About Hannah Shine: Hertfordshire Reiki Training Courses

hertfordshire reiki coursesMy name is Hannah Shine and I am a Reiki Evolution Master/Teacher running Reiki training courses in Hertfordshire. I live at Hatfield Heath with my husband Michael. We are not far from the M11 and our local train station is Sawbridgeworth, on the London/Bishops Stortford ONE line.

I run First Degree Reiki classes every month and Second Degree Reiki training courses on alternate months and Reiki Master Teacher courses from a beautiful Summer House in the garden. As my husband and I love our garden, this summer house looks out onto herbaceous borders and beautiful plants. Weather permitting, we have our lunch outside to enjoy the tranquility and harmony of nature. I think every Reiki course is special; because each person is special.

I try to make it a day to remember and cherish; a day to build on by practising Reiki every day; a day that will inspire you to be all you can be and much more.

How I found Reiki healing

This should be entitled “How Reiki found me”. My friend Mary lent me a book “The Empowerment of Reiki”. I was commuting to London at the time so I read and studied the book from Monday to Friday on my journeys there and back. I finished it on Friday on my way home. One thing bothered me and that was the statement that Reiki can only be transferred to another by a Reiki Master. I thought that healing was a “gift” and this statement did not sit right with me.

herts reiki training coursesIt was a November evening on a Friday. I was having a meeting at home about Louise Hay and positive thinking (“You Can Heal Your Life”) and several ladies started arriving early, thus hemming in my husband’s car. He asked me to move it for him as he was still eating and needed to go off to a bridge match. I went to move it up the driveway and when I slammed the door shut, realised that I had slammed my index finger of my left hand in the door. It took me a few seconds to realise I had to re-open the door to release my finger. I re-opened the door and rushed back indoors to find my finger was smashed, bleeding and a definite case of “I must get to the hospital as soon as possible as I need stitches”. I went into the lounge which by now had 8 or 9 ladies and said “I am sorry I have to go to hospital – I have smashed my finger”. Two ladies came towards me saying “We are healers – trust us”. But my mind kept saying – “I need stitches and fast”.

The pain had kicked in by now and I felt faint. They had by now sent my husband off to his bridge match. It was 7.40 p.m. They did healing on me for about 20 minutes. My finger was excruciatingly painful by this time – someone had bandaged it. As my head spun and I felt that I was passing out, I happened to glance at the clock – 8 p.m. – when we were due to start the meeting. In that split second, the pain literally jumped out of my finger!! I exclaimed “OH!” and one of the healers Gillian asked me what had happened. When I told her, she said “yes, I know”. Since the pain went completely, I started worrying that my finger was paralysed, so I poked and prodded – no pain, but I could feel my finger!! I could not remember anything about the Louise Hay course that evening. Gillian and Irene told me later that they were Reiki healers!! I then remembered the book I had just read and felt that I had just been shown what Reiki really was!

The next day (Saturday) I had four reflexology patients booked in and I planned to undo my bandage, assess the damage, then telephone each of them to cancel their appointments. I did not consider it professional to do reflexology with a plaster on my finger. Then came my next surprise! As I undid the bandage, the whole damaged finger had healed COMPLETELY, leaving just the outer layer of skin looking a bit wrinkled – like I had sat in the bath a long time. Otherwise absolutely perfect! I stared at my finger for ages – if the plaster I had just removed did not have evidence of my injury, I would have doubted my sanity. I still have a very faint scar to remind me of that day and I have had no problems with that finger whatsoever. I did not need to cancel any of my patients that Saturday!

So, from being a total sceptic reading the book, I had a very practical demonstration of the powers of Reiki on the very evening that I finished the book. The following July, Mary called me to tell me she had reserved two places on a Reiki weekend course without consulting me regarding the dates. Yet, when I looked at my diary, it was completely clear. And the rest is history. I just wish I had been introduced to Reiki years ago.

My Background

reiki classes in stortford hertsI lived in India and my grandmother had many remedies for all ailments. So from an early age, I grew to respect and love the natural approach to healing, seeking conventional medicines only if traditional naturopathic approaches had not worked. I trained as a secretary and worked as a Personal Assistant to the Vice Chairman of a well known American bank. Many years ago, I suffered from recurrent coughs and infections and was introduced to reflexology which turned my life around. So, when I decided to leave the Bank, reflexology was something I was very interested in, as I thought it might help to change other people’s health as it had changed mine.

I went on to qualify in many therapies including homoeopathy, the Bowen Technique, Indian Head Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Advanced Reflexology, Kinesiology, Quantum Touch and many others.

