About Kellie Macmillan: Stirling Reiki Training Courses

My background

reiki training courses scotlandMy first introduction to Reiki was on a train to Aberdeen from Edinburgh.  I was travelling there to take part in fitness training and was reading a health magazine.  I clearly remember turning the page and a picture of hands with a light beaming from them jumped out at me and the title ‘healing hands’ resonated deep in my heart. I was young, only 23 and I was very unsettled with my life and unsure what the future held for me.  I felt compelled to read the article and the more I read the more I knew this was for me.  I’ve always felt very different.  Like the odd one out. I couldn’t buy into the corporate narrative and I knew in my heart this wasn’t the way forward to find deep peace and happiness. I grew up in the generation where you had to get a degree and aim for the top of a large corporate business and this just didn’t appeal to me at all.  I was always frustrated and sad that there didn’t seem to be a place for me in the world.  After studying performing arts for 3 years full time I couldn’t afford to go to London to finish my studies so I stayed in Scotland working as a Pilates/dance teacher.  While reading the article something hit home, energy work was for me. I had no idea how I would start this journey but it felt right.

Sensing a shift

From that day on my life started to open up opportunities for me with healers, angel therapists, life coaches etc.  I wasn’t aware of what was happening and the more I studied these therapies the more synchronicity happened. I remember it being very exciting and quite unbelievable in the beginning; I was always amazed at meeting the right people at exactly the right time I needed to meet them.  People from religious groups were always keen to talk to me and introduce me to their way of life.  I met Buddhists, I visited free churches, you name the religion and I was welcoming it to me.  It started to unsettle me as most of the strangers I was meeting were radical about their beliefs and that wasn’t for me.  I was being overwhelmed to the point of feeling very uneasy with the idea of one religion being my everything.  I was brought up in the Church of Scotland and went regularly with my family from the age of 5 onwards.  It was the done thing in our village and our schools taught Christianity too.  So, as an adult searching for my own path in life, I started to ask questions and challenge different opinions but always stayed open minded.

Trusting the process

Throughout the years my mind would look back to the article in the magazine, I just knew I wanted to heal but I also knew I had a long way of self development to go.  It was in 2004 that I found Reiki Evolution online.  I booked into the Glasgow Reiki training course with Margaret Craig and my gut instincts were jumping with joy as I felt I was on the right path.  When I did my Reiki training with Margaret I was just a little girl inside, vulnerable and unconfident.  I knew I had work to do , I had to heal and I know I couldn’t have done it without Margaret.  I loved every minute of my teachings and my Reiki 1, 2 and masters were the most amazing experience I will ever have in my healing career. Margaret commented that I was a natural and like mother earth, this was so important for me to hear as it confirmed I was on the right path.  I’ll always remember a lady on the course saying ‘why is she getting this so quickly, she’s too young to know this’ Margaret replied ‘she’s young but been through alot in her short years’  this also confirmed to me that I was ready to learn and that, yes,  I did have enough life experience to be taken seriously.

My life now…

Over the years I have continued to work with Reiki.  When I first began I was possibly searching too hard for answers, trying too hard to make my life happen and looking for a guru to tell me all the answers. With age, experience and my belief in others I now know we all have all the answers within.  Reiki allows me to focus, to protect myself, to centre my awareness, to grow, to be authentic and to share. Although I do angel therapy and work with my own healing guide I don’t include this in my reiki training.  Reiki is pure and simple.  Everyone has the ability to connect to the energy and I am passionate about guiding others to heal themselves. 

Why Reiki?

We all have the capacity to connect to Reiki.  Reiki practitioners are not magical beings.  We are magic because we care enough to make the change but we are only human too, the only difference is Reiki found us before you.  You are reading this because Reiki found you.  There is a reason your path brought you to Reiki and if you decide to follow it, you will feel your life shift in a beautiful way.  I needed Reiki when it found me, it has taken me years to feel ready to teach and I now know the simplicity and purity and it’s time I shared it with others. I truly want to help others.

People ask me ‘what is it?’ ‘Why can’t I see it?’ and I always point out the wind.  We can’t see it and we can’t hold it but we trust it’s there. Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold. We can see the energy of it move and feel it on our skin and for me Reiki is the same.  It’s a universal energy that surrounds us every day. It’s part of nature and easily accessible to everyone.

The future.

I look forward to sharing the joys of Reiki with you, every journey is different.  Now more than ever we all need to come together and heal.  We can all connect together and create massive positive shifts on the planet with reiki. I am here to tell you ‘yes you can!’  I truly believe we all need to heal, we all need to be the change.  The world is shifting, people are awakening to a spiritual change and I feel very blessed to be part of this shift in consciousness.  I look forward to meeting you in my classes and hope to see you soon.