About Christine Poile: Newbury Reiki Training Courses

reiki training course in newbury berkshire with christine poile

Reiki and Me

My name is Christine Poile. I am a Reiki Evolution Master Teacher working in North Hampshire and West Berkshire.  I originally trained in traditional Western Reiki to Master level in 2018, but since discovering Reiki Evolution, I also achieved Master level with Taggart King more recently.

In addition to being a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I am also a therapeutic massage therapist.

I live in Tadley, North Hampshire, and have a practice in Newbury.  I run Reiki First Degree and Second Degree courses on alternate months, in the main.  Courses take place on Saturdays. My courses hold a maximum of 6 students, which enables me to spend plenty of time with each student and gives my students a chance to meet and work with other like-minded people.

There is easy access from the M4 and Newbury has a railway station.  Parking and accommodation are available in the town centre, which is only two minutes from the main shopping area. 

I run a Reiki share once a month, also in Newbury.

My Reiki Journey

Before becoming a Complementary Therapist, I had a long career in health care research.  As a qualified teacher much of my time was spent teaching and guiding others to embark on their own research.  Teaching and training have been a constant theme throughout my career.

Since 2017, I have followed my personal interest in holistic health care and have trained in a range of therapeutic massage therapies.  During my training as a therapeutic massage therapist, I discovered that I had ‘hot hands’ whenever I treated a client.  This was quite disturbing, initially, but my tutor sent me off to be attuned to Reiki and that opened the door to a unique and wonderful experience, that continues even now.  As I worked through each of the Reiki levels to Master Teacher level, I went though profound personal changes as the gift of Reiki opened up new skills, emotions and intuition, as well as a sense of wholeness and well-being.

I continue to look at how I can improve my practice or find a more natural approach to my therapies.  It was during this exploration of other approaches that I discovered Reiki Evolution.  At first, I thought what a wonderfully structured Reiki training scheme this is – the teaching materials are comprehensive and wide-ranging to ensure that the student’s individual learning needs are met.  I was going to use this system going forwards with my students and, as with all courses, I thought it best to sign up and try the scheme out.

Wow – it was not what I expected!

The emphasis on course work and home study was what I wanted for my students but Taggart King had other ideas for the practical sessions:  Working with the energies, symbols, sounds, intent and intuition opened me up to the full power of Reiki.  With beautiful cleansing meditations, such as the Hatsurei Ho, hara defining exercises and energy ball empowerments, I have been come balanced, calm and intuitive but most of all I rediscovered that I am very inquisitive.  Mikao Usui’s original energy system was about self-development, about learning who you really are:  This is the gift that Reiki gives us all and this is the reason I am so passionate about working with Reiki on myself and others.