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About Susan Ashton: Lancashire Reiki Training Courses

sue ashton teaches reiki in blackburnHi, My name is Sue Ashton and I am a Reiki Evolution Master Teacher based in Lower Darwen, Lancashire.

I stumbled on Reiki when I went for reflexology, the lady asked if I would mind her using Reiki on me at the end of the session. As someone who loves anything holistic, I wasn’t going to say no. It was only a short blast but I was hooked.  From there I looked for someone to have a full Reiki treatment with. The local lady wasn’t available and she gave me the name of Sue Sharples who represented Reiki Evolution for Lancashire. Well, what can I say, Sue and her story are amazing and I haven’t looked back since. I trained in 2016 with Sue and have been treating other people from the moment I could. I love to see people smile and feeling calm after a treatment. The positive feedback I get on a regular basis is so uplifting for me too.

Reiki cleared so much negativity from me and I found a new lease of life.

I had worked as an Accountant for over 30 years while my husband took full time care of the family home. I took early retirement when my husband became ill and I needed to become the full time parent for my children. After my husband passed away, I decided to make a fresh start in the North which has ended up being one of the healthiest decisions I’ve made in my life.

I live here with my teenage son and two Samoyeds and we love walking around all of the stunning country side we are surrounded with. That includes being a stones throw from the Yorkshire Moors, The Lake District , Bowland Forest and of course Rivington Pike. I go to a different exercise class each morning and am taking up outdoor bowling locally this summer. I intend to join a dancing group soon, but hey… one step at a time.

As well as training in Reiki , I have trained in quite a few different holistic massages and have set up my own business in a tranquil room at home. I’m soon to train in Swedish Massage, Hot Stones and Sports massages. I always ask my clients if they would mind me giving them Reiki at the end of any treatment. I am so keen for people to feel the amazing benefits Reiki can bring to their lives.

When appropriate, I explain to my clients about mindfulness and living in the moment, about not worrying about the past it has gone and we can’t change it and that the future hasn’t happened and we cannot control it. As the serenity prayer used in many 12 step recovery groups  quotes, it’s about accepting the things I cannot change having the courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

I also help facilitate a couple of self help groups in the towns local to me. Promoting positivity wherever I can. I’m very interested in the Law of Attraction and since experiencing Reiki, (the beginning of negativity being removed from me) I think positivity and as I do I attract positivity.

The benefits of Reiki are immense. I practise self healing on a daily basis and try to meditate. To be able to teach Reiki to others is not only a privilege but rewarding for me too.


I have set out a timetable of course dates but I can be very flexible too with other dates or even over several evenings. I can only teach two at a time as my room is very “tranquil” but it is also quite “cosy”. So if you and a friend have dates that suit you contact me and I‘m sure we can sort out suitable times and dates.

Please join me and start on your own amazing Reiki journey.


Susan Ashton