All these therapies benefit from my ability to do Reiki – since the energy flows into whatever you are doing: so if someone comes in for a reflexology treatment, they are getting reflexology PLUS Reiki! They all commented on “how much more powerful the treatment feels”; the same applied to massage – where your intention goes, Reiki flows. Homoeopathic remedies get a boost from Reiki too. And so does the food that you eat each day!

I have been teaching Reiki training courses since June 2005.

Other Reiki Training Courses

I did several Reiki courses as I searched for the right Teacher. Some of the classes I attended were HUGE – some had 50 students!! It seemed to me like a big production line and a money making machine. It did not feel right; I spent hundreds as I went from one Reiki Master to another – each one promising ongoing support (which never materialised); I did my Reiki Masters elsewhere; when I left the course, I definitely did not have any confidence to teach it – I never thought I would! I still felt drawn to Reiki, I finally I re-did my Reiki Masters with someone who was taught by Taggart; I felt I was getting closer; I contacted Taggart who invited me to join the discussion group. And that was when I felt that here was the support I was looking for.

Reiki Evolution Courses – the original Usui system

reiki lessons in hertfordshireThe Reiki Evolution Courses follow Master Usui’s teachings; reminding us about mindfulness and the Reiki precepts. After having spent several hundred pounds re-doing my Reiki courses as I did not feel “right” or supported, I feel that Reiki Evolution offers the most professional and comprehensive courses you will find anywhere. The teaching manuals are detailed and accompanied by CDs prepared by Reiki Master Taggart King; I feel privileged to have been invited to join his group of Reiki Masters/Teachers. The support he has given me has been second to none; he has responded to all questions I have posed; and last, but not least, when you finally come to do a Reiki Master/Teacher course with Reiki Evolution, you will have all the confidence to teach the courses yourself – the manuals are the best I have seen anywhere with detailed information on timetables, course content, etc. You are not left wondering what to do. Above all, the Reiki Evolution classes are limited to six people, thus allowing the Reiki Master/Teacher to devote a lot of time to each and every student – this attention is what makes Reiki Evolution head and shoulders above the rest.

After doing a Reiki-Evolution Reiki I or Reiki II course, you will receive an invitation to join the Reiki evolution discussion forum – a place to pose your questions, requests for distant healing; concerns you may have; what music do others play? Share experiences; offer help wherever it is appropriate; you will find a very caring, compassionate and helpful group of friends with whom you can share a problem and receive comfort, advice and help.

I am a patient, caring person; who wants to give you the best I can in a very friendly and beautiful setting where you will feel at ease; have time to ask all the questions you have; the courses are structured very carefully; within this, there is time to ensure that you are confident and comfortable with giving and receiving Reiki treatments.

I am available on the telephone or email for any support you need, apart from the monthly Reiki shares; and of course you can also contact Taggart if you need to.

I thoroughly recommend reading Taggart’s brilliant articles on the reiki-evolution website www.reiki-evolution.co.uk

Reiki Shares

I hold a Reiki share once a month at my home in Hatfield Heath. There is no charge for these get-togethers. We start with introductions, herbal teas all round; I pass round the Distant Healing book for new names to be added; if anyone has an experience to share, we all want to hear it; I then do Hatsurei followed by reciting the five precepts; I then give everyone an empowerment (thus emulating Master Usui’s practice); if I am lucky enough to have another Reiki Master present, we do the empowerments together; sometimes we tune into the empowerments that are being sent out that day and compare notes afterwards. We do some distant healing so that newcomers get some practice doing this; I read some inspirational verse or healing visualisation; and then we split up into small groups to do some Reiki. The sensation of having 5 pairs of hands on you is pure magic – I liken it to plugging into the National Grid!

It is hard to finish at 10 p.m as the time just flies. The Reiki shares provide a space for those who don’t get a chance to practise their Reiki, to do so and get a treatment themselves.

What Reiki can do for you

I continue to be amazed at the versatility of Reiki – it seems to give each person what they need; sometimes the ability to do self healing each day goes a long way to dissolving past traumas and hurts; clearing the debris leaves the pathways open to accept new goals and challenges; things you “always wanted to do one day” suddenly seem attainable and achievable; to help someone with first aid (which is where I began!) to finding your own spirituality; there is no limitation – we are only limited by our thoughts; so start now and reach for the sky!

Also, knowing that the gift of Reiki is something you will have always is something that fills me with a comforting glow, knowing that it can be used anywhere, anytime as the need arises.

I am continually giving thanks to Master Usui for his legacy of Reiki, and to Taggart King for his dedication to making Reiki something that I feel Mikao Usui would approve of today….and I hope that you will claim YOUR legacy by making Reiki part of your life.

Reiki blessings to you,