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Cornwall Reiki Testimonials: Laetitia Latham-Jones

laetitia latham jones teaches reiki in penzance cornwallAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Laetitia Latham-Jones’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Penzance, Cornwall.


“Thanks for the Reiki 1st degree course, the pace of the day worked really well for me with a perfect combination of theory and practice. Gaining an understanding of the philosophy and history of Reiki has made me feel more committed to practicing the self-healing and meditations.

I felt empowered by the emphasis on discipline and regular practice over any kind of “divine gift”. I believe it will be of huge benefit to me personally and hopefully to others when i am unleashed on them! Most of all, i enjoyed the humour which was unexpected and raised the energy considerably for me.”


“I knew nothing of Reiki, the 1st degree manual and CD’s which were sent, were crystal clear and a work of beauty…..But wait, our day with Laetitia gave us the most gentle but powerful empowerments. We felt profoundly connected to a source so much greater than ourselves, for the good of all. There is something very special here. It was bliss and this will stay with us each time we connect. Thank you. Isobel is benefiting from the Reiki. I’ve just got a headache but I’m sure something is lifting out?
Your course was excellent.”


“I completed my Reiki 1 and 2 many years ago and have been practicing as a healer ever since. When I discovered that Laetitia was providing a Reiki Master Teacher course I was overjoyed and have found Laetitia’s teaching methods to be extremely thorough and informative.

The attunements I received from Laetitia were really powerful and beautiful, it was an awesome weekend. I feel I now completely understand the attunements and all of the Master symbols and I have been practicing on a daily basis. I was given excellent after care advice and since the course I have had several empowerments from my own personal guides.

Thank you Laetitia, you are a wonderful teacher x”


“This year is a very special year and October – a special month! Samhain and All Hallows Dark Gathering at Boscastle – and a great opportunity to see Cassandra and Laetitia for our annual photo! :).

After previously completing Reiki 2nd degree with Laetitia, I felt energy changes that I wasn’t expecting and that were also most welcome. I was very much looking forward to booking in with Laetitia for Reiki Master/Teacher course – and many months after – indeed I did!

I traveled a long way – spiritually and physically to be there. It was a wonderful magical coincidence that Michelle was training with me – this helped my development. The setting is wonderful – a wise women’s cottage in the village with Cassandra present with us and of course Clutterbuck the cat.

Laetitia is a wonderful teacher and went through everything thoroughly. I loved learning the attunements. I feel confident and happy and am looking forward to this – no doubt challenging, journey. I’m very glad I connected with her and it was especially wonderful because of Samhain.

I recommend that you work with Laeitita not only with Reiki – but the work that both her and Cassandra do in the form of readings and workshops. Always an important marking in my spiritual development.”


“I took Reiki Shoden 8yrs ago with Laetitia and my original manual though well thumbed is still in use. When I recieved the manual for Reiki 2 I was so excited and as with the first the course material is easy to read and follow and it has  a wealth of information written in a style that is really easy to follow and explained very well.

The live course was wonderful, Laetitia is an amazing teacher and a truly beautiful person. I was lucky enough on both courses to have her all to myself and we chatted about all sorts of things during the course. I was left feeling really excited for the different ways I can use Reiki in my everyday life and with the confidence to try out all these new ideas. Like all the best teachers Laetitia has a gift for inspiring others and giving them confidence. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn with her.”

Vanessa King, Cornwall, October 2020

“I really enjoyed the live course and the range of different course materials was really useful to help with absorbing the necessary information.

My teacher, Laetitia, was a very interesting and knowledgeable lady, my fellow student and I both found it to be a really good weekend.”

Beverly Scott, Dorset, April 2022

“I absolutely loved my workshop/meeting. My Teacher is so amazing same the lady I was practicing Reiki with. It was such a good experience. Felt very comfortable. I learnt so much. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. There is nothing that need to be improved in my eyes, it was perfect :)”

Ewa Davidson, Cornwall, May 2022