Does Reiki Really Work?

Here you can read the words of some of our Reiki students, where they describe that moment when they realised that there was definitely something special about Reiki. Reiki does seem rather a strange thing to do to begin with, and people naturally doubt whether they can ‘do this thing’. Although on the day of the course some quite wierd and exciting things happen, when you get home again those little doubts start to creep in and we start to think ‘I know Reiki works for everyone… but maybe it just won’t work for me’. This is perfectly natural.

But when we start to work with the energy some surprising things can happen.

Realising Reiki was special even before the course

We start with three ladies’ experiences, where they realised that Reiki was special even before they arrived on a Reiki course

“At the end of 1994, a friend told me about this ‘ Reiki thing ‘ and asked whether I had heard of it. I was honest and said no I hadn’t. She was very excited and was going to do her Reiki I and would I like to go as well. Being very sceptical at that stage I refused. However, a few days later we went along to the Reiki Master, who happened to be Penelope Jewell who was over here from the States. My friend and I chatted to her for 2 hours or so and all the time we talked I just couldn’t believe how calm this lady was and her inner peacefulness was amazing. She had this ‘ aura ‘ about her – I was really taken with it. It was after that I remember thinking – if that’s what Reiki does, then I want some of that. Very soon after that I did my Reiki I. Four years later I did my Reiki II and have done two Reiki Masters – one of which was with Taggart.”
Susie, West Sussex

“The first experience of Reiki working for me was when I carried out healing on my brother. He had been in agony with sciatic pain for months, and physio didn’t seem to be helping. I had just completed my level 2 with Steve, so I thought I’d see if I could help him. The treatment lasted just over an hour, and he said he felt fire coming from my hands, and saw colours (as I did), the next day was still quite painful and restricted. However, the day after he was able to move more freely, and had more movement in his leg and back which he hadn’t had for a good few months.

I have carried out further treatments and I’m pleased to say he is now pain free. I also treated his dog, who had twisted her paw as she jumped for the frisbee, two days later she was walking as normal.”
Lyn, Cambridgeshire

“I’ve always been a particularly busy person. My mind works overtime on many different levels. Needless to say I could get to the point of exhaustion at times. I was feeling particularly stress one time and so I decided to treat myself. I didn’t know what I wanted or in fact needed to sort myself out. I picked up a magazine one day to enjoy a rare time-out session when I saw an advert for Reiki. I then kept seeing references to Reiki all over the place. It was like the word was following me about. So, I went and bought a book on it from Diana Joy in Saffron Walden. While I was paying for it she asked me if I was interested. So I explained that I was trying to find out about it. She told me she knew of a wonderful Reiki master called Taggart who gave treatments in her shop. The coincidence was too much for me so I booked a treatment there and then. I was full of doubt and not very hopeful that I someone could get me to relax just by holding their hands above me. I kept telling myself I was being silly. I’m a scientist and most of us like hard facts, although I am more open minded than most.

The day of my treatment arrived I was, by this time, a bit of a wreck. My mind just would not be still and so restful sleep eluded me. I walked down to town not really aware of my surroundings feeling a bit of a twit for being sucked in to this Reiki thing. I thought I was going to waste my money and still feel the same. I was introduced to this really tall man called Taggart and immediately I could feel this calmness come over me. My treatment began and I experienced the most wonderful feelings. I saw purple clouds edged in orange floating away from me. I felt warm hands but not just two. I couldn’t work out where Taggart’s hands were. At one point I thought he had placed a finger on my forehead but he said afterwards that he hadn’t. The experiences changed as the treatment progressed. I had no idea which way up I was. I just felt as if I was floating. But the strangest thing of all happened for a time. I began to feel waves of white tingles flow from my head to my toes. Each wave was about 2″ in thick and moved gently through me and when the edge of the wave reached my fingertips it was like fizzing. The remainder of the wave carried on and then fizzed out of my toes.

After my treatment my mind was a complete blank. I felt incredibly relaxed and simply wonderful. Taggart was asking me about my experience and I just kept drifting off. On my walk back home colours were more vivid than before and I felt as if I was floating. I was spaced out for a few days, fantastic! I booked to take my Reiki I as quickly as I could.”
Charmain, Cambridgeshire

Realising Reiki was special on the day of the course

Now you can read some stories where people realised that there was something to Reiki on the day of their Reiki First Degree course…

“The first time I thought there was definitely some sort of Reiki energy out there that people could channel was on the Reiki one course, whilst the lady treating me had her hands on the back of my head I felt such strong sensations coming from her hands I new it wasn’t my imagination. The first time I felt that Reiki could actually do something as far as healing or spiritual growth was concerned was probably just before Reiki 2 when I woke up one morning and thought, Wow I had a really good night’s sleep and felt all nice and cosy then I thought hang on a minute when did I last have a bad night’s sleep, that is when I realised I had been sleeping so much better than before I did Reiki. I couldn’t quite believe my luck and had no idea that Reiki would help me with my sleeping problems. Since then there has been so many occasions where Reiki has amazed me.”
Tina, London

“The first time I realised there was something to Reiki was during my First Degree course when I was doing my first full treatment. I felt extra heat and a sensation in my hand when I got to the person’s lower left leg. Afterwards I asked if she had a problem in that area. Her immediate reaction was no and then she suddenly remembered she had knocked her leg a week ago and had a small bruise there. Well, it was as if I had won the lottery – I was so excited! Even after doing Reiki for four years the amazement and excitement hasn’t diminished when my hands start vibrating over a particular area in need of healing. My only problem is having to control my inner excitement in front of clients!!”
Jeannie, West Sussex

