Become a super power Reiki Master in just 48 hours? What a joke!

reiki master super powers

Roll up, roll up

Roll up, roll up, and get your Reiki Mastership here. No effort involved. Just visit this page, look at this, download this and pay your money. All done online.

You are now a super-power Reiki Master with amazing abilities, more than a mere mortal. You have your Reiki Master cape, your Reiki Master all-seeing eye, super-power intuition and phenomenal super power energy.


Is that what we think Reiki Mastery is all about? Is it a title that you earn by flipping a switch, paying by PayPal, going on a course for a couple of days and there you have it – you’re a MASTER.

Nothing more to do.

I don’t think that’s what Reiki Mastery is all about

It’s not an event, it’s a state of mind, it’s a form of commitment, it’s a journey.

It’s about how you behave and how you conduct yourself.

In Usui Sensei’s original system, Shinpiden level was a path to ‘satori’, a flash of insight that changes something in a fundamental way (something that comes through a long period of meditation, something that you work at by getting rid of your ‘baggage’).

The highest level of Reiki development was left open-ended, a lifelong journey, for you to progress as far as you could progress, through your own efforts.

In a hundred years that has morphed in some quarters into something that you can get in a leisurely afternoon surfing the Internet.

I prefer to use the term ‘Reiki teacher’ rather than ‘Reiki Master’ because the phrase ‘Reiki Teacher’ describes perfectly what most people at that level do, without all the added connotations of superhuman abilities.

When you become a Reiki Master, you start on the bottom rung!

For me, Reiki mastery begins when you have completed your RMT course, and you are on the bottom rung.

I know that some RMT courses are basically just about learning how to attune people, but they’re not all like that and many courses give you tools that you can use to develop yourself further, and your Reiki mastery is a journey of dedication and commitment, where you work on yourself long-term; it’s about self development, personal development, it’s about embracing mindfulness and embodying the precepts in your daily life, not seeking perfection but seeking to develop further over time.

So Reiki mastery is about how you commit yourself to work on yourself long-term, it’s about how you relate to other people in your daily life, how you relate to your students, it’s about the way that you ‘sit’ with the energy, it’s about your humility and your compassion and your forgiveness, and your contentment in the moment.

It’s not a piece of paper.

What comes to mind is the probably apocryphal story where, when attaining their martial arts black belts, students are told that, finally, they have reached the stage of being a beginner. It all starts there.

So next time you see one of those adverts telling you that you can become a super-power Reiki Master online just like that [clicks fingers], think about what Reiki Mastery really means and whether what you are being offered by these people is actually worth obtaining.

Over to you

So what do you think of these “become a Reiki Master overnight” or “train at all three Reiki levels in a weekend” courses?

Post a quick message below to let me know what you think about your journey with Reiki and whether it would have been enhanced by trying to do it all in the shortest possible time.

Planning on moving on to Master Level?

reiki master attunements course reiki 3 rmt classesFor those who are thinking about moving on to Reiki Master Teacher level, Reiki Evolution offer live courses throughout the UK and multimedia home study courses for students throughout the world.

Our RMT courses stick closely to the original system that Usui Sensei was teaching and we provide you with a range of authentic techniques that you can use to develop yourself over time, for example self-empowerment methods, meditations and Shinto mantras.

For more information about starting on your Reiki Master journey with Reiki Evolution, click on the links below:

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40 thoughts on “Become a super power Reiki Master in just 48 hours? What a joke!

  1. This is just how I feel. Having undertaken my teacher level as a home-study course with you, the whole process, over days and days of study and immersion, was overwhelming at times. It also felt like the beginning of something, and I am still, several years later, feeling as though I have a tentative foot on the first – or maybe second – rung of the ladder.

    When people are led to believe in quick fixes, they are missing something profound and wonderful but how are they to know? Only by spreading the word and by our example – sounds like some evangelist when put like that and I wouldn’t want to push reiki at anyone who wasn’t ready – you won’t find me on doorsteps!

    Quiet and calm are two words that come to mind when thinking of qualities reiki brings to my life, as well as healing, of course. The almost opposite of evangelical fervour.

    The reiki-evolution webiste is one really excellent way of informing those who seek as it comes up on Google and anyone searching, using the web, would try that so, thank you Taggart for all the excellent work you and Louise have put into creating all this information.

  2. Thank you for this Taggart.

    I think we all need to come back to basics from time to time.

