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Can I Do Hatsurei if I Can’t Visualise?

reiki self treatment meditations


Hatsurei ho is one of the basic energy exercises found in Japanese-style Reiki, an extension or elaboration of the original two exercises that Usui Sensei has his students perform at First Degree: Kenyoku and Joshin Kokkyu ho. Part of what you do when you practise Hatsurei ho is to draw energy to your Tanden, which is an energy centre found two fingerbreadths below your tummy button and 1/3rd of the way into your body; it is the centre of your personal energetic universe, the place where your creativity and intuition lie.

Someone contacted me recently wanting to know whether… Continue reading

Reiki for Aggressive Dogs – by Sarah Berrisford

reiki for angry aggressive dogs

Bringing peace to the household

One of the great things about Reiki is that it works just as well from across a room as it does being hands on. This means that if you find yourself in a situation whereby an animal is showing aggressive tendencies, there is no need to put yourself in harm’s way.

Aggression in dogs can happen for many reasons and can be directed towards many things. Today I’ll be talking about one of the most common issues I have encountered – when dogs are at war in the household!

Of course, we can simply send… Continue reading

Energopsychograms for the Reiki kotodama

energopsychogram focus kotodama

So this is my fourth post on the subject of  energopsychograms, which started with What are energopsychograms.

I have talked about these special images and how they can be meditated upon to elicit a particular energy, just like meditating on a symbol or a sound can frame the energy in a particular way, or produce a particular Reiki frequency that you can experience in a distinctive way.

I have shared the images that represent the energies of CKR and SHK, and the state elicited when you use HSZSN.

In this post I wanted to share images that represent the… Continue reading

Energopsychogram for Heavenly ki

energopsychogram shk seiheki sei he ki

In my earlier post, What are energopsychograms, I talked about these special images and how they can be meditated upon to elicit a particular energy, just like meditating on a symbol or a sound can frame the energy in a particular way, or produce a particular Reiki frequency that you can experience in a distinctive way.

Energopsychogram meditations

To meditate on an energopsychogram, just sit calmly with the image in front of you. Stare at the image. let it wash over you, defocus your eyes.

Notice the quality of the energy that is being elicited within you. What is… Continue reading

What are Energopsychograms?

energopsychogram ckr cho ku rei chokurei

About 13 years ago I was working with a lovely man in Moldova, Benedict Caraush. I was teaching him the Original Japanese Reiki methods and taking him through a distance Reiki Master Teacher course, and he was practising Reiju empowerments on his group of Reiki Master Teacher students.

One of his students had a special ability, a way of representing in graphic form the essence of an energy or an initiation.

This is what Benedict said at that time:

One of this people have the ability to channeling the information on the paper like a drawing – energopsychograma. Some time… Continue reading

Reiki for Stress

reiki for stress relief

Can Reiki help with Stress?

In my last article I was talking about how Reiki can help with Anxiety and while stress and anxiety are often lumped together as if they were the same things, there is quite a difference between these two experiences in terms of what’s going on.

Where anxiety is a fear of an imagined future, where you feel frightened about things that are yet to happen and may not actually happen, with stress you are reflecting on how you believe you’re going to be able to cope with different tasks or events. Stress is all about… Continue reading

Reiki for Anxiety


reiki for anxiety, stress, treatment

Does Reiki work for Anxiety?

I think a lot of people come to Reiki wondering if it can help ease their anxiety, and I think that there is a general sense that Reiki can help you to become more calm and chilled. So is Reiki good for anxiety? Will it help you to let go of those worries?

Well in my experience, yes, Reiki does really work to help reduce anxiety and there are three ways that it does this, I think.

  1. Through mindfulness
  2. Through the use of the Reiki precepts
  3. Through meditating on and using the Reiki energy… Continue reading

Develop your Reiki Intuition (Part III)

reiji ho reiki intuition method

So, in previous posts I have walked you through some simple energy exercises that you can carry out every day to clear and cleanse and balance your energy system. I have also described some exercises that you can carry out on your own, and with a volunteer, to start merging with the energy, and merging with the recipient, opening you up to your intuition.

Here are the links that you need if you’d like to recap:

In this post I am going to describe a… Continue reading

Develop your Reiki Intuition (Part II)

reiki intuition compassion exercise

In my last post – Develop your Reiki intuition (Part I) – I described some simple exercises that you could carry out to build your Reiki and start to get yourself in the best state of mind for working intuitively and developing your intuitive side.

Now we’re going to start practising intuitive working with someone else, not just on your own, so you’ll need to find some willing volunteers to practise on.

Do this exercise for about five minutes or so for each person you practise on. It doesn’t take very long.

Practise on as many people as you can.… Continue reading

Develop your Reiki Intuition (Part I)

reiki intuition exercise state

Start by getting the energy flowing

The Reiki attunements give everyone a baseline ability, so you all start off on the same footing.

However, how effective or how ‘clear’ a channel you are depends on what you do with the energy. It is important to get regular practice, and a good way of getting into a beneficial routine is to spend some time each day carrying out some energy exercises used in Japanese Reiki.

Mikao Usui taught a couple simple Reiki energy exercises to his students when they first started their training with him. The exercises cleanse and purify, start… Continue reading

Simple Reiki energy exercises get the energy flowing

reiki energy exercises kenyoku joshin kokkyu ho

In this post I’d like to share a couple of simple Reiki energy exercises that you can use to clear and cleanse, and balance your energy system. These exercises come from Original Japanese Reiki, were taught by Mikao Usui, and can be used every day.

They would be a lovely way to start your day, in fact.

The exercises are referred to as kenyoku, which means “dry bathing” and joshin kokkyu ho, which means something like “soul cleansing breathing method”. You carry out the exercises in order, starting with a quick kenyoku and then moving on to a… Continue reading

Let’s Explore some non Reiki symbols

reiki symbol meditation experiment

Where we are now

In my article Some heresy about Reiki symbols I explained that you do not need to be ‘attuned’ to a symbol for that symbol to work for you when you’re channelling the energy, and that any symbol – wherever it came from – will frame and focus the Reiki energy in a distinctive way.

I set you the exercise of meditating on a simple circle, putting the symbol up in the air above you and drawing Reiki down from that symbol, to flood over you and through you.

You were meditating on and experiencing “O” flavour… Continue reading