“I realised Reiki worked on the same day of the Reiki 1 course. Taggart had told us to get as much practice as possible, so that evening I was giving Suzanne a Reiki treatment. I wasn’t really expecting very much to happen so I was very shocked & surprised when it did. Soon after I got to the heart position, my hands became extremely hot, & Suzanne’s body began to shake all over. She says that she remembers her chest feeling so heavy that she could hardly breathe. I felt terribly sad & as though I was going to cry. I asked her if she thought she was going to cry & she said she wasn’t but a few seconds later she did. I’ve never known anyone to cry like that! It was quite distressing, but I knew it was helping her so I just carried on until it stopped & then moved on to the next position. I did all of the hand positions I had learnt, including her knees & ankles & at each position the same thing happened: extreme heat in my hands, followed by her body shaking all over, hysterical crying, & then a pause as the heat subsided. So that proved it for me!”
Michelle, Spain

“When was that moment? There were many ‘moments’… feeling the energy like a cold wind under my palms after my Reiki one empowerment was one of them… highly stressed people i worked on falling asleep almost immediately and waking up looking years younger and feeling it was another… The sheer amount of real healing that happens is yet another. BUT… the biggest moment for me came when during a Reiki treatment i became aware of the 10 foot golden angel standing at the head of the couch beside me !!!… WOW… I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN IT, and neither would you, its all the proof i needed.”
Margaret, Middlesex

“I was working with a Reiki master in nursing and heard her speak of Reiki often, she always seemed so excited and worked differently during these times. I left that hospital and heard from her one evening at my new place of work. I had expressed an interest in Reiki, no more , to her. She told me a place for become available for a Reiki one residential weekend and asked if I would be interested. Funnily enough, I had the weekend off and no plans, synchronicity! So off I went with no real great expectations, though some excitement. Through the course of the weekend, I was opened up like a flower, I just couldn’t believe the energy I was feeling and how unaware I’d been until that time. I used Reiki on myself and co-workers were amazed at my new found contentedness and open heart.

One night we had an admission to the ICU, transferred in from another hospital, a young man in his early thirties, he was dying. He looked well and fit and there was nothing we could do despite all our use of technology and drugs. When I went into the relatives room with our doctor (Margaret) there was a large gathering of family, his wife, siblings, children under theage of 10. I was very aware of the shock, anger, disbelief, and grief in the room. I sat on the floor while Margaret explained what was actually happening, The families pain was audible at this stage and there were tears and cries. My hands just opened and I felt a calm, soothing energy crossing and filling the room. I felt their pain abate and I really felt connected to the family on a deep spiritual level. I already felt changes within myself and knew I would remain very connected to Reiki but that moment opened me up to the limitless love, unconditional love of the Divine. I later felt this with many of my patients and their families and continue to feel that connection of love through Reiki.

I was truly blessed through that weekend I was introduced to Reiki and am full of gratitude for my continued open heart through the use of Reiki in my own life on a daily basis. I will be ever grateful for that unexpected gift of Reiki. I later did my Reiki 2 with my nursing colleague, I then took Reiki 2 with Taggart and did my mastership with Taggart. I am especially grateful to have had this opportunity as I love Taggart’s gentle style of teaching and the original methods have been beautiful to have found. I have used various healing methods in my own life but Reiki has always been my foremost practice daily and the one I really want to practice and share as fully as I can.”

Jean, Australia

Realising that distant healing did actually work!

Finally you can read of some Reiki people’s first experiences of carrying out distant healing, which seems quite a strange thing to be able to do. It’s only when you actually try it out for yourself that you really believe…

“I began to wonder when my hands first started to tingle but was really convinced when we sent distant Reiki for the first time. I visualised my mum and in my minds eye I could see her in, what looked like, a fluffy white cloud. I wasn’t quite sure why I should see her in this way but I went along with it. I telephoned mum after returning home and her first words were “you did that Reiki thing tonight didn’t you?” I said yes and she told me the reason she knew was because her knees, which she had problems with, were much better. Nothing too special in that I hear you say but the incredible thing was she also felt as if she was snuggled in the most beautiful soft, fluffy white cloud at the exact time we sent the Reiki!! Ever since then I have had very good feedback from everyone I have ever sent distant Reiki to with very positive results every time. Now when anything a bit out of the ordinary happens I’m not surprised I just thank goodness I found Reiki via Taggart!!”

Angela, Essex

“With regard to distant healing the first time I was utterly convinced was when a young girl (AB) rang me and asked me to do distant healing on her swollen finger. As soon as I sat down to do the ‘send’, I realised I hadn’t asked which finger was swollen…so I drew the symbols and then scanned my hands asking to be shown which of her fingers was swollen. Soon I felt a surge of heat over my left litte finger. Shortly afterwards my right hand which was hovering over my left little finger started vibrating back and forth and then up and down as if pulling something out. I telephoned AB who confirmed that her swollen finger was her left little finger. The swelling went down and her finger was fine.”

Jeannie, West Sussex

“Oh and distant healing I thought it would work but wasn’t really sure how well. The first time I did DH on someone who new it was coming, was my Mum who has far too much stress at work. I did the session at 10pm I felt really deeply into it like a full on treatment, which surprised me but what surprised me more was the colours I was seeing. I had never experienced such vivid colour. There were fairly large purple teardrops on a white background. When I focused on them they appeared to be moving up and down at the same time. I spoke to my mum the next day and she said she was so relaxed she fell sound asleep within seconds which was unusual because the stress she was going through had been keeping her awake at night.”

Tina, London


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