Animal Reiki Testimonials: Sarah Berrisford

equine reiki course lincolnshireAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Sarah Berrisford’s Animal Reiki training courses in Spalding, Lincolnshire.


“Doing the Animal Reiki (foundation and advanced) training with Sarah has honed my practice and given me more skills to tune-in, listen and give Reiki. I very much enjoyed the course, especially as it was so hands-on practical, backed up with good notes to refer to later. Getting the chance to begin work with a wider variety of animals than I’d worked with previously has also really helped.  Working with the horses in particular was amazing – I felt very much that they are the healers too.  Sarah is a lovely, confident and gentle teacher and I would definitely recommend her.”

Cherly Colpman, Leicestershire, June 2014

“I recently had the pleasure to come back to Epona to attend the basic and advanced animal practitioner – as always they were incredibly enjoyable, well structured courses and I came away really pleased that I’d attended.  I would say to anybody thinking about attending one of Sarah’s courses to just stop thinking and book up – you won’t regret it!
Annie Robertson, Livingston, June 2014

I recently attended the Foundation Animal Reiki Course at the Epona Equine Reiki Centre.  Wow, what can I say? I have previously attended the Epona Equine Reiki Centre to do my Reiki Level 2 and would not hesitate to recommend Sarah if you are looking for a Reiki teacher.  I have found Sarah to be a very patient, kind and knowledgeable teacher who is truly inspirational.  I love animals and have set up a pet sitting business so wanted to further develop my Reiki practice so I could offer Reiki to clients of the four legged variety.  I have always believed that Reiki is powerful and truly special however the results I had on the day whilst practising  Reiki on some of the animals at the Epona Equine Reiki Centre were truly amazing. Whilst we were doing our Equine Reiki session in the afternoon  my ‘client’ even lay down in his stable whilst I was giving him a treatment, and if Reiki can have this effect on a horse with a stranger in his stable then it truly is remarkable.  Sarah also introduced us to Reiki drumming in the afternoon which I thoroughly enjoyed and this has inspired me to take a Reiki drumming course in the very near future, I was truly mesmerised!  I will definitely be back for more courses with Sarah.  If you are considering taking a Reiki course then look no further, if you  choose Sarah as your Reiki teacher then you will not be disappointed.”

Suzanne Lapsley, Leicestershire, June 2014

“I had a great two days on the course.  The instruction as well as the deliverance were very clear and easy to follow.  The atmosphere was relaxed and I felt the rapport between all of the participants was great.  I believe this comes down to our excellent instructor, Sarah.  I came out of the course feeling very enthusiastic about working with animals.  It was amazing to see how some of them reacted so well to the energy.  I also felt I was receiving from them in return.  Thank you Sarah for the journey!”

Gigi Farid, London, June 2014

“Thank you very much for the course I attended last weekend. It was thoroughly enjoyable to connect with you, the dogs, goats and horses, and of course the other participants. I really enjoyed your relaxed and friendly approach, and the way you encouraged us to follow our intuition.  I am very grateful for all your teachings and insights, and I only wish I could have stayed for the next day as well!

For the time we had, the course was actually very complete and perfectly complementary to the book. I also thought the time given to discussion was just right. Thank you (and all the animals) again, it was a great course and I would recommend it to anyone who feels a special connection to animals.”

Marie-Anne Marten, Edinburgh, April 2016

“I recently attended the Animal Reiki Foundation and Practitioner course days. I thoroughly enjoyed both days, the class sizes were small which was really good as we were able to ask lots of questions which Sarah was happy to answer.  Both days were very hands on with the animals which was lovely. (The pygmy goats are real characters! ) The course manual and notes are excellent.  Also the leaflets which have been provided will be a great help. Thank you Sarah for making us so welome. I will definitely consider doing the equine course in the future. ”

Alison Gray, Fakenham, April 2016

“I absolutely loved the Animal Reiki two day course. The setting and venue are idyllic.  Your dedication and commitment to the animals is outstanding as is your knowledge and understanding.  You answered all questions with respect and compassion.  I have never quite met anyone with your passion for Reiki before.  The empowerments were fabulous I felt deeply moved. I really can’t think of any way you could improve this course and I would have no hesitation recommending you.”

Liza Renwick-Hall, Tyne & Wear, June 2016

“This course is a must for anyone wanting to share reiki with animals. It is such an enjoyable and inspiring day! Sarah is always so positive and encouraging that I , usually a bit nervous near horses, really feel confident when working with them. The day was a good balance of indoor meditation and discussion, and out door work with the animals, with plenty of time for discussion and feedback. The horses were very patient and responsive!

The handout Sarah gave us at the end of the day summarises the activities and I have found it invaluable. I particularly enjoyed using the chakras as a way of connecting with the animals and have spent a lot of time trying this with my cats! I would really recommend this course to anyone who is interested in working with animals. It has certainly helped me to think about, and try to improve, the well-being and happiness of my own cats.

