Animal Reiki Home Study Course: Distance Learning Online

animal reiki course online home study

  • 10-12 weeks duration
  • 30+ hrs of energy work
  • Very practical course
  • Progress at your speed
  • One-to-one support by e-mail
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Audio CD
  • Distant empowerments
  • Certificated



Reiki people all over the world can now benefit from Sarah Berrisford’s special Reiki system for animals

animal reiki trainingThe Animal Reiki Practitioner Home Study Course is open to anyone who has some experience with animals, say you have owned cats/ dogs/ horses or grown up around animals. You need to have completed Reiki 1st Degree through any lineage and have a passion for animals. Course participants need to have access to at least 1 dog, 1 cat, and a small pet, for example, rabbit/ guinea pig/ hamster – these may be your own animals or other peoples.

This course is designed to give the student an in-depth knowledge of the ways to treat all different types of animals.

This is a comprehensive course and by the end of it you will have spent a vast amount of time working with Reiki on animals – this home study course is not the easy option. On average it takes approximately 14 weeks to complete, however, you need not worry if it takes longer, you can take things at your own pace.

Receive one-to-one support as you work through your course

It would not really be good enough to just give a student some training materials and tell them to get on with it. We think that it is very important to make sure that our home study students have carried out all the practical exercises that they need to carry out in order to feel confident in what they are doing, and it is important that we are on hand to answer and questions or queries that our students have, and to advise them and support them as they progress through their course.

In order for you to complete this course you will need access to some different types of animals, please note, you do not need to own the animals, just be able to give Reiki in person. The more animals you have access to, the more you will benefit from the course.

Your assignments

reiki for animals classes workshopThe Animal Reiki Practitioner Distant Learning Course consists of 15 assignments. What we do is to break the course down into a series of stages, or ‘projects’, where for each stage the student does some reading, listens to the audio commentary, carries out practical energy exercises and then sends us feedback by e-mail to let us know what they have done and what they have experienced. We can then gear our support to what the student has done and what they need. Training is one-to-one.

During this course we focus on the approach we take when sharing Reiki with animals. Realising how animals of the same species may react differently due to breed, personality, age and outside factors.

You are also invited to carry out some of the exercises involved in the course using distant healing and connecting to some of the animals residing at Epona Equine Reiki Centre.

Strengthen your connection to Reiki

During your course you will receive several distant empowerments, sent to you specially by Sarah Berrisford, and these empowerments enable you to ‘hold’ and channel more energy than you were working with before.

The Audio CDs

The Animal Reiki Practitioner online course uses two audio CDs. The first is a ‘course companion’ CD containing various commentary tracks, helping to focus you on the main points and themes of the course. The second CD contains is a ‘chakra meditation’ that you will be using during the course. By having on CD the main things that are said to you on a live course, you really receive a version of ‘live’ training, but in the comfort of your living room, or your car, or on a walk (using an MP3 player) or wherever you choose to listen to your CD. You can, in effect, ‘replay’ your teacher again and again!

The Course Manual

learn animal reikiEach Reiki Evolution course is accompanied by a comprehensive manual that covers everything we teach during your course, and more besides. Sarah Berrisford’s ‘Complete Guide to Animal Reiki’ runs to 180 pages; it provides you with a permanent record of your training and is a useful reference volume.

The Certificate

The Animal Reiki Practitioner home study course is accompanied by an attractive certificate signed by Sarah Berrisford, your teacher. In this case your certificate confirms that you have received instruction and empowerments and have satisfied the requirements of the Animal Reiki Practitioner course.

Course Fees

The fee for the Animal Reiki Practitioner Home Study Course is £297.00 paid in two monthly instalments of £148.50 each. Go to this page Home Study Enrolment to enrol on this course.

Animal Reiki Home Study Course Overview

Here is an overview of the way that the Home Study course will work, showing in general terms what you will be doing during each of the stages of the course.

Stage 1 This stage is all about familiarizing yourself with the course materials, thinking exactly what you would like to get out of the course and discussing any questions you already have about Reiki with animals or just Reiki in general.
Stage 2 During this project we look at Canine Reiki
Stage 3 This sections deals with Feline Reiki
Stage 4 During this section we learn all using Reiki for birds
Stage 5 This stage is all about Equine Reiki
Stage 6 During this stage we will be exploring treating small pets
Stage 7 This stage is all about farm animals and wildlife
Stage 8 This stage is where we work on optimizing the animals’ chakras
Stage 9 This stage is all about working with the symbols CKR, SHK, and HSZSN whilst working with Reiki on animals, when each may be used and why, and then putting this into practice
Stage 10 During stage 10 we are working with our intuition as to where to treat and what energy we may need to use. We focus on Reiji Ho, physically and also through visualization
Stage 11 This stage deals with Distant Healing
Stage 12 During this assignment we explore working with the aura, working on your own aura and the animals
Stage 13 This stage is all about the sacred sounds or the ‘kotodoma’ and their use in treatments
Stage 14 Stage 14 deals with extra exercises, for example, asking for guidance, empowering the animal, becoming the animal, manifestation
Stage 15 This is the last part of the course where you go back through your course materials, check if there is anything you are unsure of or would like to know more about., sending any questions you have about Reiki on animals or Reiki in general to your tutor

Home study is an effective way to learn Animal Reiki

Distant learning has become more suitable to many types of people, this course has been set up due to the vast amount of persons contacting me from the UK and abroad wishing to learn Animal Reiki but unable to travel to Epona Equine Reiki Centre. This course will be suitable for you, if you have a passion for animals, have completed Reiki 1st Degree, would enjoy an in-depth study of your favourite hobby or interest, if you would like to be certified as an Animal Reiki Practitioner through a reputable centre and if you would enjoy further connection with animals and self development.

Ongoing support and advice

learning animal reiki for animalsOnce you have completed the Animal Reiki Distant Learning Course, you will receive the following:

  • Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate
  • An Animal Reiki Leaflet, for you to use and edit as you wish. This is a very handy advertising aid.
  • An Animal Reiki Review Sheet where you can record details of your treatment and give to owners.
  • You are also invited to join the Practitioner list on This is free and you will receive an email with details.
  • An email invitation to join the Reiki Evolution Internet Discussion Group

We believe that it is very important to support our students once they have been through one of our Reiki courses, and these are the ways that we do this…

Free ongoing support and advice by e-mail

If you have a question or query about Equine Reiki then Sarah is available to deal with your questions and queries, and she is happy to do so.

Distant empowerments

The teachers at Reiki Evolution send out distant empowerments which you can ‘tune in to’. This can be done any time on the day of your choice. The current Distant Empowerment list is available on the Internet discussion group, with different teacher giving our empowerments on different days. Go through your Hatsurei, or Kenyoku/Joshin Kokkyu ho, keep/put your hands in the prayer position, say to yourself “I’m ready to receive my empowerment from “ …….” now…” and see what happens!

Sarah send sout an Animal Distant Empowerment, to aid your connection with animals, on a Thursday.

Quarterly Newsletters

Reiki Evolution send out e-mail newsletters every quarter to all our students to let you know what has been happening with us, to let you know about the various courses and resources that are available to you, and we also include an article about some aspect of Reiki in each issue.

Free self-help guides

Via the discussion group’s homepage you can access free guides focusing on “Getting Started with Reiki” and “Developing your Reiki Intuition”.

Enrol on your Animal Reiki Distance Learning Online Course

Animal Reiki Practitioner course, equivalent to Level I & II live courses

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