Develop your Reiki Intuition (Part I)

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Start by getting the energy flowing

The Reiki attunements give everyone a baseline ability, so you all start off on the same footing.

However, how effective or how ‘clear’ a channel you are depends on what you do with the energy. It is important to get regular practice, and a good way of getting into a beneficial routine is to spend some time each day carrying out some energy exercises used in Japanese Reiki.

Mikao Usui taught a couple simple Reiki energy exercises to his students when they first started their training with him. The exercises cleanse and purify, start to balance your energy system, and develop the strength of your Reiki channel. They will help to develop your sensitivity to the energy too.

I wrote about these energy exercises a few weeks ago, so click this link to practise Simple Reiki energy exercises.

Practising these energy exercises daily will put you in a very good position, energetically-speaking, to practise intuitive working.

Cultivate the right state of mind for Reiki intuition

Here is a solo exercise for you. You can do this by yourself anytime.

Do this exercise for ten minutes each day.

Make yourself comfortable and rest your hands in your lap. Close your eyes. Take a few long deep breaths.

Imagine energy flooding down to you from above, into your crown, and the energy flows down the centre of your body to your Dantien. Feel/imagine the energy building in your Dantien.

A continuous flood of energy keeps pouring through your crown into your Dantien, where it builds.

As the energy floods through you, feel yourself disappearing into the energy and merging with it, imagine yourself becoming one with the energy.

Just be there with the energy, allowing it to flow. No expectations. Just merge with the energy. This is the state that you will be cultivating as you progress through this course.

Over to you

Practise this simple exercise for a week or so.

How does it make you feel? What do you notice?

Post a message below to let me know.

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8 thoughts on “Develop your Reiki Intuition (Part I)

  1. I try and do some self-reiki work before I sleep but I am trying to build me feel and intuition for energy. So this is me on day 1 of trying this 10 minute activity. I only manage 8 minutes as someone banged a bin in the street which startled me.
    While doing the exercise though, I felt like my face was actually a couple of inches in front of my physical face. I later felt my head was sliding to the left and at a diagonal angle as if I had been decapitated. It did not feel bad though. I don’t know if this means I am just off balance, have more energy on one side than the other? Have bad posture in reality? (which I do).
    Does anyone else ever feel offcentre while doing energy work? What can I do to try to align more centrally or is it nothing to worry about?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, people can have a whole range of different and interesting experiences when working with energy and you can take tham as a someitmes helpful, sometimes puzzling, sideshow to the work that the energy is doing for you. I imagine that is you keep on working on yourself with the energy, regularly, doing things like kenyoku and Joshin Kokkyu ho, you might notice that the sensations become more balanced from one side to another.

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