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Do You Have to Believe in Reiki for it to Work?


An issue that has come up a few times is whether you need to believe in Reiki for it work for you: whether you need to have ‘faith’ before you’ll experienc positive changes through either learning Reiki or having a series of Reiki treatments.

In this blog I’d just like to explore this issue a little.

Reiki is not faith healing

The word faith is often used to describe a person’s belief in a particular religion, where an adherent has faith in a deity or deities. So the first thing to say is that Reiki is not allied to… Continue reading

Why Don’t I Feel So Much When I Self-Treat?

reiki for stress relief


Something that a few Reiki people have mentioned to me is that they never seem to feel too much happening when they are self-treating, certainly not compared to the stronger sensations that they might experience when treating other people. They might feel something happening in their hands when they use a hands-on self-treatment method, but it’s all a bit gentle and unremarkable. So what is going on here? Are Reiki self-treatments weak and ineffective, a thin and weedy version of the powerhouse of treating someone else, or is there something else happening here?

Here’s my take on this…

You… Continue reading

What Does It All Mean?


When we treat someone, and when we receive a Reiki treatment, for that matter, we are going to notice different things. There will be physical sensations, maybe images or colours, there may be emotions or states of mind that arise while we treat or receive a treatment.

And it’s natural to wonder what all these sensations mean. Why do I have that sensation? Why am I seeing that colour? What does this change in sensation mean? Should I be worried about that feeling I’m getting?

If only there was some guidebook that I could go to, look down a… Continue reading

Experiencing Disturbing Things


I think that most Reiki people will know about the main sensations or experiences that you can have when treating someone. If we were going to describe the ‘standard’ sensations then we’d be talking about heat in your hands, or fizzing, tingling and buzzing, maybe pulsing or throbbing, heaviness, a ‘magnetic’ sensation… or perhaps coolness, or a feeling of ‘insects’ crawling over your skin, or perhaps pinpricks.

And in terms of colours, we’d be experiencing bright lights, usually white, lilac and violet, or rainbow light-shows, or a particular colour predominating for a while or for the whole treatment.

But… Continue reading

I Can’t Feel Anything Happening


It’s just not working for me

When you go on a Reiki course and start to practise Reiki, you have a lot of expectations. There are all these sensations that you’ve heard about, that other people, or some other people, experience, and you’re not sure whether you’re feeling them, or notiicing them, or noticing them enough or often enough or strongly enough.

You can doubt yourself and think that although, yes, I know that “Reiki works for everyone”… maybe it actually isn’t working for me.

What should I be feeling?

Is what I’m feeling the right thing?

Am I… Continue reading

Which Bits Of Me Need Treating?

reiki self treatment meditations


Most people in the world of Reiki tend to self-treat in a ‘standard’ fashion, either resting their hands on themselves in a set sequence of positions or, if they are following Mikao Usui’s original practices, carrying out a self-treatment meditation where they focus their attention on a number of specific locations, and allow the energy to flow.

But someone asked me the other day, “how do I know which bits of me I need to treat” so I thought I would put together a reply that may be helpful in some way, because there are few different ways that… Continue reading

Reiki is not all fluffy bunnies

reiki is a powerful system

When Reiki shifts up a gear

We know what Reiki tends to do for people, don’t we? People end up chilled, calm, serene, content, better able to cope, more positive.

Reiki brings balance, perspective, and if you add in a regular focus on the Reiki precepts, and the practise of mindfulness, then you have a really powerful system for positive change.

But it’s not all happy bunnies and smiles: Reiki can produce powerful effects and elicit powerful shifts in a person.

When someone comes for a Reiki treatment, they will usually have a wonderful experience. They will feel more relaxed… Continue reading

Develop your Reiki Intuition (Part IV)

reiji ho reiki intuitive technique learn

So, in previous posts I have talked about simple energy exercises that you can carry out every day to clear and cleanse and balance your energy system. I have run through exercises that you can carry out on your own and with a volunteer to start merging with the energy, to help to open you up to your intuition.

We then moved on to practise a Japanese intuitive technique called “Reiji ho” where you allowed your hands to drift with the energy to the right places to treat, different for each person that you work on, based on their individual… Continue reading

A simple way with Reiki symbols

simple reiki symbol method

Why so complicated?

In the West we like to make things complicated, and the way that most of us now use symbols is a world away from the simple approach that Usui used.

So how can we work with symbols in a way that echoes more the way that Usui taught his students?

Well firstly, Usui taught symbols to a very small number of people, just in the last few years of his life. The vast majority of his students were taught in a very different way.

Most of his students were given meditations to use so that they could,… Continue reading

How long should I spend in each hand position?

timing of reiki hand positions

Treat like clockwork?

In some Reiki lineages, students are taught to spend a set amount of time treating each hand position, no matter who they are working on, and some practitioners use audio CDs with little ‘bells’ that sound out every three minutes, say.

But isn’t this a bit mechanical, and everyone’s different, so why would we give essentially the same treatment to everyone that we work on?

Altering your treatments to suit the client

The energy needs of each person that we work on will be different, so it’s reasonable to expect each Reiki treatment that we give to… Continue reading

What Reiki hand positions should I use?

reiki hand positions

Are there hand positions that you should always use?

In some Reiki lineages, students are taught ‘the’ hand positions that they need to use, ‘the’ twelve hand positions, as if it were set in stone.

But do Reiki treatments really need to follow a set format, no matter what the energy needs of the client? Does every client have to be treated in exactly the same way?

I believe that having a set of hand positions to follow when you are starting out on your Reiki journey is very useful: you have some basic instructions to follow, you don’t need… Continue reading

Reiki Sensations

In this article I would like to talk about the sort of things that students might feel – or not feel – when receiving attunements or empowerments, when working with energy and when treating or being treated, and the significance of these sensations. The article is particular addressed to people who have just taken a First Degree course or who are only just starting on their journey with Reiki, though it should be of interest to people at all Reiki levels.

Attunements or empowerments

(Please note that, to avoid unnecessary repetition, I am going to use the word ‘empowerment’ to… Continue reading