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Reiki, Spiritual Healing & Christian Prayer

reiki distant healing cupped hands method

Someone the other day asked me how to explain the difference between Reiki healing, Spiritual healing, and Christian prayer, and whether there was actually a difference between any of these things. So this is what I came up with.

Christian prayer

Christian prayer of course depends on a belief in the Christian God, and involves and individual making a request to that deity to intercede in some way in the life of another person, whether that be to eliminate a disease or symptoms or make some improvement in the life of the intended recipient. There will be no thought of… Continue reading

Energopsychogram for HSZSN (Distant healing)

energopsychogram hszsn hon sha ze sho nen honshazeshonen

So this is my third post in a series, which started with What are energopsychograms?

I have talked about these special images and how they can be meditated upon to elicit a particular energy, just like meditating on a symbol or a sound can frame the energy in a particular way, or produce a particular Reiki frequency that you can experience in a distinctive way.

Energopsychogram meditations

To meditate on an energopsychogram, just sit calmly with the image in front of you. Stare at the image. let it wash over you, defocus your eyes.

Notice the quality of the energy… Continue reading

Guest blog: “Champ”, the rescued Jindo

I thought you might be interested to read this blog, written by Valerie Mann, from Maryland…


“I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher in Fruitland, Maryland for about six years. It has been my pleasure to see any number of positive results with Reiki. However, when something which seems almost miraculous happens, I still feel a sense of wonder. This was the case with Champ, the rescued Jindo dog in Texas. This breed is not very well known in this country, as they are from Korea and many of them live on the West Coast. However, my good friend Jim… Continue reading

Report on the 2012 National Gathering

Well, that was quite an event. October 6th saw 140+ Reiki people from all over the country descending on Baden Powell House (right next to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington) for a day of fun, learning new things and making new friends. We had workshops and distant healing and Reiki shares, Reiju empowerments for all, and kotodama chanting. The venue was nice, light and airy, with a lovely atmosphere, and as the day progressed the place just buzzed with energy.

A few highlights of the day for me were seeing every one of the ‘Reiju’ seats occupied, with… Continue reading

New Distant Healing meditations on MP3


I have been beavering away with my recording equipment lately, and I have put together a collection of distant healing meditations that you might like to try out. At Reiki Evolution we like to give our students choices when it comes to things like distant healing, so they can experiment and find the approach that works best for them, so I thought it might be useful to put together a series of guided meditations to make it a bit easier to get into the groove of a particular approach.

These are the approaches that I recorded for you:

(1)… Continue reading

Feng shui your Reiki

Many of you will be familiar with Feng Shui, the Oriental art of placement, where you arrange your living environment to allow smooth flow of chi through your home, eliminating areas where chi will stagnate, and slowing down the speed of fast-rushing chi. So what has that to do with Reiki? Well they both deal with chi, but what I am really thinking of is applying the basic principles of Feng Shui to our practice of Reiki. This may seem a little strange, but please bear with me.

The basic principle of Feng Shui, the first thing you have to… Continue reading

Back to basics: Reiki Second Degree

People learn Reiki for many reasons and come from an amazing variety of backgrounds, all attending for their own personal reasons. Reiki courses in the UK present a whole variety of approaches, some “traditional” Western-style, some more Japanese in content, some wildly different and almost unrecognisable, some free and intuitive, others dogmatic and based on rules about what you should always do and not do. Reiki is taught in so many ways, and students will tend to imagine that the way that they were taught is the way that Reiki is taught and practised by most other Reiki people.

What… Continue reading

Reiki Distant healing, Oneness and Usui’s system

oneness reiki distant healing

Distant healing in Usui’s time

Distant healing is an essential part of Reiki in the West. People on Second Degree courses are taught the ‘distant healing’ symbol and they learn how to ‘send’ Reiki to other people, in a way that transcends time and space.

But how was this done in Mikao Usui’s time?

Well, it seems that distant healing was not practised by Usui Sensei’s students, not in the way that we understand it, though they would have realised that such a thing was possible. And although we in the West are taught a ‘distant healing symbol’, these Reiki… Continue reading

New Distant Healing meditations for you


To help Reiki people who are experimenting with distant healing, and looking for a method that suits them best, I have put together a collection of six distant healing meditations that you can use, and they are suitable for Reiki people at all levels, including First Degree. You can download the meditations straight away, as MP3 files, and listen to them as you carry out your distant healing.

I have been writing a series of blog posts on the subject of distant healing and if you have read them then you will know that I don’t believe there is… Continue reading

Sending Reiki to the future

sending reiki distant healing to the future

Using distant healing creatively

I suppose that most people who send practise healing will send the energy to a friend or a family member, but the energy can be used more creatively too and, since Reiki doesn’t seem greatly constrained by either time or space, some people will send Reiki to their future.

So how might this be done?

Well, imagine that you have a public speaking engagement or a job interview, or a musical performance or an exam, any event where you could do with a bit of Reiki contentment sparkling over you. What you do is to imagine… Continue reading

Sending Reiki to the past


reiki distant healing the past

Getting creative with Reiki distant healing

I suppose that most people who send practise healing will send the energy to a friend or a family member, but the energy can be used more creatively too and, since Reiki doesn’t seem greatly constrained by either time or space, some people will send Reiki to ‘heal their past’.

They would do that by imagining a past situation or event which has had some ongoing effect on them in terms of what they believe about themselves, some event that has held them back in some way, preventing them from being the person… Continue reading

Scanning at a distance

reiki scanning teddy bear

Using props

In “How to send Reiki distant healing (Part IV)” I spoke about different ‘props’ that you can use when sending distant healing: sending Reiki into a teddy bear, or a pillow, or even into your upper leg.

All these props serve to represent the recipient’s body, helping you to focus your attention on the recipient and direct the energy into a particular part of their body at a distance. You are bolstering your intent by using the prop to make your intention ‘concrete’.

But in the same way that you are using the intermediate of the… Continue reading