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About Lucie Emmett: Devon Reiki Training Courses

devon reiki courseI’m Lucie Emmett and I am a Reiki Master Teacher trained by Reiki Evolution. I have been running Devon Reiki training courses since 2010 and was asked to join the Reiki Evolution team in September 2011. I am based in Exeter, Devon, where I founded and now manage The Exeter Reiki Centre. My premises are based at Notaries House, a beautiful location set between Exeter’s Cathedral Green and the heart of the city centre. The Exeter Reiki Centre offers Reiki treatments as well as training and courses at all levels of Reiki from complete beginners to Masters. I run Reiki courses in Reiki First Degree every month; Second Degree every 2 months, and Reiki Master Teacher training upon request.

I also offer special Reiki classes several times a year, one of which is ‘Reiki Mums’. ‘Reiki Mums’ is for mums who want to study Reiki First Degree, for use on themselves, their baby, and their friends and family, but who don’t want to have to leave their baby for a whole day in order to do the course. ‘Reiki Mums’ is a complete training in Reiki First Degree, but with additional modules on how to give Reiki to babies and young children, and with information about how Reiki can be used to treat babies for sleep problems, colic, tantrums, teething, minor illnesses and much more.

I first discovered Reiki as a client. My first experience of being on the receiving end of Reiki left me feeling like I was floating on air. Better still, the feeling lasted for several days afterwards. (We now call this Reiki Bliss in our house!) I was determined to find out more and did Reiki First Degree as soon as I could get a place on a course. The sense of what Reiki could do for me and for those around me clicked immediately and within a couple of months I was ready to do Reiki Second Degree, this time with Taggart and Reiki Evolution.

Following my Second Degree training, I began treating family and friends, but soon branched out to clients. Clients are often amazed by the potential of what Reiki can do for them, both healthwise and in terms of their spiritual development, and several of them have gone on to train in Reiki themselves. Working as a Reiki practitioner is an important part of what I do but I love the teaching part of being a Reiki Master best of all. Helping to heal people is a wonderful experience but for me there’s nothing more incredible than having the opportunity to teach others how to heal themselves.

Reiki Evolution courses are all based on the original Japanese system of Reiki. We use traditional Japanese ‘Reiju’ empowerments, follow the original Reiki teachings, and teach students to learn to use Reiki intuitively. Traditional Reiki is primarily about working on yourself, your spiritual development and your own self healing, so Reiki Evolution courses cover both self treatments and the treatment of others. My courses are small and friendly, with usually around 4 students per day. I encourage all my Reiki students to stay in touch after the course, both with each other and with me, and Reiki Evolution also offers ongoing, long-term support by internet and email.

Whether you want to learn how to heal yourself through Reiki, or to take the first step towards learning how to help others, allow your intuition to guide you to the right teacher for you. If that seems to be me, then I would be honoured to join you on your Reiki journey, so please get in touch.



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