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About Rhona Ness: Surrey Reiki Training Courses

reiki course surreyHello, my name is Rhona Ness and I am a Reiki Evolution Master Teacher based in Woking, Surrey. I trained in Japanese Reiki I and II (in the Reiki Evolution System) in January and March 2008. After two years of practicing Reiki on myself and treating others, I completed my Master/Teacher course in January 2010. I am passionate about treating and teaching others as well as enjoying my own Reiki Meditations. I am also a qualified Life Coach and I specialise in helping individuals who are trying to cope with stressful times in their life.

I live in Woking, Surrey and I run Surrey Reiki training courses in Woking from The Sunshine Clinic in Send (near Woking). This venue is close to the A3, M25 and M3. It is a short taxi journey from the mainline railway station in Woking. I run Reiki First Degree (Shoden) courses every month and Reiki Second Degree (Okuden) courses every two months. I run Master/Teacher Courses (Shinpiden) two times per year.

All my courses have a maximum of six students, which allows me to take time with each student to ensure that they understand and enjoy their course. As everyone is unique, I allow sufficient time during each course to deal with any questions my students may have.

For the benefit of all my students I will be running a regular Reiki Share from September 2012.

Why Reiki Evolution is The Ideal Choice

What I love most about teaching Reiki Evolution courses is that I am passing on the principles of Reiki in a way that is in tune with what Reiki’s founder taught. The importance of self development is such a fundamental part of the original system, which is as applicable today as it has always been. Reiki Evolution courses are completely comparable with Western Style Reiki which has been until recently the only Reiki known outside Japan.

Reiki Evolution courses have the advantage of allowing the student time to digest the background and much of the theory before the ‘live’ part of their course. This means that on that day you can focus on the practical aspects of the course. This means that you will have time to practise on others, discuss what you think and swap feedback with them.

You will also benefit from post course support. I am available by email and telephone for my students, of they have any questions after their course. You will also receive an invitation to join Taggart King’s Reiki Evolution online discussion group(s) for further backup.

My Reiki Journey

As with many people, I feel that Reiki ‘found me’ at a time in my life when I needed help and wasn’t sure what to do next. I had been working for many years in stressful senior management positions, which over time began to have a negative effect on my health. Once I returned to work after having my second daughter, I felt I was struggling to cope with the constant demands on my time.

After a particularly stressful time at work, things went from bad to worse and I was finding myself awake during the night and incredibly tired during the day – almost like in a dream state – functioning, just, but not really engaged fully with anything. I had suffered from various ailments, such as shingles, dizziness and panic attacks, to name a few.

The only thing my GP seemed to be able to offer me was antidepressants. I knew that this was not a solution for me for two reasons: first, it didn’t really deal with the causes of my stress; second, and most importantly, there was no guarantee that these pills would actually make me feel better. I genuinely believed that I had everything to live for, with two young children to look after. I simply wanted to feel well again!

In late November 2007 I had an experience which was to dramatically change my life and begin to change how I looked at life. My sister-in-law was visiting from Ireland. Yvonne, who is around 18 years my junior, and I always have a lot to talk about. Yvonne explained, “I can help you switch off and feel more relaxed.” “That would be a challenge.” I joked. “I’m serious, I have been taught a traditional Japanese healing system called Reiki which is great for stress reduction.” Although I was dubious, having always been the kind of person who likes to have physical evidence of something, I was curious enough to give it a try.

We put on some relaxing music, I lay down and closed my eyes, and then Yvonne set to work.

I had such a powerful feeling of relaxation and being loved that I had never experienced before. I just had to have more of this type of treatment which really helped me to switch off and live in the moment. I simply had to have more Reiki sessions because I knew instinctively that they would help me reduce my stress levels. What I didn’t know at the time, but now realise in hindsight, is that Reiki also helped me sort out the priorities in my life and move forward with a greater sense of purpose.

Being so passionate about how it made me feel, I knew that I wanted to learn more about Reiki, its benefits and its origins. I started learning Reiki First Degree in January 2008, initially so that I could treat myself and my friends and family and let them enjoy the relaxing healing benefits of Reiki. I soon realised that the more I learnt about Reiki, the more I wanted to learn and use it to benefit myself and anyone else to needed it,. It was therefore a natural progression for me to learn Reiki Second Degree.

During the next couple of years I enjoyed treating myself and others, as well as attending a regular Reiki Share. I slowly began to realise that I wanted to share the gift with others on a wider scale and decided to move onto Master/Teacher Level. I now enjoy being able to spread the message of Reiki as I passionately believe that the more people who learn Reiki, the better the World will be for us all.

Since my first experience of Reiki, I feel as if I am on a wonderful journey which has enhanced my life and enabled me to pass on Reiki’s many benefits to my clients and my students.


I welcome you to join me.


Rhona Ness

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