Reiki Distant healing, Oneness and Usui’s system

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Distant healing in Usui’s time

Distant healing is an essential part of Reiki in the West. People on Second Degree courses are taught the ‘distant healing’ symbol and they learn how to ‘send’ Reiki to other people, in a way that transcends time and space.

But how was this done in Mikao Usui’s time?

Well, it seems that distant healing was not practised by Usui Sensei’s students, not in the way that we understand it, though they would have realised that such a thing was possible. And although we in the West are taught a ‘distant healing symbol’, these Reiki symbols were only introduced towards the end of Usui’s life, for the benefit of the Imperial Officers who trained with him, and thus most of the people Usui trained were not give symbols to use.

Most of his students used either Buddhist-style meditations or chanted Shinto mantras called ‘kotodama’ to get to grips with certain energies and states, and the work that they were doing was all about their own spiritual development and self-healing; treating others was not focused on or emphasised in the original system for example, and neither was distant healing.

So if the original students weren’t given HSZSN (the ‘distant healing symbol’) to use, and if they didn’t practise distant healing, what did they do that ties in with the idea of distant healing?

Reiki and Oneness

It’s all about Oneness, and this is a Buddhist idea: the concept that what we experience as reality is actually illusion, the idea that we are individuals, separate and distinct from other people is illusion, and that the true reality is that of oneness.

In Usui Sensei’s original system, some Second Degree practitioners who had worked for up to 18 months with the energies of earth ki and heavenly ki were given the opportunity to meditate on and chant kotodama that elicited a state of oneness, one of the goals of the original system.

For me, practising distant healing is a good way to experience a state of oneness because in distant healing you are becoming one with the recipient, you merge with them and the energy and you lose that distinction between the sender and receiver, subject and object.

It’s interesting that when we ‘send’ distant healing we are not sending and the receiver isn’t receiving: the idea is that there is no us and there is no them, and that’s why it’s possible.

A lovely conundrum!

Over to you

When you practise distant healing, what do you notice about the state that you experience?

Do you find that you’re in a space where you seem to transcend time and space?

What is your experience of oneness?

Post a message below to let me know what it feels like for you.

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11 thoughts on “Reiki Distant healing, Oneness and Usui’s system

  1. Can you explain please how you do that ‘merging’? Do you have to picture the person as if they were in front of you? How do you do that please with just a name to work with?

    1. Alison, hi. I’m new to reiki so not an expert by any means but I “merge” by imagining that person is shrouded in my energy/light. Even if that’s just a name. I visualise it, think only of that and put me and it into a big bubble of energy. Hope that helps ?

    2. The best way to feel like you are merging with a recipient, Alison, would be to use whatever method feels most comfortable for you. There is not set way to acheve this. Yes, using an image can work well, or a direct ‘knowing’ in some way that merging is happening. If you don’t know what they look like, just use a ‘blank’ human shape, if you like, and know/intend that a particular person is the recipient. Hope that helps.

  2. For me the experience of distant, or any other Reiki work, comes from an understanding that we are Reiki and everything else is also Reiki. We are all expressions of universal energy because matter has been scientifically shown to be illusory, and we are therefore able to use intention and focus to work with all available energy. I see the symbols as being a shorthand message to our consciousness to access the appropriate state of being which communicates. Symbols and mantras are obviously not the only way this can be done, but are very helpful, not least in helping us to learn what accessing the useful state of being feels like. A symbol/mantra also gives us confidence that we have tools to work with, especially when we start to work this way.

    1. Thank you Linden, I needed to read that today. It is a difficult concept to keep on board. Intellectually I can just about get my head around it, but day to day life takes over at the drop of a hat, and then that concept just vanishes for days or weeks at a time. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOL. 😉

  3. Thanks a lot everyone..Sorry so long to find your replies, I lost the blog. 🙄 .Most helpful.

  4. When i first was taught second degree I immediately sent my mother healing (to arrive a week later). I was struck by how I entered a vast deep space – similar to what an astronaut must feel if untethered to their craft – there were no boundaries and I wasn’t aware of the room i was in. A bit freaky for the first time practicing, and now years later i dont get that same awakened experience. My mother did feel the energy the following week but couldn’t comprehend how i sent it earlier – I suppose i was showing off at the time.

    1. I remember the first time I listened to a Sony Walkman portable cassette player: the stereo was incredible, unforgettable. And then you buy one and start listening to music and that “oh good grief that’s incredible” goes away and it becomes just ‘normal’. I think this can happen with many experiences. Well done for doing so well with your distant healing right from the start! 🙂

  5. I always sit in my Kitchen at the table. With a wee bear representing the recipient of Distant Healing. I’m aware I’m in my Kitchen but equally I’m aware there’s an energy shift and it’s not quite my kitchen anymore which never ceases to amaze me .

  6. Hello Taggart! Distant Reiki is what I do all the time as I am far from all family and friends over here in Dubai. Sitting comfortably and simply thinking of the person, event, past, future, through the TV, through the computer, phone, iPad, what ever – across time and space or right here at home. There is oneness and comfort experienced as well as deep peace and contentedness. it is a joy.
    Thank you for all you taught me and are continuing to teach me.
    Distant Reiki to you and your family too.

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