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Ditch the Dogma in Reiki Distant Healing

reiki distant healing ditch dogma

Find your own distant healing method

Distant healing is carried out in a huge number of ways in different lineages. There is endless variety.

Some methods are more complex than others, and some approaches are more dogmatic than others.

Some students are taught that if they do not carry out distant healing in a particular way then it will not work for them. This is unhelpful and Reiki is certainly not constrained by the details of man-made rituals.

So what do we need for distant healing to succeed?

What does distant healing boil down to?

What are the essential steps?

Well, there are no hard and fast rules associated with distant healing, other than:

  1. Knowing where the energy is going (setting a definite intent)
  2. Using HSZSN in some way*
  3. Allowing the energy to flow

*Even using HSZSN is actually optional, as you will have seen if you read my earlier “How to send Distant Healing” blogs.

This lack of certainty can be rather disconcerting for some people, and liberating for others, so you can choose your method according to your taste. If you prefer simplicity, boil your approach down to barest essentials, or if you like a ‘big event’ then make your ritual more detailed, more ‘High Church’.

So long as you know where you want the energy to go, and use HSZSN in some way if you want to, then the energy will get there.

You will find your own preferred technique

Remember that no one way is better than any other.

Some people feel more comfortable with a more detailed ritual, others are content to set a definite intent, use HSZSN to make the connection in some way, maybe, and they then blank their minds to allow the energy to flow, and visualise no longer.

Do what feels right for you.

Over to you

Is the way that you now practise Reiki distant healing different from how you were first taught?

How does what you do now differ? What method do you find most comfortable for you?

Please share below by posting a message.

Need some help with your distant healing?

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