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Reiki Evolution 2012 National Gathering: photo montage


I’ve just put together this video montage so you can all see what we got up to at the 2012 National Gathering in London last weekend.

If you’d like to attend next year’s gathering (November 9th 2013) we are doing a special deal at the moment where, if you order your ticket in October 2012 you’ll receive a £7.00 discount on the ticket price. You can reserve your ticket now by visiting this page: Reiki Events

Reiki Evolution National Gathering 2011

Taggart KingHi Guys,

Well, that was an amazing day! On saturday October 29th we held the first ever Reiki Evolution National Gathering at Regent’s College in Central London. 80 Reiki Evolution students came together for a day of learning, fun, friendship and energy work, some coming from as far as France, Spain and even New Zealand! It was a real honour for me to spend time with such a lovely group of Reiki people and the day all seemed to end far too quickly: I could have camped there all weekend!
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Music for Reiki – to share

I would love to share this beautiful piece of music that can not be bought or sold only given.  I have attached the web site where this music can be found and a short video with a sample of the music.  A very profound piece of music to use for Reiki treatments.  Musical Rapture Given with love.


This is the offical web site of this beautiful music, please copy and paste into your browser:

Brightest blessings


Linda Vickers is one of Taggart’s Reiki Evolution team of teachers, based in Tyne & Wear.  She is also a therapist, practising from her home at Hetton le Hole in Dragonfly Hut in the beautiful garden.  Her Reiki courses are also held in a special room in her home where she also teaches other workshops.  Her therapies include reflexology, Indian head massage, crystal healing, hopi ear candles and meditation.  She also holds a monthly Reiki Share and various open days.

Video: Reiki Precepts in Japanese


One of my team of Reiki Teachers, Kay Gillard, recently put together this short video sequence to teach the Reiki precepts in Japanese. Kay said:

“I love to chant the Reiki precepts in Japanese when I am sitting in gassho – Usui would like us to do this every morning and evening as part of our practice… do gassho every morning and evening, keep in your mind and recite… Continue reading Video: Reiki Precepts in Japanese