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What if my horse doesn’t like Reiki? – by Sarah Berrisford

horse doesn't like reiki

When we picture sharing Reiki with our equine friends, we often imagine a perfect scenario. A beautiful, strong being standing next to us, both immersed in peaceful energy. But what happens when this picture doesn’t come into fruition? Many people are unsure of what to do when they think their horse may not want Reiki, so here is a quick guide to help.

When giving a horse Reiki I like to say “take as much or as little energy as you would like”. This is simply being polite; the horse will take as much energy as he needs. You can’t… Continue reading

Reiki Visualisation for Nervous Riders – by Sarah Berrisford

reiki for nervous horse rider

The importance of visualisation

Visualisation is an important tool, not only in horse riding but also in everyday life. Many people visualise circumstances that they don’t actually want to happen. Unfortunately when we visualise something that we do not desire we are more likely to make it happen. This is especially important when it comes to horse riding.

Horses often pick up on the pictures that we are portraying, so we do need to be careful what we are asking them to do, even when we’re not aware of it!

Firstly, if you find yourself visualising a situation which you… Continue reading

Reiki for Horse Riding: Increasing Confidence

I have recently received many enquiries from people asking if there are ways to increase their confidence whilst riding. Simple ways that they can use at home everyday.

sarah pancho bb

I’d like to share with you an extract from my book ‘Reiki in the Saddle’, the following exercise can be used by anyone – you don’t actually need to practice Reiki for this to work. It is also useful for improving other areas of our riding, so please do give it a try.

Riding with confidence is something a lot of people find hard. There are always situations that may challenge us,… Continue reading

New Book by Sarah Berrisford: “Reiki in the Saddle”

I am really pleased to announce that Sarah Berrisford has written an new book called “Reiki in the Saddle – using energy, visualisation and intent within our horsemanship” and for those of you who have already ordered Sarah’s “Handbook of Equine Reiki”, this new book is a perfect complement.


Here is some information about Sarah’s new book:


Sarah Berrisford describes how to include Reiki within your riding, with practical exercises categorised into riding disciplines. This book is aimed to help improve the connection, understanding and overall experience whilst riding, for both horse and rider. Issues which… Continue reading