About Christina McDonald: London Reiki Training Courses

london reiki courseMy name is Christina McDonald and I am a Reiki Evolution Master/Teacher. I run regular Reiki training courses in Central London.

My Reiki Journey

My reiki journey started in my early twenties when I first came to London after graduating from Queen’s University Belfast with a music degree. After freelancing for a while and really struggling to make ends meet, I felt like I needed a change. I was always interested in the concept of energy healing and knew I wanted to learn more.

Before studying Reiki, I loved practising meditation and even though I was unsure of my current path, I felt the pull towards energy healing and I knew I should explore it a bit more. When I enrolled on my first reiki course, it just ‘felt’ right. I knew I was in the right place at the right time and I enjoyed it so much I decided to work my way up to Master/Teacher level.

I didn’t decide to teach reiki for many years and my life experiences since then took me to people and experiences that taught me a lot about myself and what I needed to let go of in order to heal.

The wonderful thing about Reiki is that it works in the background of your life guiding you to the situations that work towards supporting your highest good.

It never ceases to amaze me!

I offer courses from Reiki Shoden to Master/Teacher level as well as home study and live courses. I provide long term support for students after training to support their ongoing development. I also offer Reiki treatments both in person and remotely.