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Can you do distant healing at Reiki First Degree?

reiki first degree distant healing

An unnecessary piece of dogma

It is taught commonly on Reiki courses that you aren’t able to do distant healing at First Degree and that you can only send distant healing once you’ve been ‘attuned’ to the distant healing symbol.

I don’t agree with that and think it’s unnecessarily dogmatic and limiting… and makes no sense!

Firstly, distant healing isn’t something that is unique to Reiki: many spiritual healers practise this. So we have a group of people who haven’t been attuned to Reiki at all, they haven’t been ‘attuned’ to anything in a Reiki sense, and they can send distant healing.

So are we saying that people who haven’t been attuned to Reiki are able to send distant healing, but once you’re attuned to First Degree then this ability somehow stops, only to start again when you’ve been on a Second Degree course?

That makes no sense!

And let’s think about the Buddhist origins of Reiki: one of the principles of Buddhism is that reality is illusion, the idea of us being separate individuals, distinct from other people, is illusion, and that the true reality is that of oneness.

Mikao Usui was a Buddhist.

Mainly, he taught people who were Buddhists or followers of Shinto.

Would he have established an energetic system, when his whole worldview was based on the idea of oneness, that suddenly went against this grain and introduced the idea that people at First Degree were in some way exempt from this basic Buddhist principle of oneness?

I don’t think so.

Distant Healing at First Degree

So we teach the basics of distant healing on our First Degree course, and why wouldn’t we, since it’s an essential part of the energy system that we use. We teach a simple approach, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

We don’t teach the ‘distant healing symbol’ (referred to as ‘HSZSN’) on First Degree and we don’t need to because you don’t need to use that symbol, or be ‘attuned’ to it, in order to send distant healing effectively.

When we do teach the distant healing symbol on Second Degree, certainly it does provide a useful focus, though to be honest I prefer to use the corresponding kotodama instead since I believe that this mantra helps to make connections on a whole new level, whether working on someone in person or at a distance.


If you’re currently at First Degree, why not experiment with distant healing and see what’s possible.

To get you started if you’re not sure what to do, click to read about a simple distant healing method that anyone can use; it’s symbol free and it works well.

At Reiki Evolution we’re happy for our students to experiment and find their own way with the energy: we don’t want out students to turn into clones of us!

Over to you

Are you at First Degree level and happily sending distant healing? Post a message below to let us know how you do it.

What approach works well for you?

If you’re already at Second Degree or Master level, what method do you think would work best for people at First Degree? What would you recommend?

Post a simple method below, for us all to see.

Want to find out more about Distant Healing?

reiki book second degree manualsA whole collection of distant healing methods are contained in the 110-page Reiki Evolution Second Degree manual. This isn’t just available to Reiki Evolution students: anyone can work with our manuals.

You can order a professionally-printed copy, or you can download your manual right now.

Here are the links that you need:

Reiki Second Degree manual

Reiki Second Degree eBook



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