Ditch anxiety with Nentatsu ho meditations

Nentatsu ho and Seiheki Chiryo ho are names given to treatment techniques that have come not from original Japanese Reiki but from later Japanese Reiki, as practised by the Imperial Officers and passed on in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Usui Memorial Society).

The two techniques are variations on a theme and involve using Reiki as a ‘carrier’ to convey affirmations or thoughts into you, or a client, to ‘treat’ bad habits and addictions or to modify thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Seiheki Chiryo means ‘habit treatment technique’ and Nentatsu Ho means ‘send a thought technique’.

So there is an established tradition of using Reiki to enhance the effect of affirmations or to boost the power of suggestions to alter people’s habits or to introduce or alter emotions or enhance habits, thoughts, responses or behaviour.

And that’s interesting because in the West has developed completely separately the use of spoken suggestions to help alter people’s behaviour, emotions, responses, beliefs and motivation. I am thinking of hypnotherapy and the use of Ericksonian suggestion patterns which are such a powerful way to help people to change things for the better.

Now, you may know that I trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist with the Quest Institute at Regent’s University and I have used my knowledge and experience of creating hypnotic suggestion patterns to create a series of Nentatsu Ho Meditations that combine the gentle power of Reiki with the potency of Ericksonian hypnosis.

So I have for you here a collection of unique Nentatsu Ho Guided Meditations, which I have tested extensively on a large group of Reiki volunteers they work fantastically well.

So I have three collections of meditations of you:

  • Weight loss
  • Ditching anxiety
  • Building confidence

On this page you can access the ditching anxiety meditation, and read testimonials from Reiki people who have used the anxiety MP3 for 28 days.


“The anxiety download is going very well, I have had very positive results from it and it has already made a difference in my life to the point other people have noticed and have commented that I seem calmer and happier.

“From my point of view the download has helped me take control of my anxiety and although I can’t say it’s completely gone it is different. It doesn’t prevent me doing things and it keeps my thoughts and worries in perspective. I might feel a little unease when for example I have to go out but it no longer stops me. I feel a bit braver than I did which is huge to me.

“With regards to other areas of my life I hadn’t given it much thought till I read your email but when I think about it I’m not comfort eating like I used to and I have a little more confidence, for example, usually my husband drives my son to and from his friends because I just couldn’t but the other day I did it myself which was brilliant so It is definitely helping.

“I am going to continue to use it as my life is so much improved with it. Thank you for such a wonderful meditation.”


“I have been listening to the anxiety download and it is really helping. I am more focused, have a better perspective and not feeling as stressed as I was. I will shift onto another download soon, I am just enjoying the anxiety download so much I am sticking with it for a while longer.”


At the end of September I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was really stressed out and felt I had no control. I couldn’t concentrate on anything or sleep as I just kept thinking about it. I knew I had to get control of my feelings and started researching meditation techniques.

“While investigating these your latest update dropped into my inbox. I couldn’t believe my luck, you were launching just what I needed. Having used your Reiki CDs I knew I could trust what I was purchasing.

“It has helped me greatly. I now feel I have more control. I am not afraid to challenge the medical profession and ask for answers. This type of diabetes can be controlled and even reversed. It will take diet changes, weightloss and a lot of willpower.

Your meditation helps me when I start doubting myself. It helps me re-focus and believe in myself. I started by really concentrating closely on what you were saying but now I zone out more and l listen to your very soothing voice all the time knowing that my subconscious is listening to the content.

“I meditate with it when I need to which can be more than once a day. It has had a positive effect on how I cope and I wouldn’t be without it.”


“I have found the download to be excellent. I had been suffering from burn out and wasn’t looking after my spiritual health very well and not being able to motivate myself. I have now joined the gym, got a personal trainer, exercise 5 days out of 7 and lost half a stone. Everyone has noticed and commented on my change in attitude and persona recently. I feel much more energetic and upbeat. I have now passed it to my son who also suffers with anxiety. I am very grateful and find all your meditations very useful and really lovely to listen to. Thanks so much!”


Ditch Anxiety

A perfectly-crafted 19-minute guided meditation using the power of Reiki, and gentle suggestions, to help you leave behind anxious thoughts and worries.

Price: £19.99

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