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Can I Do Hatsurei if I Can’t Visualise?

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Hatsurei ho is one of the basic energy exercises found in Japanese-style Reiki, an extension or elaboration of the original two exercises that Usui Sensei has his students perform at First Degree: Kenyoku and Joshin Kokkyu ho. Part of what you do when you practise Hatsurei ho is to draw energy to your Tanden, which is an energy centre found two fingerbreadths below your tummy button and 1/3rd of the way into your body; it is the centre of your personal energetic universe, the place where your creativity and intuition lie.

Someone contacted me recently wanting to know whether… Continue reading

How Can Reiki Symbols Unlock Such Power?


The other day a Reiki person mentioned to me that when people use symbols in Reiki, it just seems ridiculous that they can unlock all this power, and she was a bit embarrassed by it all. It seemed to her to be a bit like “Open Sesame!” or “abracadabra”: just foolish and ridiculous that flailing your fingers in the air could create all this cosmic power.

And it does seem strange, doesn’t it? A bit like wizards and incantations and ancient, mysterious, closely-guarded, power-imbued sigils that initiates can use to control and direct natural forces, in our case for… Continue reading

Using Reiki for Dog Training – by Sarah Berrisford

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In my last blog – Reiki for Dogs – I spoke about a simple basic approach that you can use when working with Dogs using Reiki.

In this blog I wanted to talk about using Reiki when you are training your dog, since this is a topic that comes up frequently on my Animal Reiki Practitioner courses.

It’s all about Intent

One of the easiest ways to use Reiki with dog training is to use intent.

You can carry out this exercise in person or distantly.

  • Sit comfortably
  • Connect to Reiki
  • Feel the connection with your dog
  • Let Reiki flow… Continue reading

How to do a Reiki Self-Treatment (Part III)

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How were you taught to Self-Treat?

Most people who are taught Reiki will have been taught how to heal yourself using Reiki, a way of focusing the energy on yourself, for your own benefit, and the most common form of self-treatment is what I would refer to as a “Standard Western hands-on” self-treatment method. This is where you rest your hands in a series of positions covering the head and torso and maybe beyond, and let the energy flow out of your hands into your body.

It works well, though some of the positions can often be uncomfortable to… Continue reading

Reiki for Horse Riding: Increasing Confidence

I have recently received many enquiries from people asking if there are ways to increase their confidence whilst riding. Simple ways that they can use at home everyday.

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I’d like to share with you an extract from my book ‘Reiki in the Saddle’, the following exercise can be used by anyone – you don’t actually need to practice Reiki for this to work. It is also useful for improving other areas of our riding, so please do give it a try.

Riding with confidence is something a lot of people find hard. There are always situations that may challenge us,… Continue reading

The Right Time

A question often asked of me is: When is the right time? This relates to lots of aspects – When is the right time to start practising Reiki as a profession? When is the right time to meditate? When is the right time to start competing my horse? When is the right time to move on to the next chapter or level?

Unfortunately this is a question for the person asking, not the teacher. It is a question that you can ask as many times as you would like to – and usually the answer doesn’t appear in Big Red… Continue reading

Declutter your treatment rituals

declutter reiki treatment rituals

Time for a Reiki spring clean?

Reiki treatments are carried out in a lot of different ways and many rituals have been developed and passed on in different lineages.

Reiki has also been affected by the belief systems of people who are involved in other energy practices and it’s natural for Reiki teachings to become ‘coloured’ by a teacher’s personal quirks and idiosyncrasies too.

Trouble is, these practices end up turning into “this is the way that you have to do it” as they are passed on from teacher to student, teacher to new teacher, and that’s unfortunate since some… Continue reading

How to send Distant Healing (Part 4)

reiki distant healing using a prop

Using some sort of a prop for distant healing

Distant healing is a very important part of Reiki practice, of course, and is something that is not unique to Reiki. Distant healing (DH for short) is carried out in different Reiki lineages in different ways and there is no one ‘right’ way to perform this process.

How to do distance healing with Reiki

The important thing when carrying out DH is your underlying intent, and the details of the ritual that you use are unimportant.

What I would like to share with you today are some methods that use ‘props’… Continue reading

Intention in Reiki work

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It never fails to inspire me how this word *intention* can be so subtle, yet so powerful.

Apparently, in the non-physical realms, (for use of a better word), as we think , we are there, as we intend, it happens etc. etc………………

I have worked with the Universal energies for many years and I can still be absolutely amazed at how powerful our intentions can be.

It is us who make it complicated and complex.

At times sometimes we can feel very much on our own,  especially if you are like myself, and don’t experience any whistles and bells  with… Continue reading