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Linda Vickers

Music for Reiki – to share

I would love to share this beautiful piece of music that can not be bought or sold only given.  I have attached the web site where this music can be found and a short video with a sample of the music.  A very profound piece of music to use for Reiki treatments.  Musical Rapture Given with love.


This is the offical web site of this beautiful music, please copy and paste into your browser:

Brightest blessings


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Using your breath when giving a Reiki treatment

Last week during two of my treatments I was drawn to use the breath over the heart area and this is how it felt.

Each treatment stared as normal using my intuition to work on the area’s indicated then on each occasion a strong urge to gently blow over the area (taking a peek) I found was working over the heart.  My inner sight showed a mist around this area and gentle blowing about 6 inches above the body as if blowing dust from a surface, seemed to clear this rather than removing it with my hands.

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