Create a bespoke Reiki symbol for your client

bespoke reiki symbol treating clients

Create symbols tailor made for your clients

In my last Reiki article, Create your own bespoke Reiki symbols, I described a simple system that you can follow in order to create a Reiki symbol that provides you with an energy perfectly suited to just what you need in this moment.

And we know that using a symbol has the effect of focusing the Reiki energy like a laser beam, narrowing its focus and boosting its power.

So this would be a useful thing to be able to do for clients too, wouldn’t it, to give them a treatment that uses an energy ideally suited to just what they need in this moment?

Here is how to do that.

Asking some questions of your unconscious mind

Settle yourself at the head of the treatment table, say, and rest your hands on your client’s shoulders. I think it’s nice to start a treatment like this, getting the energy flowing, helping them to bliss out.

Imagine that you are merging with the energy and the recipient. Start to bliss out yourself!

With your attention focused on the recipient, say to yourself ask yourself:

  1. If the energy that this person needs in this moment had a shape, what shape would it be?
  2. If it had a colour, what colour would it be?
  3. If that energy was to be held in a particular part of their body, where would it be held?

Allow the answers to come to you; go with the first thing that comes into your mind.

So now you have, say, an attractive blue 3D spiral that needs to reside in their solar plexus (I have chosen this at random).

Flood your client with this energy

So now you know that the energy your client needs in this moment is best represented for you as a 3D blue spiral that wants to focus itself in their solar plexus.

Now you can start to use this energy and you can do that in two ways (or both).

With your hands still resting on their shoulders…

Imagine that shape in that colour, up in the air above you, representing the source of the energy. Imagine energy of that colour flooding down to you from the symbol above you, flowing through your shoulders, arms and hands, flowing into the client.

Have in mind that the energy is flowing into their solar plexus. Focus your attention there and imagine that the energy is dwelling there.

You could, of you like, imagine that the coloured symbol is actually passing into that location in their body, as that coloured energy continues to flow down to you from that symbol above you.

Or later on during the treatment…

When you get to the torso, rest your hands on or near their solar plexus, or hover your hands over that area, and follow the instructions above: draw down that colour energy from that symbol above you, which flows through your arms and hands, while focusing your attention on and treating the solar plexus.

No good at visualising? No problem

If you’re not so good at visualizing at the moment, focus not so much on the shape of the symbol, but the feel of it, the texture or density: feel the shape rather than seeing it; if you can’t see the colour very well, simply intend or ‘know’ that the shape and the energy has that particular hue.

In doing so, you and embodying the essence of that energy.

As a variation, you might draw the energy to your Tanden as you inhale, breathing the energy out of your hands into its chosen location on the out-breath; experiment and find out what works best for you.

Over to you

What I would like you to do is to go through those three questions when you work on a client or friend or family member, and when you have the answer, channel the energy that comes from that symbol/shape for about 10 minutes into the area of the body where the energy wants to go.

Post a message below to let me know what symbol/colour/location you came up with and how the energy felt, or what your client commented on afterwards. How did it affect them?

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3 thoughts on “Create a bespoke Reiki symbol for your client

  1. A really useful 3 step way to work with symbols, especially when the usual ones don’t seem to ‘fit’. I find that there is such a range of different energy from people (I liken it to different flavours of ice cream).

    I’m practising with Cosmic Ordering, and those 3 steps also fit quite well to formulate a request and bypass the mind’s usual stance of ridicule and disbelief. Thank you!

    1. Hi Elanie, I’m glad that was helpful. The “If…” question is a very good way of getting your conscious mind out of the way!

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