Thank you, Sarah. I shall look forward to any future days working with you and your delightful animals.”

Steph Hardcastle, Humberside, September 2016

“Personally the day was perfect – so all positive from me.  I thought it was well structured throughout and we had enough time to gather our thoughts in-between the various sections.  It was paced beautifully and you are so easy to work with, explaining everything and giving guidance.  We were very lucky with the weather and I particularly enjoyed the practical side working with the horses and dogs.  It was really good to get hands-on experience and try new things.  I very much liked the fact our class was small – it gave us more time to talk to each other and share experiences and feelings.  It delivered all my expectations and more…

You truly have lovely surroundings and I am keen to do some refresher courses with you next year!”

Vivien Long, Surrey, September 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought it was very professional, friendly and quite spiritual, and I learnt a lot. Thanks for all your advice.”

Avril Hartridge, Buckinghamshire, September 2016

 “I thought the course was great and since I have done it have definitely feel my vibrations raise. The instruction was good and in keeping with adult learning. My dog is happy!! I will definitely be doing the advanced in September. Thanks for a fab day.”

Carol Boote, Yorkshire, April 2017

“I enjoyed the animal reiki course both levels 1 and 2 and I really liked the method of instruction you used which was informative but also flexible.  I felt that I learned what I wanted to learn plus extra.  It was lovely to work with your goats and dogs and horses and I am looking forward to doing the equine reiki courses next.”

Marilyn Phillips, Dumfries, April 2017

“Just to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Animal Reiki course at your Equine Centre. The instruction you gave has certainly set me up on the road to treating animals with Reiki. The feeling of calm that enveloped both me and the animals that were in my company was second to none. An excellent day from beginning to end – thank you.”

Christine Parker, Norfolk, September 2017

“I chose to return for a refresher course for the Advanced Animal Reiki. I had enjoyed this course so much that it made sense to come back and further develop my intuition and animal communication. I was able to try different intuition and communication techniques as well as refine those techniques I had previously learnt and had been practising. It was also really helpful to be able to share with Sarah the experiences I have had when treating animals and get advice on how to develop and improve. The support Sarah gives does not stop when you leave the course. Sarah continues to support her students after the course whenever you contact her. This is so special and one of the reasons why I would strongly recommend Sarah Berrisford to anyone who was interested in learning about Reiki.

Sarah’s approach to Animal Reiki is easy to understand and follow. It gives you confidence to follow your instinct and be open to what the animal is telling you. As always, it was a privilege to work with her horses and with Sarah. I am looking forward to joining some of the other courses she offers.”

Dulcie Lawrence, Lincolnshire, September 2017

“I attended the animal reiki foundation and advanced courses in September 2017 at Epona Lincolnshire with Sarah Berrisford. I had been looking forward to the course for months and I can honestly say i was not disappointed. Sarah is a very knowledgeable teacher with a real love and passion for the energy and the animals. Both Sarah and Vicky are warm and welcoming and I felt looked after the whole time. The course was at a relaxed pace with encouragement , advice and support given throughout the day. The animals are such reiki pros more they’re like teaching assistants! I came away from this course feeling truly connected, confident and so full of love it was unbelievable. I’m still buzzing about my experience. Epona is a truly magical place. Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your wonderful gift.”

Anne Ball, Yorkshire, September 2017

“I can’t be anything but positive about the course Sarah facilitated , it was a pleasure to attend. She was a true inspiration and the (four legged teachers / horses / goats and dogs taught me some surprising lessons, Sarah is uncanny with her intuition. I came away profoundly affected. Sarah’s sister is great .( I can’t stop grinning animals are such a gift and can be very honest with you)”

John Lunn, Yorkshire, September 2017

“Course was amazing thank you, your assistant and the animals.  I love the fact that we can fully practice each step after you’ve explained them.  I also love the fact that there’s more than one attunement, compared to other courses I have experienced.

I like the fact that there were only a few students, but I guess that’s all down to it was meant to fall like that ☺ It’s more personal I feel, and you can leave the course feeling okay I understood that, and didn’t feel I had to keep back on questions.”

Kishan Subron, London, April 2018

“Sarah is down to earth and very open / approachable  with her students,  she delivers the  course  in a way that opens you to the energy of the  setting and horses, the course is not rushed,  you  have plenty of time to ask questions and experience the energy of the horses, the whole day is  a  journey  that takes you to places, that are  completely magical and at points funny.

I experienced / relived the joy of my childhood contact with horses. I  now have more  knowledge and tools  to use with animals and I also learned some surprising things about myself, thanks to Sarah Pancho Toby Monty  (Vicky  is also  a joy to know.) (The day was joyous) 

I can only give positive feedback about this course. I really don’t have the words to express what I want to say. If or when you do this course you will know what I have tried to say here.”
John Lunn, West Yorkshire, April 2018