Develop your Reiki Intuition (Part III)

reiji ho reiki intuition method

So, in previous posts I have walked you through some simple energy exercises that you can carry out every day to clear and cleanse and balance your energy system. I have also described some exercises that you can carry out on your own, and with a volunteer, to start merging with the energy, and merging with the recipient, opening you up to your intuition.

Here are the links that you need if you’d like to recap:

In this post I am going to describe a Japanese approach to working intuitively, called “Reiji ho”, which means something like “indication of the spirit technique”.

It’s a way of allowing the energy to guide your hands so they drift – rather like being pulled by invisible magnets – to the right place to treat for each person you work on.

How to practise Reiji ho

You will need a willing volunteer for these exercises. Do this exercise for about 10-15 minutes or so for each person you practise on. It doesn’t take very long.

Practise on as many people as you can.

The recipient sits in a straight-backed chair and you stand behind them or to one side of them.

Make yourself comfortable and bring your hands into the prayer position. Close your eyes. Take a few long deep breaths.

Imagine energy flooding down to you from above, into your crown, and the energy flows down the centre of your body to your Dantien. Feel/imagine the energy building in your Dantien.

A continuous flood of energy keeps pouring through your crown into your Dantien, where it builds.

As the energy floods through you, feel yourself disappearing into the energy and merging with it, imagine yourself becoming one with the energy. Just be there with the energy, allowing it to flow. No expectations. Just merge with the energy for a minute or so.

Now, in your mind, focus your attention on the recipient. Feel yourself merging with them, becoming one with them. Merge with them for a little while.

Please let me be guided…

Say silently to yourself “please let me be guided”… “please let my hands be guided” … “ show me where to treat”.

Move your hands so that they are hovering near the recipient’s head in a neutral, comfortable position. Your hands and arms are loose, there is no resistance; your hands will drift smoothly and easily.

Imagine the energy is flooding through you: into your crown, through your arms and out of your hands. Feel yourself disappearing into the energy, merging with the energy, becoming one with the energy… and allow your hands to drift.

There is no resistance; your hands will drift and glide smoothly and easily.

Allow your hands to drift

As you do this you may notice a gentle or subtle pull on your hands.

Allow them to drift until they come to rest. You may now have a feeling that your hands are in the ‘right’ place, and you may feel a lot of energy flowing through your hands. Allow the energy to flow for a minute.

Now bring your hands back to your ‘start’ position (whatever position that was) and repeat the process. You are practising allowing your hands to drift with the energy; you are not practising treating someone at the moment.

Keep on moving your hands back into the start position, and allow them to drift to where they want to go.

Some things to notice

  • Sometimes both hands will drift and come to a stop, and on other occasions only one hand will move.
  • Sometimes a hand will drift further away from the body, or move closer to the body. In the latter case do look to see where your hand is going!
  • Sometimes a hand will not come to rest, but will keep moving in an interesting ‘energy dance’. Just go with the flow and accept what happens as the right thing for the recipient on that occasion.

In practice, wherever your hands come to rest, you would rest your hands on the person to treat, obviously depending on the part of the body your hands are hovering over: some areas should be treated with the hands hovering above the body, not resting on the surface, for the sake of propriety.

Over to you

Practise the Reiji ho method with as many people as you can get your hands on, and see what you notice.

What happens? Where do your hands drift?

Remember that the key to success with this intuitive technique is to give up and stop trying: you can’t force this.

Post a message below to let me know how you got on.

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2 thoughts on “Develop your Reiki Intuition (Part III)

  1. I have been struggling with developing my Reiki, and with the idea of charging payment for it, so have been looking at new suggestions. I gave this a try with someone who is entirely sceptical about healing of any kind, although I tried not to let that influence me. Coincidently, the date you published this is their birthday! I felt nothing at all, and no guidance or movement in my hands. I’ll keep trying it though.

    1. Hi Faith, the more people you practise on using Reiki, the more likely you are to receive helpful feedback from the recipients. If you practise on just a couple of people, say, then they might just be people who tend not to feel much happening as the energy flows, whereas if you practise on a larger group then you are likely to come across more people who respond in the ‘usual’ way to receiving Reiki: feeling heat or intense warmth from your hands, feeling really, really relaxed etc.

      What a practitioner might feel as the energy flows can vary and some people seem more sensitive to the flow of energy than others. Most people find that with regular practice and repetition, their sensitivity to the energy develops, so a good prescription would be to carry out hatsurei ho and some sort of self-treatment most days, and to get your hands on other people when you can, whether that’s short blasts on someone’s head or knee, head/shoulders treatments, or full treatments.

      For intuitive working, the key is to make sure that you’re not trying too hard (becaus ethat can shut it down!) and to just relax into it, with no expectations, and just see what happens. You’re practising being neutral, mindful.

      On that subject, I have a collection of three meditations that help develop mindfulness, sensitivity to the energy, and intuition, and you can find those here:

      Hope that helps.

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