    Just being in the moment! This is our true reality!

    I’ve been teaching Reiki for quite a while now, and I still consider myself very much a beginner. I’m always learning(hopefully), whether it’s a joyous experience or a challenging experience.
    There are too many inflated egos out there in the Reiki communities, promising their students the moon, which we know are just not true.I know this, and I still come up against it from time to time. I tend to remove myself from these energies!

    However, this is all part of human nature, and I know from my own experience, that I need to *check in* every now and then and ask if it is *my ego* at work. We all have ego, and it is a work in progress.
    Fortunately I have Reiki in all it’s simplicity and purity to keep me on a path of quiet truth!

    My journey over the years has been magical and magnificent.
    And I am sooooo grateful to be consciously part of it all.

    Reiki is a work in progress. I don’t believe we will ever get it perfect, but it’s an exciting and fulfilling journey.

    We will only get out of Reiki what efforts we put in to it.
    This is it! No quick miracles or fixes!

    Beautiful and Simple!!!

  3. Like Lesley, I also did the home study teachers course … and it took me ages and I hope I am still learning every day …. how someone can expect to reach any level in a couple of days beats me !
    Guess it all comes down to money for some folks and there will always be those out to con people …. thank goodness for Reiki Evolution ……..

  4. Oh if only! But if these sites were right, what would be the benefit? I think I told you, Taggart, after I had finished my RMT that I could now properly describe myself as a beginner. Socrates said that he new more than anyone else because he knew how much he didn’t know. My journey with Reiki has simply (I use the word advisedly) shown me how far away the horizon lies.

    1. Thanks Taggart – it is what we all know and believe, but it is good to remind ourselves that we only get out of something what we put into it. As with passing a driving test – we have only just been given permission to drive unsupervised!!!

      Adam, great to see your posting……. and the wisdom of Socrates. That is the epitomy of humility.


  5. Thanks for this Taggart.
    In the area where I practice ‘Fast Track and ‘Quick Fix’ is prevalent.
    I have seen adverts offering 2 day courses to become a Reiki Master, no previous experience necessary. So sad!

    I experience and learn something new nearly every day. Reiki is so exciting!

  6. Excellent article, Taggart, and thank you for this. I am still taking very small steps along my RMT home study course, yes, despite the fact I have not been in touch with you for “some time”: I do believe in proceeding very slowly and carefully! I do entirely agree it is a slow and life-long process, this journey towards “mastery”, although lately I have been thinking once again that I would like to get my “teaching qualification” this year, so must start a bit more active study again, moving beyond the everyday experiencing of mindfulness into a development of knowledge of more techniques.

  7. In one moment Usui woke up to the power of Reiki and was an instant master. He merely tapped into the intelligent all powerful energy of the universe. He did it, and you can do it in an instant as well. No long period of time, no expensive classes to financially enrich the established and entrenched Reiki teaching community. Wake up now!

  8. “In one moment Usui woke up to the power of Reiki and was an instant master.” Sorry, but I don’t think that’s accurate. Are you thinking of Mrs Takata’s fable of Usui Sensei being up a mountain, struck by a great white light and, seeing symbols in bubbles of light, poof, Reiki was born? That’s not what happened I’m afraid.

    Usui was on his own journey and helped his students with theirs. Usui’s students didn’t become instant Masters: they had to work at it over time. Why do people want quick fixes nowadays, with no effort, no dedication, no commitment to developing themselves over time. Reiki Mastership achieved [click] just like that, in a flash, isn’t worth having as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Very true Taggart, so many people are after a “quick fix” these days and expect super powers without the work it entails. It has been 13 years since I qualified as a Reiki Master and the learning and practice is still ongoing. Where Reiki is concerned you get out of it what you are willing to put into it which is time, commitment and discipline. 🙂

    1. I agree, Laetitia. It’s like advertising a weekend course where you can get your black belt in karate from scratch. Some time and effort and commitment is involved if you want something worthwhile. 🙂

  10. Very well put, Taggart. “Reiki mastery begins when you finish the RMT course.” Absolutely true.

    It is sad to me that many of these “Master in a weekend” people don’t even bother to do actual attunements. They really are giving the public a poor perception of what Reiki is.

    But I try to just be the Reiki Teacher I would like to have and take care of my students as best I can.

