About Faiy Rushton: Rutland Reiki Training Courses

northants reiki courseHello,

My name is Faiy Rushton and I have been working as a Reiki practitioner since 2007 and shortly after becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher began running my own Reiki training courses in Rutland, teaching for Reiki Evolution from 2011.

I host a Reiki share every month. My Reiki First Degree and Reiki Second degree courses run every three months and Reiki Master/ Teacher courses are run twice a year. The training venue is in Uppingham, Rutland, which is approximately 40 minutes from the M1/M6/A14 junction and 10 minutes from the A1.

Teaching and learning Reiki with Reiki Evolution

Having been trained by Reiki Evolution I was absolutely confident that the course materials, information and training I would deliver as a teacher would be accurate, interesting and balanced.

The course materials you receive before the course are comprehensive; they are thorough and you receive all the information you need for each level. However, they are also very accessible; the practical demonstrations are easy to follow and enable any student to feel confident that they will be able to use the techniques on the day. As someone who learns kinaesthetically I found receiving information in written, audio and visual forms really useful, rather than just the written word.

Learning Reiki with Reiki Evolution means that you understand the form of Reiki that Mikao Usui, Reiki’s founder, would have originally used, which is simpler and less cluttered than ensuing Reiki lineages. It is this simplicity that really works for me as a Reiki practitioner and as a Reiki Master/Teacher; without the stress of remembering overcomplicated routines you are able to let the energy flow and the impact on the receiver is all the more focused and powerful in my experience. At the same time, you receive a good grounding in understanding the style of Reiki brought to the West by Mrs.Takata and will find yourself with the same knowledge and skills as other Reiki practitioners but using the uncluttered techniques of Mikao Usui’s original Reiki practice.

Reiki Evolution is a supportive organisation; you have access to your teacher and Taggart for any concerns or questions you may have after your course. Also, you have all your course materials to refer to at any time. There is an online forum, which is exceptionally supportive for anyone at all levels. There are special interest groups that you can join that allow you to explore various ways in which you can use Reiki.

My Reiki courses

One of the main reasons I decided to do my Reiki Master/Teacher training was because my clients wanted me to teach them Reiki so I decided to unite two different parts of my life (I had been a secondary school teacher) and learn to teach Reiki.

I love teaching Reiki because I love Reiki! It has been so life transforming for me that it is a delight for me to share and teach Reiki techniques. I like my courses to be straightforward and clutter free. The beauty of Reiki Evolution courses is that you do not have to take notes as you have all the information in the manuals and CDs, so on the day of the course it is purely experiential hands on (or off!) learning.

I take my students through the courses in a calm, supportive way, enabling them to practically show me what they have learned from the pre-course reading, listening and watching without feeling that they are being tested. The emphasis is always on all of us doing Reiki together. At the same time, there is often much laughter on Reiki training days as it is fun to experiment and try out different Reiki techniques.

It is always so rewarding to hear how people feel when they experience the strength of Reiki energy for the first time during the course and afterwards when they are using it in their daily lives. I feel that I learn so much from my student’s experiences of Reiki.

After the course is finished I positively encourage my students to contact me to ask questions or to just let me know how they are getting on with Reiki. I send out a weekly Reiju Empowerment for my students to tune into alongside Taggart’s. Plus they have the option to join the Reiki Evolution online forum; which gives you access to a variety of information about Reiki.

Reiki Shares

The Reiki share that I host every month is also held at the venue I teach from. It is open to everyone, from all lineages and at all levels of Reiki.

This share is an opportunity to get together, share information and experiences, receive a ‘live’ Reiju empowerment, meditate as a group and re-focus our Reiki practice and importantly, give and receive Reiki treatments. A share is a great place to put into practice all that you have learned on a course, experiment and build your confidence in treating others.

Most importantly it is a ‘touchstone’, a regular point of connection for people who want to stay connected with Reiki practice and like minded people.

My Reiki Journey

Up until 2005 I worked as a secondary school teacher. I had always been interested in natural healing therapies, particularly aromatherapy and massage; as my mum was a qualified aromatherapist and masseuse.

In May, 2005 my mum was diagnosed with cancer and a year of medical treatments began. It was during the last phase of my mum’s life that I found the purely medical approach of doctors and nurses most frustrating. While I could see they were doing their best to look after my mum medically, there was little in the way of mental or emotional support for her or for us. I remember having a meeting with a doctor in the hospice who told me that my mum didn’t need more painkillers as she was not in physical pain, that it was emotional pain she was suffering. So we gave her what we could; our time, love and attention, but I wished that I had been able to give her some way of experiencing peace and maybe acceptance of what was happening.

After years of booking Reiki treatments and never having one, cancellations etc, my best friend arranged for me to have a treatment a few months after my mum’s death. It was a beautiful, relaxing, uplifting experience and after over a year of turmoil, for the first time in a long time I felt calmer and on better terms with what had happened (it also fixed a long term shoulder problem). I was amazed that something so gentle had had such a massive impact on me. Immediately, I saw the connection and thought that Reiki would be well suited to palliative care and decided that I wanted to learn Reiki.

I researched online and found the Reiki Evolution website, which was packed with clear, concise information. I booked onto a Reiki 1 course. I received the course materials and did all the preparation for the course but I would say at this point I still didn’t really get Reiki. I thought this was something you used to treat other people and it didn’t click, even with all the information; that the main focus would be working on yourself. I completed my Reiki 1 course, really enjoyed the day, came home and immediately went to work on my husband’s back which he was suffering with at the time, he was shocked at the heat from my hands and after half an hour of treatment his pain had gone. This was a fantastic affirmation for me straightaway of the power of Reiki.

I booked straight on to the next Reiki 2 and it was during preparation for this course that I began to understand that treating others was secondary to the self development that was possible through working with Reiki yourself. After doing Reiki at Second Degree (I had the privilege of being taught by Louise Heseltine), I had a focused period of meditation and self treatment and I really feel this brought me out the other side of this period of grief for my mum. Integrating Reiki meditation and self treatment into my daily life has been the key to leading a more fulfilled and happier life.

Learning Reiki motivated me to learn other therapies and I spent the next couple of years training in holistic therapies while building up my Reiki practice. I worked as a Reiki practitioner for a couple of years before training as a Reiki Master/Teacher. This is still my favourite treatment to give and I am lucky enough to give Reiki treatments almost every day. I feel this experience really helps your intuitive Reiki to develop and you learn just how different every Reiki treatment is for each person because each person is an individual, in the same way every Reiju empowerment feels different for each person. It is so interesting!

When I began teaching Reiki I felt that I united my teaching with my therapy work and I find it incredibly fulfilling. I really wanted to enable people to use Reiki for themselves and it is an honour to be part of that connection process. Everyone learns Reiki for different reasons and it is fascinating to learn with your students along the way.

So another stage of my Reiki journey has begun, teaching with Reiki Evolution.

Warm Wishes,

Faiy x