About Kay Gillard: Somerset Reiki Training Courses

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I am a healer and teacher with 18 years experience as a Reiki Master and Shamanic practitioner. I first began teaching for Reiki Evolution in 2009 and now, after a break to sink deeper into my own healing and personal practice, I am back with the team, now teaching from the heart of Glastonbury, Somerset.

I host Reiki 1, 2 and Reiki Master Teacher courses throughout the year, as well as my own unique courses on A Shamanic Approach to Reiki, which I began developing in 2009.

Our venue is in the heart of the High Street, yet it is situated over one of our healing springs and powerfully held with crystal healing by the owners. We also have use of their private peace garden, and every workshop I have ever held there has been a magical delight.

My Reiki workshops

For me, being a Reiki Master Teacher is about guiding students on their healing journey, and bringing out their greatest potential as healers in the world. This is about finding the best way for them to work with the energy and honour who they are, while still making sure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills of the Reiki system.

Although I work in multiple disciplines myself, I believe that Reiki is the most powerful tool we can have as healers. On all my workshops I aim to honour each student’s individual energy and needs, while keeping the focus on the essential skills that can make us great Reiki healers.

I am a stickler for really learning the craft of Reiki healing, but I also understand that self healing and continued learning is essential for students to progress. I offer all my students ongoing support through regular articles, resources and newsletters, as well as monthly Reiki shares. For my Master students getting ready to teach courses of their own, I offer the opportunity to sit in on one of my workshops to help them prepare.

Reiki shares

I really value being part of a Reiki community, and I hold monthly shares open to my students and other local Reiki people on the third Thursday of every month.

The shares are a space for students to share stories and experience and to continue their learning – I normally run a meditation or brief technique overview (tailored for the levels in the room that evening). Then everyone receives a Reiki session from the whole group – just a few minutes of healing from so many hands is a truly blissful experience!

All Reiki levels are welcome at my shares, and attendance is by donation (no one will be turned away – this is community).

My background

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I began my journey with Reiki in 2004, with Reiki Evolution and Tina Shaw. I refer to that week (where I began learning Reiki and shamanic healing within days of each other, and quit the horrible job I had at the time after seeing the light!) as the one that changed my life. Ten years on, I now see it as the beginning of the road home, a healing journey to come back to my true self.

That road continues, and now I am fulfilled and happy in the journey!

I found the Reiki course through a series of coincidences. I was having a bad time in my life and I knew something needed to drastically change but I had no idea where to begin. I had never really heard of Reiki healing and had very limited experience of healing. It didn’t seem too ‘out there’ for me – I came from a long line of mediums and spiritualist healers, and I had already been practising psychic work and magic for almost a decade by the time I found Reiki. What I didn’t expect was to feel it so strongly, and yet feel that it was such an easy, natural thing to do. At the end of my Reiki 1 class, as I practiced my first treatment on my classmate, I realised with absolute certainty that healing was what I was here to do. Finally! Why was this never mentioned at careers day at school?!

Being a far more impulsive and irrational creature back then than I am now, I went back to work on the Monday and quit my job. I dedicated the next few months to intensive self healing and soul searching, continuing to train in Reiki and shamanism. (Then the money ran out and I had to go back to work – I don’t necessarily recommend this approach!!). I was completely driven to continue my self healing and to pass on what I knew to others.

I’ve been working as a healer and teacher (in Reiki and other methods) since 2005 and have worked with hundreds of clients and students. I first started teaching for Reiki Evolution back in 2009 and took a break from teaching Reiki training courses in London for a couple of years to focus deeply on my own personal work for a while – the journey home continues! It was a really important time for me as a healer, and I became extremely focused on supporting healers and spiritual seekers on their path, helping them to find their own personal way of working with healing energy. That is what attracted me to working with Reiki Evolution in the first place – this is not a rigid approach to Reiki as a system of healing. It is an invitation to come back to yourself, in the way that is right for you personally.

Over the years I have studied with shamans, tribal elders, ceremonial magicians, priests and priestesses. I have developed my skills as a ceremonial leader, storyteller, singer and mystic. And Reiki has been with me every step along that journey.

Now I am delighted to be back with Taggart and the team, opening my heart to people as they start out on their own journey of healing.