into the healing process as you work more on yourself and others.

Level 3 takes you to another level of working with different types of energies, going deeper onto your own path.  The second part of the course is learning to give an attunement and empowerment at different levels. As you develop at this level, the reiki master course will enable to you take the next steps of your personal journey the more you work with the various exercises in the manual, the more you benefit from the teachings.

On a practical level the courses are designed to help you become a reiki practitioner at level 2 and then a reiki master teacher at level 3. You start with the basics at level 1 and build on that for the next levels.   At the end of it, you receive qualifications to integrate with other complimentary therapies or a standalone therapy.

All the levels are designed to provide a good structure to work with.  You will work with it in the way that it suits you and find your own way forwards with it.  Overtime, you will keep some of the practices and adapt others to suit you. Reiki is a journey, not just a course.  When you embark on this you are consciously moving forwards on your own journey.

Teaching Reiki in Glastonbury, Somerset

Reiki is not the first thing I taught.  I have taught friends maths, who failed GCSE’s, then in the 1990’s I lived in Japan where I taught English in junior high schools. It was here that I had my first meditation class, at the request of students, I was asked to give a meditation session to the students in English.  Though I was completely out of my comfort zone I gave it a go.  It was the rewarding experience to give to others. After that I found others asking me to teach them how to meditate. In Japan, unless you followed a spiritual path it was hard to find a meditation teacher. I found I was naturally good with the process of teaching and training as I am able adapt to the needs of the group. As I take a non-sectarian approach, this is open and accessible for everyone.

After qualifying as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2007, I initially worked with others who had trained and practiced my empowerments with them.  I then began teaching in small numbers primarily to family and friends through recommendations.  Eventually, in April 2012 I joined, Reiki Evolution Teachers and have taught people from all walks of life. The scientific mind approaches this very differently to the creative mind.  Through teaching different types of people, I have learnt more about reiki and how it works for individuals. 

After each level, I always recommend students to work more on themselves further as it takes you deeper on your own path.  Reiki is not a course that you do and then forget about.  It is the start of a whole new journey for you.  The more you embrace it at the different levels the more you connect to your own authentic self.

During the course individuals have very individual experiences, I encourage you to speak about this, so if there are any concerns of how you are feeling, we can look at them before leave for the day.  I have known Reiki to have life changing experiences for people on the day they do the course.

I enjoy the whole journey of supporting people take on the next steps on their path through reiki and facilitating the process.

Reiki is something I also use in the workplace, with team members. It helps with creating a positive energy and building team relationships. It can be applied to more than just therapy. It can be integrated into everyday life.

Today I offer range of courses and have been running summer retreats since 2018.

I teach in small groups from my base.  I’m excited about being on the land by Glastonbury, the heart chakra of the world. I look forwards to welcoming you to my new abode for your Reiki journey.