Energopsychogram for Heavenly ki

energopsychogram shk seiheki sei he ki

In my earlier post, What are energopsychograms, I talked about these special images and how they can be meditated upon to elicit a particular energy, just like meditating on a symbol or a sound can frame the energy in a particular way, or produce a particular Reiki frequency that you can experience in a distinctive way.

Energopsychogram meditations

To meditate on an energopsychogram, just sit calmly with the image in front of you. Stare at the image. let it wash over you, defocus your eyes.

Notice the quality of the energy that is being elicited within you. What is the nature of the energy? Where do you feel it? How does it feel. Bathe in the energy fo the image.

SHK energopsychogram

The image that you can find at the head of this page represents the energy of SHK, which is the energy of heavenly ki.

Why not compare its energy to that of SHK, the symbol. Click to find out how to : Meditate on the energy of a Reiki symbol.

Over to you

What do you notice when you meditate on the energy of the SHK energopsychogram?

How does it differ from the energy of he corresponding symbol, or of the harmony kotodama, if at all?

Post your experiences below so we can all see how the energy manifested itself.




3 thoughts on “Energopsychogram for Heavenly ki

  1. Interesting SHK gives feeling of inner warmth and heat with visual image of something I call “Jack” as it manifests when I self treat always. Warmth more intensified with the enegopsychogram and overview of an ancient site I have visited many times. Am I mad…?

    1. No, you’re not mad! You are just finding out that when you are attuned to Reiki, different shapes and graphics will mould and shape the energy without you having to have been ‘attuned’ to that symbol/shape.

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