Equine Reiki in pictures

I would like to share with you all some pictures of the lovely Pancho receiving Reiki from one of my students Brenda

At the start of the treatment, Brenda connects to Pancho with one hand on the wither and the other on the chest connecting through the heart.

Brenda moves on to let Reiki flow through the back and loins, as she does this Pancho closes his eyes and lowers his neck slightly
Pancho shows he is enjoying the treatment; chewing and licking his lips 
As Brenda moves on to send Reiki to the hind quarters, Pancho responds by lowering his head further, keeping his eyes closed as he softly goes to sleep. 
Below is a poem that Pancho inspired me to write after one of our Equine Reiki sessions…
To be seen
As I meet your gaze and you look into my eyes,
You look deep into my soul,
The feeling of another being seeing my inner self,
Connecting through as one.
No outer appearances are perceived,
Just purely loved,
To feel so special from ‘just’ a look,
You know who I am,
What I am,
Why I am.
You see the purpose and perfectness of the human soul,
You bring those qualities to the surface, just though being.
To be seen by you, is to truly see myself.
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2 thoughts on “Equine Reiki in pictures

  1. Wonderful Sarah…….. Loved the photos and the poem…. Thanks for sharing……
    Reiki blessings

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