Developing Intuition

developing reiki intuition course tina shawA one day workshop with pre-read at home. Suitable for Reiki people at all levels.

Costs: £160, with a £40 deposit and £120 payable on the day of your course.

I believe that intuition is a natural part of being human. It is an aspect of human life that is massively neglected for numerous reasons. There is nothing that your intuition cannot help you with and like any skill it is simply a question of learning how to use it and then practising regularly.

The course aims to help you identify your unique way of being intuitive, if you’ve tried to follow a book, or someone else’s way of being intuitive you may have been disappointed, but you don’t have to be, you just haven’t discovered your own way… yet. Our intuition comes from our unconscious mind which filters information from the world around us in different ways. Understanding these filters is one of a few steps that will help you communicate more effectively with your unconscious, your intuition.

You will probably of heard many people speak of our intuitive voice, well what voice are they talking about, because we have many and the course will help you recognise your intuitive self, whether it is through its voice, imagery or a sense or feeling. Through greater understanding of how your intuition works you will gain everything you need to develop this skill for use in any and every area of your life.

The course will use numerous techniques to help you begin your development and get to know your intuition including guided meditation, creativity and to create a simple code system for ease of communication between the unconscious (intuitive) mind and the conscious (rational) mind.

The course includes a comprehensive manual, intuition journal and after completion all students receive a download of any guided meditations used.

Developing Reiki Intuition: Course Schedule:

  • Brief overview of “Many Selves” concept and how this can help us identify our intuitive self
  • Explanation of the uses for guided or journeying meditations
  • Understanding methods of communication
  • Meet Your Intuitive Self – Guided Meditation
  • Receive a message from your intuitive self
  • Feedback


Using simple techniques to:

  • Learn how to work with your intuitive self
  • Exploring your unique way of working
  • Developing a relationship with your intuitive self


  • Introduce Creativity and Intuition – The Concept
  • Students create their intuitive art
  • In pairs students provide intuitive information to a partner using the art
  • Get Feedback & Swap
  • Repeat with a different partner


  • Students carry out a 25 minute intuitive treatment on a partner
  • Get Feedback & Swap
  • Course Summary & Paperwork


Dates available in 2014

  • TBA

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