About Laetitia Latham-Jones: Cornwall Reiki Training Courses

laetitia latham jones teaches reiki in penzance cornwall

I am Laetitia and I qualified for Reiki 1st degree with Taggart in 1999 after discovering his advertisement within a subscribed magazine.

It was my desire to take a course in healing as I was already in the process of studying holistic therapies, plus I acknowledged there were aspects of my life where it would be beneficial for me.

What attracted me to Taggart’s Reiki advertisement was the fact that while treating others, the energy would also work with me when it travels through my body to the client. I travelled eighty miles for my Reiki 1st degree and was a little apprehensive being unfamiliar with Essex and I had not yet met Taggart or other students on the course.

Taggart was extremely welcoming and immediately put me at ease, so I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I worked regularly with Reiki meditations and self treatments, noticing immediate results and it changed aspects of my life that would have hindered my future spiritual development.

At this time I was married with children, which meant that Reiki became a useful tool for ‘de-stressing’! I loved the way it naturally became a part of my life as there were so many aspects I could use the energy for and enjoyed the experimentation.

Two years later I sensed it was the right time to take my Reiki 2nd degree course with Taggart. There was also another student in the area at this time who planned to do the same course and it was an honour to have Taggart teach at my place of residence. He also provided an empowerment for my nine year old son who was fascinated by the procedure.

I then worked as a Reiki practitioner and added this to my other qualifications in Holistic Therapies. I enjoyed working intuitively with the energy and the treatments I provided for clients were on a noticeably deeper level and tailored to their needs. Over the years, I have experienced some remarkable results and have also provided treatments for terminally ill patients resulting in a peaceful passing for them.

Another two years had passed before I returned to Essex to take the Reiki Master/Teacher degree in 2003 with Taggart – an intense but fascinating weekend with all the new information provided. Since then I have taught Reiki courses to many students and previously worked with Taggart and Reiki Evolution from 2004 to 2008 in the South East area of the U.K.

I then moved to Cornwall and continued my treatments and courses, still using the systemTaggart taught me as it is so straightforward and I connected with it. I also attuned my adult children so they had the opportunity to use the energy within their lives if they so desire and my daughter is now a Reiki Therapist. She has also provided treatments for her own children.

I am delighted to work for Taggart once again within the Cornwall area. West Cornwall is a deeply spiritual place which enhances and connects with the energies of Reiki surrounded by sacred sites, the ancient land and the wonderful healing ocean.

I look forward to meeting you and, along with Taggart, we will teach you to use a wonderful healing method that could change your life for the better.

Laetitia Latham-Jones