About Sarah Davies: Suffolk/Essex Reiki Training Courses

Hello, my name is Sarah Davies and I am a Reiki Master and Teacher based in Harwich onthe Essex coast, bordering with Suffolk. Locally I work as a Reiki therapist with people, animals, plants and homes. I am a member of the Complementary Therapy Team at St. Helena Hospice in Colchester where I volunteer as Reiki therapist for patients, their carers and families. I additionally work as a Reiki therapist and lead meditation classes at the Lifehouse Spa and Hotel in Thorpe Le Soken, furtherdown the coast towards Clacton. I am a trained Reflexologist and will often combine Reiki into a reflexology treatment to help a client to relax before I tackle (not tickle) their toes! This has the added benefit of introducing them to this wonderful healing energy. I love working with Reiki and am delighted to be invited by Taggart to join the amazing group of Reiki Evolution teachers.

essex suffolk reiki training with sarah davies

My Reiki Journey

In the early 1990s I was very interested in training as a Herbalist. I had studied agriculture, worked in crop research and then as a flower seed breeder, and was fascinated by plants and their medicinal qualities. I’d been living in Australia and when I returned to the UK I was thwarted at every turn. I finally ended up as the CEO of a charity and company in east London, always relying on my intuition. After eleven years, I stepped down into semi retirement, however I quickly got itchy feet and thought again of studying to be a Herbalist.

Whilst researching on the Internet, Reiki kept popping up again and again. Following my instincts, I trusted that the Universe wanted me to look at this instead. I signed up to a training programme with Reiki Evolution where I undertook the First Degree, a few months later the Second Degree and finally the Masters programme with fellow teacher Hannah Shine.

On a personal level it all makes sense to me. We are all made of energy, we all produce heat, we are amazing human beings. The channelling of energy came naturally to me, the teaching unlocked an ability I’ve had all my life and it’s humbling to be able to share this and use this well.

My Reiki Classes

I am in the fortunate position to have bought a new (old) house in Harwich next door to my small cottage. This is primarily to enable my ageing mum to come and live with us, however this additionally provides good space to host teaching Reiki, whilst the cottage can provide accommodation for any student who needsto travel far and would like to come on a ‘Reiki Retreat’. (If this interests you, do ask me about this after you have made your course booking withTaggart.)

Harwich old town boasts a train station and looks out over the estuary of the RiversStour and Orwell, and out into the North Sea. Each day the view changes with ships and boats of all shapes and sizes travelling back and forth. The reflections on the sea and the shells washing up on the beach change daily with the tides and the weather.