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Devon Reiki Testimonials: Lucie Emmett

devon reiki courseAt Reiki Evolution we routinely ask our students to let us have their feedback about the training and support that they receive. We have set ourselves high standards and want to make sure that our students are happy with their training, and soliciting feedback is a good way of making sure that we are on track.

Below you can read testimonials from people who have attended Lucie Emmett’s Reiki Evolution Reiki training courses in Exeter, Devon.



“I thoroughly enjoyed my day’s training course in Exeter – Lucie made everybody feel ‘at home’ and welcome, and the course content was interesting. The manual etc was extremely helpful beforehand, and I am using the second disc still for Hatsurei.

The course did meet my expectations, and I have booked the Second degree course in July.”

Julie Perkins, Devon, April 2012

”I’ve recently finished the 1st degree Reiki at the Exeter venue. Before I attended the course, I had a good grounding via the manual and cd’s, which I found to be written in an easy to understand manner. On my arrival, Lucie, the teacher, made me and the 3 other students attending, very welcome and put us at ease straight away.

I learnt such a lot doing my 1st degree that I can’t wait to do my 2nd degree which I’ve booked already. To me, it’s a case of the more I know the more I want to know. I also received a superb certificate yesterday, thank you Taggart.”

Viki Bond, Cornwall, July 2012

“I did my 2nd degree Reiki on Saturday the 29th of September with Lucie in Exeter. I had a super time as Lucie is very enthusiastic about Reiki and she made it fun. I can’t wait until next year when I do my Masters with her.”

Viki Bond, Cornwall, October 2012

“I found the course brilliant, Lucie is a calm and inspiring teacher and being in a small group (there were 4 of us) meant it was easy to get to know the other attendees and not to feel self conscious or intimidated.

The course materials were well written and easy to use and understand – plus encouraging to read in fact sometimes quite hard to put down! Having the CD with the meditations meant it helped to follow the meditation accurately, which really paid off on the course.

Although, having had reiki treatments in the past the feeling of actually being able to feel the energy and do reiki myself was unbelievable – as Lucie commented on my facial expression at the time!

Have already recommended to several friends to take this course, and will be looking to do my level 2 myself. In fact my own 11 year old son is hoping to be able to learn reiki himself.

The location was spot on, easy to find and a very nurturing building situated in the Cathedral grounds.

A real 10/10 – my cat has now become a reiki convert head butting in for his share whenever I am doing any reiki on my friends/family Smile.”

Jane Turnbull, Devon, September 2013

“I have so enjoyed the Reiki Second Degree course. I couldn’t wait to get started once my pack arrived. I found the information letters and manual very easy to follow. It was lovely to be able to read the manual and listen to the CD tracks in my own time, and get to grips with the different points, before moving on to the next step. Working with the different energies and getting to understand how they feel before going on the live course day was, I think, most beneficial, being prepared before the day. The day itself was lovely. There were 3 students and our lovely teacher Lucie. A small group, but we were able to exchange opinions, ideas and feelings about Reiki and then to give and receive treatments from each other. This not only benefited us, but gave us the understanding of how it feels to receive, using the different symbols and intuition, so we know what we are doing when we give a treatment.

After taking the Reiki One degree, I personally felt very excited and a bit hyper with a few other things thrown in, but with Reiki Second degree, I feel a great sense of peace and calm, the excitement is there, but bubbling away in the background. I’m not quite sure where this is taking me, it is a very personal journey and has already opened a few doors of exploration. I am going to take my time now and see where it leads, One thing I am certain of is that Reiki can only benefit me, my family and the world we live in.

Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to make Reiki Evolution what it is today, available to us novices to learn in this simple and beautiful form of healing.”

Maggie Downing-Gaines, Somerset, February 2014

“Thank you both so very much for helping me on my Reiki journey. I know I am still travelling and it is such a comfort and privilege to be part of this beautiful Reiki family. I am still coming back to earth after this weekend and will take a little time to assimilate all this wonderful knowledge, energy and responsibility. I would just like to add that the course prospectus is incredible, and to be able to study with the manuals, CD ‘s and Video prior to the live two days is perfect and so helpful, how any person could take this step without it is beyond me, I would have been floundering. So a heartfelt  thank you to both of you.”

Maggie Downing-Gaines, Somerset, March 2015

“Dear Lucie and Taggart, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both.

Your Reiki Evolution training and the materials linked to it are so good, very pure and uncluttered compared to others I have come across.I did Reiki 1 locally 5 years ago and it was fine and I used it off and on and got quite a lot of positive results and benefits from it myself and also for others .It felt lie an electric current or internal vibration. However the training I had seemed to have a few rules and rituals attached.

Since redoing my Reiki 1 with Lucie recently, I have really felt the healing energy more clearly and am doing the self healing plus sending Reiki every morning, it feels very good, very clear and free. I know that others have picked up on it and I have done some treatments on friends which have felt good to receive they say. The channels seem to be open. So thank you for sharing this with me.

Lucie is a great teacher, very approachable and accessible.

I have been on my own path since the 1970’s and have a Spiritual Master (Meher Baba) but there is no conflict between His teaching and Reiki. I am also drawn to Buddhist practice and love to go on retreats. Recently, I have been reading ‘the Japanese art of Reiki’ which I like a lot. There is no conflict between Reiki and other belief systems, of course they go together well.

Thank you again. Your course materials are extremely good, comprehensive and clear.”

Jan Coutu, March 2015
“I recently attended a Reiki 2 course with Evolution in Exeter. The course materials I received before the day were excellent and gave concise and clear instructions as to the preparation that needed to be done before the live day course.
 Lucie was an excellent trainer.  She was  very friendly and made everyone feel  relaxed and  comfortable.  She explained things very clearly and answered any questions that were asked. Lucie is obviously very passionate about her Reiki lifestyle.
I am very interested in progressing my Reiki journey.  I hope to book with Evolution, and Lucie sometime next year.”

Liz Mounsey, Cornwall. October 2015

“Reiki is wonderful. Attending the Reiki first degree has been a lovely experience for me; it was a good day. The support for the course is very well structured, it is very helpful. I think it is all that we need to start our First Reiki Degree.”
Gabriela Nagy, Devon, January 2019



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