Cathy Birkinhead

Leads a “QiGong Adventure” session at the 2024 Virtual Reiki Evolution National Gathering on 15th September

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Catherine has been a Reiki Evolution teacher since 2011 specialising in offering Reiki Drum courses in person from her local venue of Bellows Mill on the borders of Bucks and Beds. 

She teaches Reiki courses, facilitates retreat days & workshops. She also created the Reiki Drum online home study course in 2012 and continues to offer this multimedia training course for participants all over the world. 

Alongside her Reiki business she has an established Tai Chi school based in the Chilterns area of Bucks & Herts. She achieved European and British Tai Chi Champion in 2016 and with 24 years experience, teaches all aspects of this ancient Chinese martial art including Hand Forms, Pushing Hands, Self defence, Tai Chi weapons, Nei Kung internal strength training & Qi Gong Chinese health exercises!

The latter is what Catherine will be offering participants for the national Reiki gathering this year! 

About Cathy’s presentation:

“Qi” means air, breath or life force and “Gong” means work, so “Qi Gong” means “working with ones life force”

 Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) is thousands of years old! It’s an internal Chinese meditative practice using slow graceful movements & controlled breathing techniques for relaxation, health & wellness for body and mind. Gentle exercise that incorporates mind, breath and body helps to cultivate & promote the circulation of Qi or energy within the human body promoting overall health and well being. It has roots in Taoism as well as being strongly connected with CTM (Chinese Traditional Medicine). There are many different forms of Qi Gong, some with no movement at all, some with gentle movements and some with dynamic twisting and stretching movements. There are more than 10.000 styles practiced by 200 million people all over the world. 


50 minutes of various exercises that help with relaxation but also invigorating & energising for body and mind.

 Activities include: 

Opening “the 5 gates” with posture, body alignment & looseningjoints

Five element meditation postures-  standing meditation (can be done seated) with opportunity to use the Inner smile meditation while in the postures for the major organs & along with the corresponding healing sounds. 

Qi Gong Chinese health exercises

These are routines or set exercises. You repeat each movement at least 6 or 8 times.

The movements are slow and flowing with the breath leading the body, creating the experience of meditation in movement.

Below are names of different set exercise routines and participants will do a 20 minute taster session, experiencing a few exercises of each.

Ba Duan Jin ( 8 pieces of silk brocade) 

Shi Bashi (18 Qi Gong set)

Yi Jin Jing (muscle tendon changing exercises) 

Meridian pressure pointsseated activity, key pointsrelating to major organs & emotions will be located on the body for self massage.

Dry Bathing for the whole body to stimulate blood flow but also with focus on the lymphatic system for strong immunity. 

Tai Chi in the Chilterns” and “Reiki in the Chilterns

Catherine runs “Tai Chi in the Chilterns” and “Reiki in the Chilterns” from her base in the borders of Bucks, Beds and Herts.

Weekly Online zoom classes covering Qi Gong & Tai Chi Hand Form

Weekly Tai Chi classes in Berkhamsted Herts, Cheddington & Coleshill Amersham, Bucks.  

Periodically offering specialised workshops in Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi weapon forms/applications & Fan Form. 

Reiki related specialised courses:

Reiki Drum Practitioner course:  a 2 day course at the beautiful Bellows Mill venue, Eaton Bray, Beds.  Click here.

Alternatively, Reiki Drum training is also available online as a home study course: Click here.

Retreat Days offered periodically at Bellows Mill, a 13th century water mill with private lake, woodland and grounds. Activities include meditations, sound healing, Qi Gong & drum journeying to name a few.

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