About Yvonne Cattermole: Bristol Reiki Training Courses


I was a newly qualified reflexologist when I experienced Reiki for the first time. It was a revelation to put intellect to one side and be present. I could just be still, within a healing space, and receive rather than needing ‘to do’. Since this first encounter, Reiki has been present to gently guide and hold me, a constant light. My study of Reiki however has been a mixed experience.

My teachers were excellent and committed to their healing practices but I found that some of their teaching was confusing particularly when I considered teaching others. There were elements I felt unable to connect to. For example, it was several years before I accepted that I did not need to be clairvoyant to practice Reiki; different ways of working and listening were allowed and available but not necessary.

When I started reading the Reiki Evolution manuals I found further clarity and continued to unpick what was Reiki and what was not. More importantly I was given permission to follow my own intent and intuition when teaching and working with clients and find a new relationship with symbols and mantra. Self-doubt and tension dissolved, I had found my way. This was confirmed when studying a second Reiki Master course with Reiki Evolution.

My own experiences have shaped how I practice and teach Reiki. I am committed to supporting students to establish a personal Reiki practice for their own development in a way that is aligned to Reiki and to their own individual experience. And if it is something they want to explore, to be confident to practice with others. When you spending time with Reiki, it is evident that ‘you are enough’.

I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to work with Reiki Evolution. I work from my practice room in Long Ashton, North Somerset (on the edge of Bristol). There are a maximum of four people to a course with follow-up Reiki shares and local meditative walks available on Friday afternoons.

My background

I began my working life in London as a secretary in the late 80s; various secretarial and PA positions followed. A round the world ticket led to a psychology degree with the Open University. During a summer school I met a reflexologist and that brief meeting initiated healing following a life-threatening accident in my teenage years. Soon after this, I began my journey with Reiki. Life was changing.

Over the years my practice has evolved and I have been drawn to various studies. Exploring and working with energy has been a common link throughout:

  • Reflexology (1999)
  • Reiki (2003-2009 & 2020)
  • Thai Massage & Bodywork (2007)
  • Yoga Therapy (2010-2015)
  • Ayurvedic Massage (2019)
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition (2022)

As well as being self-employed I worked with Penny Brohn Cancer Care as part of their core therapy team for two years, supporting patients and carers on their cancer journey.  I also taught the Thai Massage Diploma for a BCMB (a massage college in Bristol)