    1. I try to just be the Reiki Teacher I would like to have and take care of my students as best I can.

      I think that’s a fantastic approach, Randall: to be the best you can be and do the best you can for your students 🙂

  11. When I first was attuned to level one we couldn’t even do level two for 6 months! Our reiki teacher believed we needed to take stock and think hard before the next step. Seems ceazy to do all at once.

    1. I agree it’s definitely not a race, is it, Pax. And while individual teachers might disagree as to what constitutes a suitable interval between levels, I think that we can all agree that there should be intervals!

  12. I have just been reflecting on different schools of thought amongst our flow Reiki students. The arguments about authentic Japanese style or Western reiki. It struck me that it is what you practice that counts and being honest with yourself.

  13. Thank you so much for this! Although I haven’t done my training with you, I follow your articles with great interest. I became a Reiki Master in January 2012 and I have been feeling guilty because I have never attuned anybody. I don’t feel confident, I feel like I don’t know enough, if that makes sense? To me a Master is exactly that.. a Master of their trade! I don’t know enough about ME so how can I attune other people? Your articles gives me great food for thought and much of what you say resonates with me.
    With gratitude, Catherine

    1. Hi Catherine, do remember that mastery is a journey, not something where you finally think, “I am finally a Master and am now worthy to teach people”. We’re all fellow strugglers and you know far more about Reiki than you realise, through the reading that you have done and, especially, through the practical experience that you have (Reiki is a practical skill, after all). It would be a shame if you never shared your experience of using Reiki with someone because you never felt quite ready or felt that you didn’t know enough yet. Reiki is not an academic subject: it’s about doing simple, practical things, and if you have experience then you can pass on that experience to other people, and their lives will be all the better because you did that. 🙂

    2. Don’t feel guilty, Catherine. Going on a Reiki Master course does not mean that you are *obliged* to go out there and attune people: You can do what you wish with what you have learned.

  14. I agree entirely with the Article Taggart. I did my Reiki training to mastership level and including Karuna Reiki. the weekends were over 9 months duration.
    All of it was very clear to the teacher and he was a true healer. – However at the end of the sessions my grasp of Reiki was tenuous to say the least. Though holding the ‘certificate’ stating I was a Reiki Master Teacher. I felt entirely ill equipped for the role. At best, One could say, maybe, that I was and am a student or novice Teacher. However I am and always will be a “master of myself” this is all I really need – undoubtedly Reiki has enhanced my mastery of myself as I continue life’s journey. When I can be of service or help to others who come my way – that is a bonus.

  15. Thank you Taggart, I do agree and I have been working with Reiki for nearly 8 years, but I still don’t feel ready to move to “Master” level. I do, however feel that we shouldn’t judge others who choose the quick course because that is their journey. We should be embracing the light they spread and be content in knowing that Reiki will always work where it is meant to work.

  16. Thank you for your comments. Totally agree. I teach Reiki mastership over months and always inform my students that this is just the beginning. Also tell them that although I have been a master for about 17 years I am still a student too.

    Thank you Taggart

    1. I definitely agree that is the best approach, Carol: to have a beginner’s mind and to realise that however much you think you know, there’s a lot more out there to learn and experience. Beginner’s mind keeps one humble!

  17. Thank you for another insightful article; I always enjoy reading and sharing your thoughts about Reiki. I did my Master Training, I think, about 3 or 4 years after Reiki 2 and with the same teacher. The course itself took only 2 days, but after it I did feel quite a deep shift in my awareness that started me on the next steps of the path. I spent the next six years practising and beginning to teach before I began professional practice. I hope that with an open mind and heart I can continue to learn and support others with Reiki. I try not to concentrate or speculate on the paths of other people and just trust that mine is the right way for me to keep growing and developing.

  18. Wonderfully Insightful Taggart, I also hold the space of teacher, guiding, encouraging and learning from each student, supporting each individual and honouring their journey with Reiki. I’m available for each student via, email, telephone, monthly healing shares and when required to meet up for a catch up, guiding from experience. My self-growth, self-development is an important part of my life, when I think of mastery, I think in terms of mastering my-self, my emotions, my mind, allowing all clutter of labels to fall away (I find that others place a label). To me there is never an end to mastering my-self, for learning is on-going, expansion of experience. I love guiding our students the Reiki Evolution way, wonderful steps for their own self-growth-mastery. All masters in training (mastering our-selves).

  19. Hi Taggart, I completely agree with you, I completed my Reiki 1 ten years ago and Reiki 2 about 4 years ago
    I haven’t practiced on anyone I have spent my time practicing and healing on myself, I don’t believed that you can heal anyone when you still have issues yourself, even if you think you don’t have any, most people just don’t acknowledge them. It’s taken me a long time which I have practiced your daily meditation and only now I finally feel that I am in a more relaxed and non judgemental state of mind, I feel at peace with myself and the world around me. I would like to thank you for your wonderful calm voice on the meditations they are the only ones I have been able to listen to for any length of time, hopefully I will feel that I am able to go on to teach in the future, I’m looking forward to it now.

    1. Hi Carla, I don’t believe that you have to wait to be perfectly sorted out yourself before you share Reiki with other people: the two things can go hand in hand, with you treating people and also receiving some benefit from the energy you are channelling. You are a necessary bystander in the process and not responsible for the quality of the energy that is coming through you, and who is not without issues? I am pleased that you have found my meditations helpful, and my voice not irritating: I seem to have a good voice for sending people to sleep! 🙂

  20. This made me chuckle and cringe at the same time.. I fell fowl of the beginners 1 excitement to learn how to help myself with reiki and enrolled on a course for two days… oh dear, “ do this but, say that bit, hey presto you can do reiki”. One tutor swore she broke her computer each time she touched it… and was banned by her husband , so powerful was her energy ??. Then saw the light- literally, must have taken me about 4 years to reach teacher level recently. Each time I am with other reiki “ people” I learn so much, and come away feeling so fortunate to have benefitted from others sharing this amazing gift we have access to, and often take a long time to find! Or rather finds us… ?. Grateful every day for the way reiki has transformed my feelings about me! Long time coming but kinda like myself at last… ??

  21. I’ve always been of the belief that Reiki is a lifetime journey with mastery being just one side of the coin. I agree wholeheartedly that the Master Teacher title is the correct way to be acknowledged. It also allows us to keep our ego in balance and we continue our balance journey.
    I am a 1st Degree Black Belt in Ki-Aidiko, and just many Japanese Martial arts, that is just the beginning of a journey spiritual journey!

    1. Exactly! ‘Becoming’ a Reiki Master is just the first step, it’s a journey not a destination, and going on a course does not imbue you with massive cosmic power like the genie in Aladdin 🙂

  22. I started with you online. Had I not received such great training from the onset, I never would have become a Reiki Master. I searched for someone who would teach the Usui original method & there was no one in Ca.; so, I started searching online & was very impressed when I read about how you teach. Thank you.

    1. I was so pleased to hear that you found our approach just right for you, Linda, and was sorry to hear that your original training wasn’t great.

  23. I was offered levels 1 and 2 over a weekend, but chose not to and it was about 6 months later I took the second level. Good decision as I was able to internalise all that I learnt at my level 1 day. Love your Mon and Wed posts. Diana

    1. I think that was a wise decision, Diana. It does not have to be a race, and Reiki is all about putting what you learned into practice, isn’t it, rather than stuffing information into your head as fast as you can! 🙂

  24. Yes, I have met too many of these ‘instant’ RMTs
    When I started my rocky road through Reiki in 1993, the were a couple of flavours of Reiki, now new super my reiki is better than yours exist. the common factors ££££
    My Reiki practice went for busy with people contacting me, to nothing. I had completed my path when though a strange set of circumstances training a RMT in France who is a better healer that I will ever be! helping through his first training course in French was fun! Yes I have have a copy of his translation of my manual

  25. Actually feeling the energy for the first time during Reiki First degree excites you and makes you want to learn and experience more. Being taught all 3 levels of Reiki at once might put people off because there’s so much information to absorb. Also, it takes a while for you to learn how to feel the energy and for the power to increase.
    You would want feel capable and that you really deserve your Master certificate by the end of the training.

  26. You right on with this. I was on the Reiki Rays sight someone was concerned how she felt after doing her Reiki training on line. So reached out to her she was in a healing crisis. She has done all 3 levels at once!
    She had no support from where she took the classes, no one to help her during this phase. We talked for a long while I helped her through what she was experiencing. I’ve been a Master Teacher for a few years. I’m always there for my students. I’ve learned a lot from them also.

  27. Thank you for that Taggart.
    Well I’ve been teaching for most of my career and now teach Reiki. My students teach me more than I could ever learn from a teaching course and it doesn’t stop. Learning is a lifelong gift and teaching is a form of lifelong learning.
    All best wishes

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